Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Oh heeeeeeeey. 

Well. I survived. I survived the big push of busy season

I mean, don't get me wrong, I still gotta go to work and all that jazz (stupid bills), but what this should mean is that you'll be seeing more of my face font in your life. 

And that makes me happy. I've missed you fine folks. 

So I figured what better way to kick off my return than wrapping up February? :)

What I Ate This Month

 Holy take out. Now don't get me wrong, a huge plus to busy season is you get fed dinner every night, but Lord have mercy I'm so tired of eating lukewarm takeout out of a to-go container. I begged pleaded nicely asked Jeff's mom to make me a home-cooked meal this past weekend. I just needed hot food on a real plate with a fork that didn't have the ability to snap in half, you know?! 

Oh and then she surprised me with Blue Bell vanilla and chocolate syrup and all was right in my world.  #lovelanguage

What I'm Reminiscing About

....back to when my clothes fit. No really. I might need to instill a "March Madness" of my own that has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with my rearend on a treadmill. That busy season bulge has got to G.O. 

What I'm Excited About

I'm excited to find my routine again - work, gym, reading, writing, social life, kitchen action - all of it. I'm just excited to get reacquainted with my life. March is my January :)

What I'm Working On

Well - this is more what I will be working on, and that will be my Thirty before Thirty list. Primarily the whole "write a book" part. I think it's time. I think I'm ready. And I think it's going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done. Sooo might as well get started!

What I'm Watching/Reading

Heh. Well, I'm on Season 4 of Hart of Dixie. And I re-started Season 1 about six weeks ago. So basically if you do the math, when I wasn't at the office, I was pretending I was in Blue Bell with Wade Kinsella and George Tucker. 

And for those of you who don't watch the show - Blue Bell is the town they live in. Yes I know. This show is perfect for me. I'm very aware. 

What I've been reading? Well - you can just stop by here tomorrow for my February book review. :)

What I've Been Listening To

Chris Young's new album "I'm Coming Over"  - I'm in love. He is most definitely one of my favorite country artists. And I most definitely want to see him in concert. (Consider this a PSA to my country music friends- any takers?!)

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Well ladies and gents, this weekend I will be making a quick trip to Napa Valley. And I'm beyond pumped. I haven't been there since fall of 2013 and it is absolutely time for a little revisit. Eeeeks!!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Getting my puppy back!!! I have seriously missed this guy's big head, genuine smile, and happy wagging tail. I've planned us picnics, park dates - all kinds of good fun stuff. Less than two weeks until he's in my arms and I'm covered with dog hair. I. Can't. Wait. 

What Else is New

....absolutely nothing. I've been a pretty boring person the past couple months. Sorry, kids. I'll try to spice it up in March.

#peopleoftheworld #spiceupyourlife

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Hump day is just around the corner :)

Until next time,
Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites


Another week down, which means another week closer to the end of busy season, which means it's time to celebrate with some more favorites!

Are y'all sick of favorites? I certainly hope not. Because if you haven't noticed, busy season means I blog twice a week. I blog on Mondays (because it takes me all weekend to write that post), and then again on Fridays (because it takes me all week to write that post). And on Fridays over here, we favorite. So people, I hope you still like favorites. 

Here we go!

1 - Vitamin Water Zero

Wamp wamp. My first favorite is water. Yes indeed it is. But seriously y'all - I have been buying this stuff in bulk. I'm obsessed. I normally only drink three main liquids in life: coffee, water, and red wine. But - after a while, water gets a little boring. And I just need a lil sumpin sumpin in my water, you know? And no no no don't tell me about La Croix because I don't do bubbly fizzy water. It ain't my thing. 

But THIS water? This water is my jam. It's the perfect amount of flavor. It's not too sweet like Gatorade - it's juuuuust right. My two favorites are Rise and XXX (aka orange and blueberry pomegranate). 

Again, you may be quick to judge my first favorite - but you can buy it at your nearest gas station. And you can't get more accommodating than that :) 


2 - Mix and Match Mama Cakes!

This one goes out to one of my favorite bloggers, Mix and Match Mama. I've been making her cakes (and sharing them with you) for over a couple of years now, so when I heard she published a cook book I had to support! 

I'm pretty picky about my cookbooks in that I'm selective in those I purchase.  I just don't want to grow up and have 783 cookbooks. I want to have my favorites. And a book of 101 bundt cakes? Now that is certainly a favorite! They're also about the size of your hand - so the perfect size for little clutter :) You can find them on amazon here

...I kind of want to make all 101. Cakes. Comin' atcha soon peeps. 

Which leads me to.....


3 - Pink Champagne Cake

I made this the other night for our Grease Live themed watch party (this girl was representative of the Pink Ladies, of course), and it turns out that it's #100 in her cookbook!

People - this cake is amazing. Nobody had just one piece. It's the perfect celebratory cake. White cake with champagne - and food coloring! So really you can make it any color you want for any festivity you want.

But - public service announcement - Valentines Day is Sunday. And this pink cake would look really yummy in your hands on your sweetie's doorstep with a big ole smile (and a smooch). Just saying. 

You can find her recipe here!


4 - 8 Facts I Learned in Yoga

On Monday I'm pretty sure I had my most popular post since I started this blog. Thank you times a million to everyone who shared the post, texted, emailed, commented - seriously. I was on cloud nine. Y'all sure know how to make a girl feel good. And who knew we all felt the same way about yoga?!

My friend Emily sent me this picture on Monday afternoon and I thought it was absolutely perfect. Like spot on. 8 thoughts I have during yoga. Right there. If you missed the post, check it out here!


5 - Zella Fusion Capris

So I'm working out these days. As in, I worked out 3 whole times this week. Someone give me a medal. Like that is immmmpressive people. Three whole times. 

And these leggings are my mojo. If I know I need to work out, I buy new work out clothes. It gives me something to look forward to when my alarm goes off at the booty crack of dawn. Check out that see-through part! I mean - how much more incentive do you need to get rid of cellulite than see-through work out pants?! That's what I thought. 

But in all seriousness, they're awesome pants. Getchu some


6 - Fuller House Official Trailer

So if your newsfeed looked anything like mine this week, then it was full of people sharing the Fuller House official trailer that came out this week! And man am I pumped. It's going to be so corny and cheesy and I am just going to eat it right up. First episode is on Netflix one week from today! If you missed the Tanner vibes you can watch the trailer here.


And those are today's favorites! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines weekend!

Until next time,
Monday, February 8, 2016

8 Facts I Learned While Trying Yoga

I've been to approximately 6 yoga classes over the past 6 months. I really thought I'd try to embrace it. But first I realized I had to embrace the actual art of discipline in working out. Wamp wamp.

But alas, those classes have obviously given me enough confidence, and material, to share with you a thing or eight I've learned from doing yoga. All six times.

1 - I've Gotten Old

I was a dancer my whole life. I could kick myself in the face on drill team without even stretching. Flexibility was my "thing." And I honest to goodness thought I'd never lose it. 

Yeah. Joke's on me. 

The instructor says to fold my body in half and I get about 20% of the way there and start howling like a hound dog. And not only do my muscles ache - and not move - but my JOINTS. Oh the joints. Yoga should end with a namaste and a bottle of bayer apirin. And yes, I'm fully aware it's because I'm just out of shape, but out of shape means it's my fault. Old age is the universe's fault. So I'm sticking with that. I've gotten old. 


2 - (In yoga) I can't tell my left from my right

Okay. Hear me out. But in yoga I am constantly making the L symbols with my hands to decipher my left from my right. And you know why? Two main reasons. 

First of all - I can't think that fast. "Put your left ankle over your right knee and twist so your left shoulder is toward your right hip and extend your left arm over and look right." 

I'm sorry - WHAT? I seriously have to replay everything in slow motion. You tell me to relax and get all "zen" but then give me instructions like that? No ma'am. When I'm relaxed, "head and shoulders, knees and toes," is just about all I'm good for. 

And secondly - they'll give you instructions after you're already twisted up like a pretzel. It's like those mind games you used to play in elementary school. Your arms are all intertwined with your legs and then they tell you to do something with your left hand. Well where on earth IS my left hand in this jungle gym of a body you created?! Too much mental, people. And I don't have time for it. So if you sit next to me in yoga and you see me rocking the L hands - don't hate. And feel free to cheat off me. 


3 - I'm apparently a shallow breather

If you've gone to yoga, witnessed yoga, or have heard any remote stereotype of yoga, you know it's all about the inhales and exhales. Well, folks, I must be a shallow breather because almost every time I take a big inhale.....I yawn

So I apologize to all my past and future yoga instructors. I'm not tired, and I'm not bored. My brain isn't used to getting enough oxygen. It's a reflex. 

And I would be polite and cover my mouth by my hands are usually twisted around my body. #andwhosefaultisthat


4 - I do NOT understand the words that are coming out of your mouth has its own language. Did you know that? Because I was not aware. 

I'm thinking it's going to be like any other workout class I've ever attended (you know, in english) and we'll do some Warrior 2 and Downward Facing Dogs. Then home girl tells me to practice "surya namaskara." 

I'm sorry....say what now? 

But sure enough, people start moving altogether in one motion. So me and my deer in the headlights look followed suit. And quite frankly, that's still my method of survival in yoga classes. And probably will be unless someone knows where I can get a "Yoga for Dummies" dictionary.


5 - Amateurs need to stay at the back of the classroom

Almost lost my life learning this one. I was borderline late to a yoga class, so I was forced to set up mat on the second row. No biggie, I thought. I can modify; I got this. 

Then the instructor says something in some jibberish I don't understand (see #4), and when I look up to see what everyone else was doing, I almost lose my nose to the girl in front of me who suddenly kicks up her feet to do some handstands. Literally the entire front half of the room starts kicking into handstands like they're practicing to be dadgum trapeze artists. So while I'm curled up on my mat dodging flying legs, I look to the back half of the room where people are holding a pose and breathing. 

Stay in the back half, young grasshoppers. Stay in the back half. 


6 - The...umm...bodily noises

So it's no secret that yoga is good for the outside, good for the inside, and gets internal things "moving," but HEAVENS I didn't know people were that vocal about those things. 

Call me immature, call me childish, but the first time I heard someone let one rip in that classroom, I about came undone. I got out of my pose and looked around to see if someone, anyone, else heard that. But to my shameful dismay, everyone carried on as if it never happened. 

Noted. One must be mature in yoga. If a flatulent bodily sound occurs, one must remain calm, stay in pose form, and (bless your heart) inhale. 


7 - Do they make tempurpedic yoga mats?

WHY are yoga mats so thin!? I mean you are lying, lifting, and shifting on a hard wood floor and the only thing they give you is a tiny half-inch yoga mat? That just hurts. My joints. Really badly. 

 And while I realize yoga on an air mattress wouldn't be quite as effective, is a 2-inch tempurpedic too much to ask? I mean the commercial shows you can jump up and down and the wine glass won't fall over, so I think it's sturdy enough for a person's surya namaskara? Am I right?



8 - I am REALLY good at restoration yoga

So in my six classes I've learned that there are very many different types of yoga. There's power yoga, vinyasa, hatha - and while I still do not entirely know what all of those types mean, if it's a restoration yoga? Sign. Me. Up. 

I went to a restoration yoga where they gave you body pillows as a prop. I mean they called them "bolsters," but whatever - it was a body pillow. I would know. I sleep with one every night. 

So you get into a stretch position and then curl up with your pillow. 
And then they turn off the lights. 
And then they come give you mini-massages. 
And then they put amazing lavender smelling oils on your arms. 

I mean, it took conscious effort to not start drooling on that bolster. (I've never claimed to be a pretty sleeper). So while yes, I have been to those yoga classes that all but kill me they're so hard, I've also learned that I need to work in a "restoration" yoga class at least once a week. You should take care of your body you know... that's all I'm saying. 


So there you have it. Eight random thoughts that have occurred to this amateur while she learns the ropes to this yoga thing. And yes, this blog occurred to me during the class, because my brain doesn't meditate. I don't care what you say, some people can turn their brains off and some people cannot. I assure you I cannot. 

I just wish they'd let me bring my planner into class. I can make some mean to-do lists in a 60-minute yoga class. 

Happy Monday everyone!

Until next time,

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

We have made it to yet another Friday!


So I've been wanting to do a Friday Favorites for a while now, but that has proved to be a bit difficult during busy season when one has no life but drive, work, drive, sleep, repeat. I mean sleep is most definitely the favorite right now but I don't quite care to post sleeping selfies. 

SO - over the past week or two I've accumulated these favorites, and I do hope you enjoy! 

1 - Erin Condren Planner

My 2016 planner {finally} came in! 

I seriously have an obsession with this little paper planner. I'm pretty sure this is my 4th one. And they've all been shades of purple. #gofigure

If you are looking to be more organized this year - THIS IS YOUR PLANNER.
If you love making lists and are tired of using napkins/post its - THIS IS YOUR PLANNER.
If you love colors because they just plum make you happy - THIS IS YOUR PLANNER. 

Last year I did a whole post on this puppy, including pictures of the insides. To see it click here. To see Erin's site including all of her other colorful organizational items, click here


2 - The Roku

And no that's not a sushi roll. 

So remember on Monday when I told you Kelsey and I cancelled all but basic cable? Well, my sweet friends and family, you all kind of freaked out on me. And wondered if I was of stable mind. Well - let me tell you my 1) theory, and 2) saving grace. 

Kels and I were paying astronomical amounts of money for cable. I mean just ridiculous. Most of our shows are on abc, and those that aren't are on networks which have "watch online" capabilities. Funny thing though, while you used to be able to watch online whether you had cable or not, now you have to enter in your cable provider information. 

So we kept cable. And while that solves the current day TV show problems, what about those other shows you just turn on during the day for background noise? What about movies? What about sports!? Just kidding. Totally do not miss nor care about the sports. 

So my friend Jack at work told me about the Roku. #unagi

Basically, it turns your regular ole run of the mill TV into a smart TV. You have apps for Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu - all of it. I mean I don't miss a thing, people. I do have one more remote to deal with but that's neither here nor there. For those of you that have heard of an apple TV, it is very similar to that. And I am quite a fan, people. Quite a fan. 


3 - So Many Reunions!!

 So thanks to this Roku, and Netflix, I am now watching Gilmore Girls from the very beginning. I innocently turned it on when I was getting ready for work one day and totally got sucked back in. Love me some Lorelai. So then, I'm scrolling through FB one day, and lo and behold - THEY are having a reunion too! First Full House, then Friends, and now Gilmore Girls!? I can't even. My young self is freaking out. Actually my old self is too because I absolutely still watch all of the reruns of those shows. 

...I should read more. 


4 - Chris Young + Cassadee Pope = Think of You

Sooooo, yes please. I heard this song come through my headphones when I was working the other day and I just completely stopped. In fact, someone came in my cube and I kindly asked them to come back later because I needed to hear this song. It has been my bestie on my commute this week. The harmonies. Oh the harmonies. It is my new country recommendation to you - ENJOY!


5 - Nine West "Thebest Pump"

And no I'm not trying to be cute, that's actually what it's called. 

So these shoes are quite popular at my workplace right now. Shelby had them, then Katy and Ashley had to have them and ordered them. Then Katy and Ashley both wore them on twin day (see picture below). Then Mercedes saw them and had to order them. I mean, this shoe love is spreading faster than a sinus infection. 

And they're extremely comfortable. And they come in black and grey. And they're only $60. Seriously - if you are in the market for a new good work shoe, here you go.  

And just for fun, here is me and Ash on twin day at work. Sadly, we didn't even have to try.


And those are today's favorites!! 

But you know my real favorite? Busy season is half way over. 

Praise be to the Lord hallelujah. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Until next time,
Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Well hello there! 
It's been a while. 

(and for some reason blogger is messed up this morning the font down at the bottom is weird. If you read it on a phone you're fine...the computer you might need to enlarge)

But I forewarned you - busy season is upon us. 

This past weekend we took a mini-break and came up for air. And man oh man was it needed. Not to mention it was absolutely beautiful outside thanks to our crazy Texas weather! 

Friday night after work I headed over to Arlington to meet Amy, Brooklyn, and my mom for a little girls night out dinner! Always entertaining with these three :)

 Then I went to bed early because, well, one I'm a grandma, and two, I had a pretty big Saturday morning planned...

Saturday Jeff and I finally went to the Fort Worth Zoo! And we decided to take our very favorite three year old with us :)

Jeff and I chuckled to ourselves as we were walking in. I was holding a child, he was pushing a stroller....not our normal wheelhouse :) And I'll be honest - I had a tad anxiety about this day. I'd taken B to the park before, but at the zoo you had to like ensure she didn't get eaten by a hippo. That's a lot of responsibility. 

But alas, we persevered. And had a great time! But we were exhausted. Cause let me tell you, ladies and gents, we Five whole hours at the zoo. 

 Here's B watching the white tiger. Most kids were screaming. Brooklyn was just watching like it was your average Disney Jr. show. 

Me and my little nugget with the mama elephant and her little nugget :)

Also, by this point in the day my arm was breaking. It's still sore. I don't know how you moms do it.

So in order to save my arm, I taught B that she could look under the railing on some stops. Which somehow was interpreted that she needed to lie down on the ground... #whateverworks 

Checking out some kangaroos....

And some lions...

And some creepy birds that I hate. I've seen the Hitchcock movie. Don't play.

She was a fan of this one. They became good friends. #nothankyou

 She was MOST excited about the penguins. Couldn't get enough of the dang penguins. Kept asking about the penguins. And then we saw the penguins.

Pure joy. So naturally we left the penguin exhibit and I went and bought her a stuffed penguin that she carried around with her the rest of the day. Amy said she knew she would come home with a stuffed animal.

 Nuh uh. She don't know me.
Okay fine she does.

Then we rode the carousel...

And the train....

And then saw the creepiest alligator. I tell you - this child has no fear. 

Oh and then she wanted to go to the amphibian/reptile exhibit. But we have no pictures. Because I had heart palpitations. The second I saw the komodo dragon I told Jeff and Brooklyn I'd meet them in the lobby. The lobby where I started fervently praying that I have all female children who dislike the outdoors because the second someone brings me a lizard in the kitchen I'm nailing all the doors and windows shut. Try me. 

Then on the way home, we heard wait, they weren't soft....we heard some pretty solid snores coming from the back seat. I think it's safe to say she had a good day :)

And then Sunday there was Grease Live. 

Kristie and I went to dinner the other other night (a 4-hour dinner, mind you, that's how we do things), and realized we were both extremely obsessed/excited with the new Grease! Live attraction coming out. And since Kelsey and I cancelled cable, I told Kristie we needed to come over and watch it. 

And by "cancelling cable" I mean we cancelled everything but basic cable and didn't have FOX in HD. #firstworldproblems

SO - Jeff and I invited ourselves over to Kristie and Jordan's and lo and behold - they had the ultimate Grease viewing party.

This is why I love Kristie. Kristie does parties (parties = any slight inkling of a gathering) up right. She told me what she was up to, I squealed for 10 minutes, and then joined in the party.

Here was the menu:

- Frenchy Onion Dip (French Onion Dip)
-Tell Me 'bout it, Spud (Potato Skins)
-T-Bird Tenders (Chicken Tenders)
-The Pink Lady (Pink Champagne Cake)

AND - Blue Moon for the boys and The One That I Want for the girls. 

Okay fine. I found a wine called "The One" - bought a silver sharpie, and added "that I want" to it. What do you want from me? I thought it was pretty clever. 

OH - and the boys wore their letterman jackets. This is why we love them. The females are so overly excited to have a grease themed party, and not only do our boys participate, but they dress up. #theygetus 

Then there were three hours of Grease! Live. 

We had many many thoughts, and while I wanted to make an entire blog post about it, I also wanted to enjoy it. Grease is one of my absolute favorite movies, and I really just wanted to watch it. SO, I watched, laughed, and jotted down the highlights. Here you go:

-- I appreciated the beginning. They didn't try to hide it was live. They didn't try to hide it was a "re-make." It was a tongue in cheek beginning that said 'hey - we're going out on a limb here, go with us, be nice, be forgiving, just enjoy it" and honestly - it worked. My musical judgmental bar went down a little. Simply from pure appreciation. 

--Biggest let down: the voice inflection for the realization of Sandy. And if you can't hear "SAN-dee" when I write this then don't even worry about it. But it was a let down on our part.

-- WHY on earth did Quilted Northern sponsor this scene? Literally all we could talk about was why on earth Sandy was wearing both a quilted top and a quilted skirt down to the floor. She was 1) not Alice in Wonderland and 2) not a nun. So that a was a concern. 

 -- Those Magic Changes. Why YES, I'll take your magic changes and the fact you can sing like a dreamy heartthrob angel. And even though I looked you up and you were found by Disney and your character name is "Doody" (a whole new other issue), I will love you for the fact that you.can.sing. And you're yummy. But you look like the old Grease's Sonny (not a "Doody") and someone should have caught that. 

-- Beauty School Drop Out. OH hello Boyz II Men. Replacing Frankie Avalon?! Are we serious right now? I can't even. It's not that I'm opposed to B2M but in Grease? Really? I just can't even. Bless.

-- T. Rex Blanch. We love T. Rex Blanch. She never moved her arms below her waist and we laughed hysterically. Not sure entirely who you are but you were a beloved on Grease live and we love you.

--  Half of the movie was in the gym. Which we thought was a live show movie budget thing which we supported, UNTIL we saw the ending that had the carnival. If you have the carnival.....use the carnival. We are over the gymatorium. Or the audinasium.

--Dance scenes: You air on FOX (aka - you have the entire SYTYCD team at your disposal), and you have a DWTS pro as your star. Those acronyms being said - totally underwhelmed by the dance scenes. Not poorly executed, but could have been so much bigger, and so much better. #hireme #iworkforfree

-- Speaking of star.. Is it just me? Or did anyone else feel like Sandy was NOT the star of this show? Which is fine - because Blanch was hysterical and Vanessa (Rizzo) killed it - but I just expected to see more Sandy. 

All in all, I missed John and Olivia. I know "the movie will never be as good as the book," or in this case, the remake will never be as good as the movie....but still. I honest to goodness wondered what the original cast was thinking tonight. And oh-so-wished they would have been on our couch. They would have been a huge fan of the T-Bird tenders. And - in my small minded little brain, I imagine their current day selves  doing this in Kristie's living room. 

And THAT I can get on board with. 

SO, that was my weekend. And now we're back to busy season. Not really sure how we got here again so quickly, but alas - time to go! Good luck everyone! It's a Monday out there. 

Until next time,