Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Katy's Christmas Playlist

Trust me - I am like any other person when it comes to Christmas music. I put pumpkins on the porch and wonder if it's too early to start 'dashing through the snow.' I personally think the problem is that there's no Thanksgiving music. We need something to play throughout the house while we decorate. If there was Thanksgiving music, we could hold out a little longer for Christmas music. But alas, there's not. 
I still try, however, to hold out until December 1st. It's tough - especially when grocery stores are playing it while you're shopping for your turkey stuffings -  but I really do try!
I'm sure everyone has that sountrack/movie that makes them think of their childhood, and for me, it's a combo deal. This little sucker right here is my Christmas childhood.
And don't get me wrong - I love it! Hearing Bing croon still makes me smile, and to this day, my dad and I watch it together every Christmas. And sing the songs. And quote the lines. And dance the choreography. That's what we do. The Reeves family is a White Christmas family.

(Which is ironic since I grew up in Beaumont, TX where you were lucky if it was cold enough for a fire on Christmas....)
Another song that makes me think of my childhood is Amy Grant's "Tennessee Christmas." Amy, my big sister, would always come home for the holidays and that's the first thing she'd put on the CD player. She loved her some Tennessee Christmas - which boggled my mind - because we live in Texas... :)
I decided to compile my 2014 Christmas Playlist (thanks to watching the CMA Country Christmas). This is by no means a complete list, just some of my favorites this year. I rarely turn off anything that comes on the Sirius Christmas channels - I just love it all. BUT - here are my current fourteen favorites.
NOTE : I am always looking for new music, so if you have a favorite - please let me know!
 [PS my mom gave me the plate in this picture a couple of years ago - isn't it the cutest!? I'm a sucker for all things "Merry Christmas Y'all"]
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