Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites


Another week down, which means another week closer to the end of busy season, which means it's time to celebrate with some more favorites!

Are y'all sick of favorites? I certainly hope not. Because if you haven't noticed, busy season means I blog twice a week. I blog on Mondays (because it takes me all weekend to write that post), and then again on Fridays (because it takes me all week to write that post). And on Fridays over here, we favorite. So people, I hope you still like favorites. 

Here we go!

1 - Vitamin Water Zero

Wamp wamp. My first favorite is water. Yes indeed it is. But seriously y'all - I have been buying this stuff in bulk. I'm obsessed. I normally only drink three main liquids in life: coffee, water, and red wine. But - after a while, water gets a little boring. And I just need a lil sumpin sumpin in my water, you know? And no no no don't tell me about La Croix because I don't do bubbly fizzy water. It ain't my thing. 

But THIS water? This water is my jam. It's the perfect amount of flavor. It's not too sweet like Gatorade - it's juuuuust right. My two favorites are Rise and XXX (aka orange and blueberry pomegranate). 

Again, you may be quick to judge my first favorite - but you can buy it at your nearest gas station. And you can't get more accommodating than that :) 


2 - Mix and Match Mama Cakes!

This one goes out to one of my favorite bloggers, Mix and Match Mama. I've been making her cakes (and sharing them with you) for over a couple of years now, so when I heard she published a cook book I had to support! 

I'm pretty picky about my cookbooks in that I'm selective in those I purchase.  I just don't want to grow up and have 783 cookbooks. I want to have my favorites. And a book of 101 bundt cakes? Now that is certainly a favorite! They're also about the size of your hand - so the perfect size for little clutter :) You can find them on amazon here

...I kind of want to make all 101. Cakes. Comin' atcha soon peeps. 

Which leads me to.....


3 - Pink Champagne Cake

I made this the other night for our Grease Live themed watch party (this girl was representative of the Pink Ladies, of course), and it turns out that it's #100 in her cookbook!

People - this cake is amazing. Nobody had just one piece. It's the perfect celebratory cake. White cake with champagne - and food coloring! So really you can make it any color you want for any festivity you want.

But - public service announcement - Valentines Day is Sunday. And this pink cake would look really yummy in your hands on your sweetie's doorstep with a big ole smile (and a smooch). Just saying. 

You can find her recipe here!


4 - 8 Facts I Learned in Yoga

On Monday I'm pretty sure I had my most popular post since I started this blog. Thank you times a million to everyone who shared the post, texted, emailed, commented - seriously. I was on cloud nine. Y'all sure know how to make a girl feel good. And who knew we all felt the same way about yoga?!

My friend Emily sent me this picture on Monday afternoon and I thought it was absolutely perfect. Like spot on. 8 thoughts I have during yoga. Right there. If you missed the post, check it out here!


5 - Zella Fusion Capris

So I'm working out these days. As in, I worked out 3 whole times this week. Someone give me a medal. Like that is immmmpressive people. Three whole times. 

And these leggings are my mojo. If I know I need to work out, I buy new work out clothes. It gives me something to look forward to when my alarm goes off at the booty crack of dawn. Check out that see-through part! I mean - how much more incentive do you need to get rid of cellulite than see-through work out pants?! That's what I thought. 

But in all seriousness, they're awesome pants. Getchu some


6 - Fuller House Official Trailer

So if your newsfeed looked anything like mine this week, then it was full of people sharing the Fuller House official trailer that came out this week! And man am I pumped. It's going to be so corny and cheesy and I am just going to eat it right up. First episode is on Netflix one week from today! If you missed the Tanner vibes you can watch the trailer here.


And those are today's favorites! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines weekend!

Until next time,


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