Thursday, December 18, 2014

Red Velvet Bundt Cake

Baking is my therapy. My life can be pretty hectic/stressful at times, and doing something that lets me focus on something else for 15 minutes and results in a yummy finished product makes me feel like I accomplished something. Because let’s face it, some days you start 15 things and finish nothing.

Okay fine. I also bake just because I like to lick the bowl.

I baked a lot with my mom when I was little (probably also attributable to bowl-licking) and it’s been something I’ve loved since. Cooking? Eh. Too many variables. I’d rather bake. Plus cooking usually comes with several side dishes and a lot more effort.

Wednesday night I needed a breather between when I got home from work (and booted back up), so I decided to bake a cake for my team. Plus we were having “Dress for your Day” at work on Thursday, so I thought a festive baked good was in order! (PS “dress for your day” is the PC way to say “dress in Christmas colors.”)

I am an avid reader of Mix and Match Mama’s foodie blog and love her bundt cake recipes. They’re SO delicious and almost always easy, so her Red Velvet Bundt cake was my choice for the evening.

First things first, put on a Christmas movie.

Mmmmm. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He was so yummy. I recorded countless episodes of Home Improvement on the VCR. Yes, the VCR. What ever happened to that kid? Didn’t he go to school or something? Good for you, JTT.

Funny story – I pushed play and the movie started playing in Spanish. And I couldn’t figure out how to change it. While JTT is sexy, he loses appeal in a foreign language. I shortly switched to a Lifetime movie. 

Speaking of good looks, presentation makes a difference. My mom taught me that. So I brought out my new plate from Canton Trade Days the other weekend. Isn't it cute? Again - sucker for all things "Merry Christmas Y'all."

Back to the cake – courtesies of Mix and Match Mama – find the recipe here. I mean, the cake has chocolate chips inside. HELLO.

And if you need reviews, I brought the cake to work yesterday, put it out around 9 a.m., and it was gone before 11 a.m. They LOVED IT and couldn’t believe it was homemade. Oh – and yes my team eats cake for breakfast.

Bake one over the next couple of weeks. You won’t regret it. Promise!!

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