Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ice Cream Parlor Parfaits

Blue Bell is a staple in my life. We're compatible, we're always there for each other - it just works for us. 

On my Chaotic Christmas Checklist, I had planned to do a Blue Bell Holiday Flavor taste test. Y'all. I was so excited. I planned to do it last night (my first night home for the holidays), and was literally counting down the days. So dad got home from work, I went to the store...and there was no holiday ice cream

You would have thought I was hit with a stun gun. My mouth dropped open, and I kept starting at the large freezer thinking one would just appear. But alas, it did not. I called my parents, and we sent out a search party. If there's one thing we're serious about - it's Blue Bell. We went to SIX different grocery stores to find holiday Blue Bell. And we only found one flavor. You can't really do a comparison taste test with one flavor. 

So, I moped for about half an hour and then decided I was instead going to make one of my favorite childhood desserts....that still involved Blue Bell.

This, my friends, is my mom's Ice Cream Parlor Parfait.

Side note: speaking of ice cream parlor, my parents' house came with a built-in bar, and since they don't drink, my mom turned it into a Blue Bell bar. See? It's a family inherited passion. 

Once we surrendered the search party, we watched White Christmas (annual tradition!), and I made us some parfaits. 

LOOK at the excitement! I tell you what, it really doesn't get much better than this man right here. Love my dad.

Parfaits are really the easiest dessert to make. 
Things you'll need:

Parfait Glasses
[Blue Bell] Ice Cream - we used vanilla above
Frozen Strawberries (sliced and sweetened - in a carton at Kroger)
Hershey's Chocolate syrup (optional for some; required for me)

Once you let the strawberries thaw some, you simply layer the fruit/chocolate syrup/ice cream until you fill the glass. Cover with saran. Refreeze. Indulge. 

SO simple. But so yummy and so festive! You can add blueberries for the 4th of July, add nuts, add sprinkles, experiment with the hundreds of Blue Bell flavors -- I mean the possibilities are endless.

My one warning - don't break the glass. I can't tell you how many parfait glasses my friends and I have shattered over the years. You attack the frozen dessert with enough...eager anticipation...and that glass is a goner. 

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