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Hi there!

Welcome to Keeping Up with Katy. We're pretty simple over here. This is a blog simply designed to keep up with me, Katy. See? Simple enough to process even before your first sip of coffee.

As my home page says, I'm a Christ-follower, avid coffee drinker, cancer survivor, wanna-be country singer, street dog lover, coffee mug collector, too much TV watcher, Blue Bell eater, holiday anticipator, bust-a-move dance, non-stop talker, stress-relief baker, and overall lover of people (and shoes).

I'm a born-n-raised twenty-something Texas native and still reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. My dad is from Mississippi and my mom from South Carolina, so I am a pure recipe for all things southern. I can drink sweet tea out of mason jars with the best of them, and I think every Friday night should end with a piece of pie. 

I started this blog because I love to write, and I wanted a place to document my life. I've been writing this blog for less than a year and I've already enjoyed looking back and reading old posts/memories. I decided a "lifestyle" blog was the best fit for me so I didn't pigeon-hole myself into writing about one thing. I love food, I love fashion, and I love traveling, but most of all, I love everyday life.

Here's the thing: people mean everything to me. I would be NOwhere in this world without my family, friends, and faith. I'm really not even that cool of a person - I just surround myself with some pretty spectacular people. :)

So welcome to the insanely crazy life we have over here. There's only one thing you gotta know:
We do real life. 

And I do hope you'll stick around and do it with us!

Until next time,


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