Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Aftermath: Christmas 2014

Well, it’s 6 o’clock in the morning, and I’m sitting in my parents’ living room with the Christmas lights on, sipping coffee out of my new [Merry Christmas Y’all] mug, watching a Hallmark movie, and reminiscing on the aftermath. There’s really just no place like home for the holidays. 

My favorite room during the holidays

We’ve had quite the busy few days. The rest of the siblings (and my precious niece!) rolled in on Christmas Eve afternoon, and there hasn’t really been a dull moment since. In fact, here is my brother Allen on that afternoon – trying to hide from the chaos…with an oversized teddy bear.

We all hung out and then my dad and I got dressed for the candlelight service at church. The candlelight service is one of my favorite services of the year (my top is probably Easter). There’s something about turning off all the lights and singing “Silent Night” to nothing but candle light. Gorgeous sight. 

We came home, ate a nice steak dinner with the fam, and then went to sleep – Santa was coming! 

Christmas morning came, and we actually were pretty early risers this year! As we’ve all gotten older, “Christmas” tends to happen later and later, with Allen being the last one to rise. I’ve actually been known to do stomp routines in his room to wake him up. Waking up the big brother is no small task for the little sister. BUT since we had a two year old in the house this year, things happened a little earlier.

The act of opening the gifts from Santa was basically just as fun as the gift! 

We watched Brookie open her gifts, then passed out the rest of ours. Okay. Passing out gifts is my favorite part of Christmas. Always has been. Something about sorting and organizing … I don’t know. As we opened the room slowly turned into a hot mess. Love love love it!

There’s also no such holiday without monkey bread. Nothing like coffee and a sugar rush mid-presents!

Recipe coming soon!

Following presents came a lot of lazy. We’ve never been the ‘get dressed up…or at all’ family on Christmas. We snuggle, watch movies, play with gifts, and prep Christmas dinner. OH – and this year we got to listen to Brooklyn try out her new percussion pack – courtesies of Aunt Katy and Uncle Allen. We made it our life mission to find the most loud and obnoxious toys each year. She’s not tall enough for an actual drum set, so a mini percussion pack had to do! …..and it did. 

My mom outdid herself again with a wonderful Christmas dinner (and enough food for an army!), so we ate, laughed, and just enjoyed being with each other. We don’t get enough family dinners like this. I just love them so much.

Yes I'm holding play-doh. It's what happens as an aunt.

The day after Christmas we hit up some sales, and then started a new tradition of baking with Brooklyn! Yes, we are aware that one should bake cookies on Christmas Eve FOR Santa, but hey, we’re new at this. And she doesn’t know. We’ll do better next year. Lesson learned. 

All good bakers have icing on the leg...

So as I sit here reminiscing, and choking back tears from this dang Hallmark movie, I can’t help but be so thankful for my full heart. Full of family, full of friends, and full of a Savior who was sent to this earth so that I could be part of the ultimate family. HE is the true reason for the season. The rest is fluff. So count your blessings – both fluff and faith – and be grateful and serving of the One who paid it all. 

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

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