Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Cards!

I am very much a Christmas Card person. We never sent them out as a family when I was younger, but I loved getting them in the mail and couldn't wait to start sending out my own when I "grew up."

Well who says you have to wait for a husband and some kids!?

Four years ago Charlie (my pup) and I started our annual Christmas Card pictures. I just love it. I keep a running excel spreadsheet of addresses (yeah I'm a nerd) and address while watching Christmas movies (likely The Santa Claus or The Holiday). Sometimes they make it out the first week of December; sometimes we're pushing January - but you know what? Who cares. Them suckers always get sent.




My how we've grown over the years! So while one would think we would get better and better at the whole picture taking thing - please do not be fooled. This post is to tell you that this is NOT the case. Successful pictures take three things: 1) dog treats, 2) patience, and 3) a loving and understanding photographer. My dad took the first two and my wonderful friend Lisa took 2013-2014. Again - they love us, so it works.

Even with the implementation of the three things above this is quite a process, and out of 134 pictures this year, we had a good 6 or 7. But I'm serious. Most look like this:

This is me waiting for other passerby dogs and humans to get out of the range of sight...
Or waiting for him to quit yawning...

Or to quit watching the boys playing soccer in the field next door. And using me as the seat cushion.

I'll spare you the other hundred. They're mainly of me man-handling my 80 pound (lap)dog. BUT, as I tell Lisa every year -- we. just. need. one. ONE. And somehow, every year, we come out with a handful of pictures that I treasure so much. Pups don't have the longest life span (cue tears), so I know whether "card-worthy" or not, one day I'm going to love looking back on all 134 of those pictures.

Man I love this dog.

Coming soon to a mailbox near you.

Until next time,


  1. I LOVE you and my God-dog Charles! Freezing temps, blaring sun, patch of shrubs and all!