Friday, January 2, 2015

What Will Bring in 2015

So I'm usually not one for New Years resolutions. In fact, I've never done them. But - over the past couple of months, I've found myself saying "well maybe next year I'll....." quite a bit. That being said, I thought I'd make myself a list of some (attainable) resolutions. Plus we all know I just love a good list. 

1. Eat Better and Work Out More

Are you shocked? Surprised? Totally flabbergasted? I mean I'm pretty sure this is everyone's #1 right after the holidays... The thing is I'm not going to try some diet, and I'm not even going to submit to a lifestyle change. I love Blue Bell, pie, and pasta - and that's never going to change. So for me, I'm just going to do better. Eat less crap and eat more produce. Maybe I won't eat Heath bars for lunch anymore. I just want to take steps towards putting "cleaner" stuff in. 

Also, I do not work out right now. Like I just don't. If I tell you I do Pure Barre - I'm lying. I DID Pure Barre... for like two months... two years ago. Since then I've just been signing up for classes and cancelling them. In my defense I've gotten really good at it, and rarely get charged a late cancellation fee. 

Anyway. That's besides the point. I'm about to start working crazy hours (woo busy season), so I need to make a game plan now. The thing is, I will have to do the 6 a.m. classes, and y'all, there's not much more I get up for other than a hot shower and good cup of coffee. And it will be cold outside. UGH. I hate this already. I think I'm going to start with low expectations such as 3x a week. I can do this. I can do this. I just need to do better. 

2. (Re)Implement a Quiet Time

I will be the first to (shamefully) admit, when life gets busy, this is the first thing to go. And that's so unfortunate because it matters more than anything else I do. Yes, some days I may have 30 minutes and some days I may only have 3, but regardless of the time slot, I need to make it happen.  My spiritual life becomes pretty complacent without it. 

Over Christmas break I went to Lifeway and bought two new books to kick off my year. One is the "One Year Love Language" minute devotional by Gary Chapman, and the other is "Crazy Busy" by Kevin DeYoung. 

Jeff and I have been dating for almost a year, and over the course of that year we have realized that (just like my parents) we have very opposite love languages :) It has (quick!) words of inspiration for each day of the year, so I'm excited and prayerful over how these words will be an encouragement to our relationship!

The second one? Well - it doesn't need much explanation. :) It did win 2014 Christian book of the year, so I'm pretty pumped to start that one too!

All in all, my Savior is my #1, and I need to make sure I treat Him as such.

3. Take Guitar Lessons

In September of 2013, I decided I was going to pack up and move to Nashville. I was pumped and terrified. But so ready to give a try at a new city, new people, and (maybe?) a new career that was themed around country music. My brother surprised me that Christmas with a guitar, and I was a basketcase. I was so overjoyed I just couldn't stop crying. In fact I'm tearing up just thinking about it. That will always be such a special moment in my life. 

Love love love my big brother

Well, 2014 was well underway and a lot of doors started opening for me in Dallas. I decided to withdraw my transfer to Nashville and stay put for the time being. One of the "doors" was a really great career opportunity that [unfortunately] left me with very little Katy time. BUT - it's a whole new year. So, after busy season, I am going to sign up for guitar lessons. One night a week for an hour. I can do that. And it'll make me happy. Just because I didn't move to Nashville doesn't mean my love (or dreams) of music has to stop.

4. Save More; Spend Less 

I am really good at putting money in my savings account each month. But I'm also just as good at taking it back out a few weeks later. So - my resolution is to put the money in savings, and leave it. How will I be able to do this? Well, I have to spend less. And that's just no fun. But I should be better about my spending. More frugal, if you will. Maybe I'll try to live off cash for a couple of months. I just need to commit to baby steps. Baby steps in the direction of the piggy bank. 

5. Read More

I love reading. Curling up and getting lost in someone else's world just makes me happy, and less stressed. But due to this crazy fast-paced life I live, I don't make too much time for it. BUT - I will crawl in bed and play on my phone for 30-45 minutes before I go to sleep. I mean, really? What do I gain from stalking people on facebook? Nothing. I could be reading. So in 2015, I am going to make more time to read. 

6. Skin Care Awareness

I went to the dermatologist a few months ago for the first time in my life. I initially went to get my plethora of moles checked out (so far so good!), but it also peaked my awareness to skin care as a whole. I'll turn 27 this June (holy moly that's not far from 30), so it's time to really take care of my skin. I don't do a bad job of that now - I wash, moisturize, spf, etc., but I want to take the time to research and find the best options for my skin in the long run. More on that to come I'm sure...

7. Clean Out My Closet

Uggggggggghhhhhh. I'm dreading this one. Have you heard the phrase "closet full of nothin' to wear?" (rasies hand) Yeah that's me. I can barely fit anything else into my closet, yet I never seem to have anything to wear. Know what that means? It's time for a cleanse. And I'm really bad at closet cleanses because I justify a need to keep everything. I actually should just make a girls night out of it and have them tell me "keep" or "trash." Ohhh I could make voting signs too! This could be fun! 

  Moral of the story - I need to throw away the stuff I can't (or won't) wear. And just tell myself that it means I have room to buy more things. ....on sale.
Which is me practicing #4.....

8. Pretty Painted Nails

You may think I'm crazy, but this is a resolution. I think people with painted nails give the image that they have their lives together or something. Now don't get me wrong, I paint my nails, but then I let them chip....down to the middle of my nail...for like a month too long. It looks horrendous, and probably gives off the "homegirl is a hot mess" image. So, in 2015, I am going to paint my nails (all sorts of fun colors!) and when it starts chipping - repaint or remove. 

Alrighty. Eight resolutions. I think that's doable! I almost added a ninth of "slow down and say no," but then I realized I just don't want to. I have lived a jam-packed, exhausting, I-don't-sit-well life for 26 years. Why stop now? I love it. It's who I am. I'll slow down when I have kids or something. 

For 2015 - full speed ahead. 

Until next time,


  1. I can think of a few pairs of high heels I vote to toss!!! ;) ;)