Friday, December 5, 2014

CMA Country Christmas

Due to the crazy holiday season - well, and my crazy life in general - I finally had time to sit down and watch CMA's Country Christmas last night! Jeff and I turned on all the Christmas lights, poured us a couple glasses of malbec, and settled in for Monday night's show (thank you DVR!)!
Prior to pushing play, we were entertained by my dog's first encounter with a running train set. And it was quite comical. So I thought I'd share...

That went on for about 2 whole minutes. Then the train died and he was QUITE distraught.
Anywho - back to CMA Country Christmas. Country music is my lifeline, and Christmastime is my absolute favorite time of year, so when you combine the two - you get one happy Katy. The show was about two hours long, but I thought I'd give you my top three performances.
First off - Jennifer Nettles is adorable. She's like a snippit of country everything all wrapped up in a cute pint-sized package. I think I had accent envy watching her host.
And okay okay - he didn't make my top three (because there were some top-notch performances!) but I love me some Brett Eldredge. His southern growl makes me smile and I just adore him. Look! We took a picture together last summer. Aren't we cute!? :)
[He's singing right to me. He told me so.]
So I smiled the whole time through his opener, and Jeff rolled his eyes and tried to sing over him. Sigh. Boys.
Back to the show. Here are Katy's top-three CMA Country Christmas moments:
Are you surprised? Didn't think so. I love love love this song and Carrie is my girl so this was a match made in heaven for me. I mean, home girl has got some PIPES. And her baby bump is so cute. I wondered if the little nugget was loving being serenaded. Or going deaf from the pipe organ symphony he was experiencing. Regardless - this was a winner. Click the link. Be inspired.
Okay, so I love this song, but it's on my top three because it was flawless. Powerful Disney song plus harmonies plus a country twang was just a good recipe. (Plus everyone stayed on pitch!!) I got chills. And found myself smiling at the end. It's just a heart warmer.
This choice might be surprising, but I just really love LeAnn Rimes. AND this is one of my favorite songs. First time I heard it was on Justin Bieber's Christmas album (don't judge - sorry Stevie) and I've loved it ever since. She and her two piece ensemble did it justice. And resulted in me wailing this song for the rest of the evening. And of course making up lyrics to the parts I don't know yet.
All in all, another win for CMA Country Christmas. This has highly inspired me to do a post on Katy's Personal Christmas Playlist. Coming soon. :)
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