Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Howwww on earth is it already Monday?! Things I don't understand. 

Before this weekend, my January weekends hadn't been too exciting. They started and ended with work. But thanks to my awesome bosses we got a halfway point break. SO - I made the most of the past 48 hours!

Friday night kicked off with me coming home to a cooking Kelsey. Best. Roommate. Ever. Bruschetta, salad, and chicken avocado spaghetti. Yeah - she's a keeper. 

Course One
 Course Two

This girl's bruschetta is some good stuff. I'll share the recipe later this week. All I'm saying is if you have ANY type of Italian food for dinner, it should start with her bruschetta. So we cooked, uncorked some vino, and settled in for 3 hours of TV. Yeeeahhh buddy.

We started with Parenthood (since it was the finale and we figured it'd be a sad one), and y'all. Ugly cry is an understatement. You would have thought I was actually part of the Braverman family myself. The episode ended and I was STILL crying. And by crying I don't mean subtle tears down my face. Let's just say Kels made fun of me. I told y'all I'm dramatic passionate. then we had dark chocolate and sea salt.

The cure for all tears
Next up was Scandal - we heard it was intense so we didn't want to watch it before bed - and lordy. The show ended and we just kind of sat there. Like we had both been hit with stun guns. Should be an interesting season. 

We wrapped the TV segment of the evening with Grey's and talked about how we wondered if the show would ever go off the air. It's like the show that never ends. But that's okay with me. I'll keep watching as long as it lasts. 

We then ended the evening with two hours of good old-fashioned girl talk. The kind where you talk about anything and everything. The kind of nights you cherish. And the kind of nights that make you wonder what happens when you get married and have to live with....a boy.

Saturday I woke up and got a much needed haircut. Lord have mercy was it needed. Then Jeff came over and I introduced him to Company Cafe - my hands down, absolute, very favorite brunch spot. I can't get enough of this place. So yummy.

I may get the same dish every time: the deep bowl. Deeelish.

We then went to the Perot museum and got our learn on. If you've never been, I'd recommend it. I'm not really big on science and history (I'm a math and english girl), but I found it really interesting! I experienced earthquakes, tested my reflexes, and watched 2-year-olds try to race cheetahs. Quite comical.

Meet Jeffrey - the Pixar version.

We then fought the rain and tried out the Highland Park Soda Fountain. After all that learning (and walking!), we thought we deserved some milkshakes. 

Sunday showed up and after church we met my sister and her crew for lunch. Loved catching up with that precious little family. And my two (and a half!) year old niece just warms my heart. Her smile is contagious and her laugh is infectious and I just want to squeeze her all day.

I mean HOW do you not love that smile??
Sunday evening was pure R&R. While 98% of the world was watching the Super Bowl, I was painting my nails (with the polish from my Friday Favorites!), catching up on laundry, eating gelato, and reading in a bubble bath. (And trying not to think about the impending loom of Monday). But regardless of what comes this week, I'm so grateful for the past two days. I am one thankful little girl with a full heart. 

Alright - I'm three cups of coffee in (brewed the pot today - hello it's Monday) so I guess it's time to take on the day! OH - side note, it's February, and as a confession to those of you who read my New Year resolutions, I still haven't made it to Pure Barre. Don't get me wrong, I've signed up each week, but haven't quite made it.... I work late. It's hard. I'm sleepy. I'll try again in March.

OH - and Nashville returns this Wednesday!! Eeks!

I don't think I need to explain why (or how much) I love this show :)

Until next time,