Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Today's post is a pretty special one. 

Today I'm joining in with Chobani Flip (yes, Uncle Jesse's yogurt) on their #breakyoumake project. Because I know someone who needs a break. 

#breakyoumake challenges us to honor someone in our life who needs a break. A break from life. A break from responsibility. A break from...just everything. 

So today I'm honoring this little lady. 

I call her mom, but you can call her Susan. 

She is basically Wonder Woman. ...in a little more clothing.  

Let me tell you why...

My mom is a music teacher. And while I might be biased, I think it's safe to say she's one of the best music teachers in this grand state of Texas. And Texas is a big place. She pours her absolute heart and soul into every single note she teaches those children. 

My mom is a pianist. She's the one that accompanies (or covers up) your high notes in that church pew on Sunday mornings. 

My mom is a party planner. If you're retiring, graduating, having a birthday, or just need a reason to be celebrated.....my mom will host your party. And it'll likely be at our house. And there will be a theme, way too much food, and it will be one of the best parties you've ever had. 

Not impressed? Think you're just as busy? Well here's the thing....my mom also does something else...

My mom is a full-time caregiver. To her mom. 

Three years ago, my grandmama, commonly known as Gee, needed more hands-on care. And as the only daughter, my mom moved her the thousand miles from South Carolina to Texas to live with her and my dad. Unfortunately, over the years, old-age crept in and Gee's condition worsened. My mom's career turned into a daytime teacher and a nighttime nurse.

When Gee got her days and nights mixed up, my mom would get two or so hours of sleep a night. She taught precious little rugrats all day, and stayed up with Gee all night. 

My mom needs a break. 

"Sitters" are expensive. So instead of spending money, my mom gave up her social life. She and my dad don't even go to dinner together anymore. They can't. Someone needs to stay with Gee. 

My mom needs a break. 

Dementia has set in and a lot of time Gee doesn't even know who my mom is. She exhausts herself caring for her mother, and her mother often doesn't even call her by the right name. 

My mom needs a break. 

Think about how tired you are when you come home from work. Think about how wonderful you feel after a solid 7-8 hours of sleep. My mom doesn't get that. 

Think about how much fun you have doing dinner with your friends, going shopping, to the movies, or just for a walk around the neighborhood. My mom doesn't get that. 

I've never been a mother, but I've been a privileged enough daughter to know that mothers give up their lives for their children. And when the tables turned, my mom did the same. I'd venture to say it's the hardest thing my mom has ever done, but she does it selflessly and lovingly. Because that's how Gee took care of her all these years. 

My mom would tell you she was fine, but I'm here to tell you...

My sweet mama needs a #break.
Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friday Favorites

Good MORNING, people!! I am in quite a fantastic mood this morning. This week flew by (perk of traveling for work), and we have made it to another Friday. Now, I'm all for living in the moment and not wasting time wishing for the weekends...but this Friday morning was just welcomed with open arms. 

Today I'm linking up with a few lovelies for some favorites. Let's do it. 

1. Rebecca Minkoff Purse and Tote

Yes, please. Aren't they adorable? Jeffrey gave me these for my birthday. Not only are they nautical - but the sweet boy knows sometimes I like a little purse, and sometimes I need a bag that will fit a small child. (Not because I normally put small children in my bags...more just for size reference). Anyways - I'm obsessed. Thanks, dear!

2. Texas = Home Sign 

I may have a love affair with this sign. The best big sister in the world gave this to my for my birthday. I saw it on her mantle, had a minor freak out about how I needed one, and then poof! I have one :) Isn't it just perfect? So southern. So simple. Such a statement. 

3. Loft Black Romper Jumpsuit

I've always loved a good romper. Not the most restroom-break conducive outfit, but nevertheless, they're a favorite of mine. I found this one at Loft last weekend aaaaand I can't wait to wear it. It's comfy, it's flattering, and it's one of those pieces where you walk out of the dressing room and everyone asks what part of the store it's in. I tend to buy things that make me feel like a model :) You can find the jumpsuit here.

4. Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Shampoo

 Yeeeeah buddy. This stuff right here. Kelsey ranted and raved about it a month or so ago, but this week I ran out of conditioner and had to borrow some, and let me tell you what. Those aromas. Stress relief is no false advertisement. I want all of the eucalyptus on my head all the time. Bath and Body Works.....go now. 

5. Necklace Holder

 So this isn't really new, but it definitely is a favorite. I found this on pinterest a couple of years ago, my dad made it for me, and it has been a lifesaver. No more tangled necklaces. Easy to accessorize in the mornings and once you take it off, it goes right back on the wall. All it takes is some old wood (I didn't paint it - I liked the character of the blank wood), and doorknobs. Go have the time of your life in Lowes. Please note that this is probably the only thing I will ever successfully recreate from pinterest. 

And those are my five Friday favorites!! I love a good alliteration. And now I'll start my Friday morning ritual I'm really starting to look forward to: chug coffee, go to yoga, and then take about 2 hours to get ready because I can barely move. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Until next time,

Owning More Crazy

Happy Thursday everyone!

This morning I'm linking up with Christina and doing another rendition of Owning My Crazy.  To see my first confession session last month click here


I would encourage each of you to 'own your crazy.' You don't have to publicize it anywhere, but next time you're sitting in traffic, taking a bubble bath, or just have some down time....think about all the things that make you, you. I promise you'll get a chuckle out of it. And you'll likely have a new sense of pride, too!

So here we go!  Ten more crazies.

Everyone I meet thinks I'm uninhibited and outgoing. 85% of the time that is true, but when that 15% of shyness creeps in, I literally have to give myself a pep talk. When my friends say things like "oh Katy will do it - she's not shy," I have to take a deep breath, pep myself up, and let my extrovert take over. And I'm okay with it - it pushes me out of my comfort zone. 

I absolutely prefer cold cake. Room temperature cake is okay. But put a cake in the fridge and I'm all over it. When I was in high school, my mom made a cake and put it in the freezer to use a few days later, and I ate half the cake. Straight out of the freezer. Cold cake is my kryptonite.

I think the perfect of coffee has one and a half splenda/stevia/truvia, whatever. Not one, not two, but one and a half. I've tried to adapt, but it's just not the same. Which really poses a problem when I make coffee in the morning. Save the half splenda packet or throw it away? It's a struggle. And I"m totally that girl who orders 1.5 splenda in her Starbucks coffee.

I mentioned this in my original post, but I sleep with my heating pad every.single.night. Winter or summer, spring or fall - I have to have the heating pad. My mom and sister are the same way. It's a Reeves thing. 

Similarly, I absolutely hate being cold. Heat makes me happy. The other day I got a slight chill in the car so I turned the heat on high. Then I looked at the outside temp and it was 89 degrees. High heat inside and 89 degrees outside. That's how I roll.

When I work out on the cardio machines (elliptical, crosstrainer, etc.) I choreograph dances. I have done this since high school. I pretend I'm on DWTS or SYTYCD and choreograph countless dances in my head. The thing is, choreography makes me happy, so I often smile while I'm doing this. So to the other gym members, I probably just look like the girl who's having the time of her life on the elliptical.

If there's one thing I hate in life, it's raisins. I love grapes, but the dried version is just nasty. .....but I love dried cranberries and blueberries. Tell me how that makes sense.

Sometimes my mind wakes up before my body and it scares the bejeezus out of me. I'm awake, but can't move, and so it's this terrifying paralyzed feeling. This happen to anyone else? No? Okay maybe I should get this checked out.

I think odd numbers are ugly. If the stars align to where I'm supposed to get married in an odd year, I'm likely going to have a super short or super long engagement. Give me all the even. 

I wear my shoes into the ground....and can't part with them. I get a lot of compliments on my shoes, and in my head I'm like "please don't look too close." Chances are they have holes in the soles, teeth marks on the heel from when Char was a puppy, or they're tearing from overwear. I know. It's a problem. 

Whew! That's enough crazy for today. I'm so weird. Have a fantastic {almost} Friday everyone! 

....and OWN IT, PEOPLE.

Until next time,
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I can't believe I'm writing another 'What's Up Wednesday' post. Because that means it's the last Wednesday of the month. And that means yet another month has flown by. This year is almost half over people! I just can't wrap my brain around it.

What I'm Eating this Week

Well I'm traveling for work this week, so right now I'm chilling in a hotel, drinking coffee and eating breakfast in bed. 

Not too shabby for Katy. But considering this is the last week in June and I have yet to make homemade ice cream, it looks like that will also be happening this week! Monthly goals are so effective, y'all. They really keep your month in check and make you focus on the important things.....like homemade ice cream.

What I'm Reminiscing About

 Youuuuu guessed it! I'm reminiscing about birthday month! I seriously had the best month - thanks to all my favorite people. Y'all really know how to make a girl feel special. And how to take her mind off the fact that she turned 27. See the recap of our family trip to Boston here; the first half of birthday week here, and the second half of birthday week here.

What I'm Loving

The men in my life. I've gotten to spend lots of time with all of them this month and it just makes my heart happy :)

What I've Been Up To

What have I been doing? Well let me tell you. I have been buying everything nautical, navy, and white. That's what. It's a problem. An addiction, people. 

...but everything is super cute so I'm absolutely doing a nautical post next week!

What I'm Working On

I'm currently trying to catch up on Shutterfly photo albums. I made one for my family's trip to London, but I need to do one for Italy, Boston, and our girls trip to NYC. I'm a bit behind....trying to catch up!

I'm also working on the logistics for/planning of a couple of items on my {30} before Thirty list! Which ones? Well, you'll see soon enough :)

What I'm Excited About


In a matter of days, my rearend will be here. Doing nothing but reading for fun, sleeping in the sun, spending quality time at the spa, and ignoring work emails. And I'm so excited. If you need me, sorry boutcha.

What I'm Watching/Reading

Summer shows have finally started - so to see what summer dramas I'm watching here. In addition to those I have also gotten hooked on this season's Bachelorette, and last night I was totally into that "I Can Do That" show. So that very well may be added to my DVR. 

And just as a friendly reminder for any fellow cop-show watchers.... Rookie Blue starts back TOMORROW!!!!

As far as reading, I haven't been doing too much of that. Which is sad because I love reading. Hence why I'm excited to park myself on a beach and get back in the habit. 

What I'm Listening To

I should just delete this question. I'm still only listening to country and anxiously waiting on Carrie Underwood's new tunes...

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Going home to Big Money Texas....BMT.....Beaumont to hang out with the parentals. Sometimes you just need to relax and recharge, and this weekend I'm headed down there to do just that. And work on my base tan before I get roasted on the beach.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Other than my beach vacation, I'm excited to head to Mississippi later this month for my family reunion. What do you do at a family reunion in Mississippi? You eat. All things southern: pie, fried okra, boiled peanuts, collard greens, cornbread....get the picture? Yeah. This girl is pumped. 

and the seasonal question for the month...
What am I doing for the fourth of July?

Well, I will be out of the country that day, but you better believe I have my red, white, and blue bathing suit packed (figuratively...not literally yet), and I will be flinging my patriotism from afar!

And that's what's up! Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Until next time,

Monday, June 22, 2015

BIRTHDAY Weekend Wrap-Up

Y'all sick of my birthday posts yet? I know, I know. Last one. Because okay, I'm a bit exhausted. Prolonging one's birthday celebration takes lots of energy. I have had SUCH a fun-filled and exciting weekend....but I seriously feel like I could sleep for days.

(takes large sip of coffee) Let's recap. 

Thursday night my sweet girl Melissa drove up from Houston for the weekend! She, Kelsey and I went and painted the town red. Mind you, I haven't painted the town anything in what seems like forever, so this is probably why I am so worn out. These girls are pros. Katy is grandma. 

Then Friday after work, Missy and I went to West Village to get our shop on (bought another hat!) and redeem my birthday discount at Kendra Scott. Fun fact: during your birthday month you can get one KS item 50% off. How cool is that?! Just show your ID and bam. Money in your pocket. ...sorta. :)

Love this girl!

On Friday night my girl Lane flew in from New Mexico (don't I have the sweetest friends ever!?) and we all went to Times Ten Cellar. If you like vino and more of a calm, relaxed atmosphere (hey fellow grandmas...) - you have to go here. They have tastings, couches, appetizers, and best of all - you can BYOF (bring your own food). Or you can do what we did and have a pizza delivered.

Saturday morning was BIRTHDAY BRUNCH!!! At Company Cafe, of course. Man. I'm still smiling at the thought of this brunch. There's just something about the majority of your people all hanging out in one place. This girl felt mighty blessed and special.

And for my birthday I requested that I have my picture taken with each individual. Please note the middle picture. Brooklyn wasn't smiling so I had to adapt. Ah, aunt life.

Brookie was super excited to hang out with all the big girls....and then about half an hour in she was over it. I think big girl brunches have far too much talking and far too little play-doh and stickers...

You know what I also loved about brunch? Babies. There was a 4-month old and an almost-three year old at my birthday brunch. And they just provided so much entertainment.

I think 27 is going to be okay, y'all. 

Plus we got to watch Brooklyn prepare to be a big sister. Watching her gently care for Huck was just too precious!

Saturday night, Jeff and I drove to Fort Worth to be a couple of first-timers at "Concerts in the Garden." And let me tell you this - that will not be our last time. We went with our friends Toby and Chanel, and I will fully give the props to Chanel because this girl was p.r.e.p.a.r.e.d. 

We set up our blankets, unloaded our goods, and just hung out in the Botanic Gardens while the FW Symphony played a tribute to the Eagles. Seriously one of the highlights of the summer for me. Good food, good company, good entertainment, and (surprisingly) good weather! 

Oh and we had light up glow things. You can't have a bad night when light up glow things are involved. 

Wrap the concert up with some fireworks and you have yourself a pretty perfect summer evening. Minus the tree. If we could have just removed that tree....

And that was the birthday weekend wrap-up! Yesterday was a simple Sunday of church, work-outs (that was rough), good eating, and loving on my dad. And just like that, we're back to Monday. 

Make it a good one, folks!

Until next time,

Sunday, June 21, 2015

For Dad

There really is nothing like the dad and daughter bond. I know for a lot of soon-to-be dads, the thought of a daughter might be terrifying (rightfully so, we women ain't easy) - but in reality it has the potential to be one heck of a special relationship. 

This is my dad. To say we're 'pretty tight' is an understatement. It's been there since I've been little, but it has immensely grown as we've gotten older. When I was 5 or 6, it was getting dressed up (mom would even curl my hair and let me borrow some jewelry!) and sitting on the stairs anxiously awaiting for him to get home from work and take me to Moon Palace for a daddy/daughter date night. When I was 12 it was stealing the show in the dad-n-daughter number at my dance recital. When I was 17 it was working with him every summer and getting to just hang out with him every day. When I was 21, it was visiting doctor after doctor to find a treatment plan to kick cancer's tail. 

Whatever age, whatever stage -I just love being with my dad. 


If you know me at all, you know that I think the world of this man. And why wouldn't I? This guy does everything. He's a faithful follower of Christ and a spiritual leader to every one he meets, he is brilliant, he is the funniest person I've ever known, he has a gorgeous singing voice, he writes music, he paints, he builds, he cooks - he really is just one of those people that can do anything. Oh - and he shares my love of Blue Bell. Often we would find a spoon just sitting on the carton in the garage freezer. ...I told you he was smart.

I think one of my favorite things about our relationship are our traditions, of sorts. We watch White Christmas every December (and sing certain songs a certain way), we go to a Rangers game every summer and have a "Dad in Dallas" weekend, we try new healthy recipes, we email exchange songs/lyrics we've written, we go on walks around the neighborhood, we misspell words in texts on purpose, we split the last piece of dessert in half until you literally can't see it anymore...we just get each other. And it's a really cool thing to just 'get' your dad.

I honestly think my dad is one of the greatest people in the world. He just makes everything better. And usually in a simple 5-6 word sentence. I'm so beyond privileged to be his kid. 
Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you dearly.
Thursday, June 18, 2015

Peek at BIRTHDAY Week!

Today we are taking a peek at birthday week! 

Friday night my sister's family treated me to a Rangers' game to kick off weekend. And it was Baylor night! Sic 'em. 

It was rather windy, you see...
At first Brooklyn was a little skeptical cause the announcer was a bit loud....

But after a few innings she was acting like a Rangers game veteran :) By the end of the game she was munchin on cotton candy and chasing it down with diet coke. Truly her mama's child!

And of course...a seventh inning selfie

Saturday snuggles. It's rough being a pup sometimes, y'all.

Sunday we got to celebrate sweet Nora! We're birthday buddies...just a few years apart :) She is one of the happiest babies I've ever met - but she was a bit perplexed by the smash cake. As you can see...

On Monday I walked to my car after work and found this little note tucked in my door handle. It made me all smiley and blushy and giddy and stuff :)

Monday night, sweet Kelsey made me a homemade birthday eve dinner and completely got me hooked on this season of the Bachelorette. Like I can't wait until next Monday. Guess I can add that to the list of summer TV shows.

Sweet boy was more interested in the people outside than the drama on the television...

And THEN she busted out my favorite ice cream cake in the world!! Baskin Robbins - mint chocolate chip with chocolate cake. Isn't she the best roommate ever? We ate 3/4 of it. Don't even worry about it. That's what is supposed to happen on birthday eve!

Then it was TuesBIRTHDAY! 

Y'all - I was so overwhelmed on Tuesday. Y'all are just the sweetest souls and certainly now how to make a girl feel special, loved, and celebrated! It's quite unfortunate I had to go to work on my birthday, but the sweet messages/flashback photos were quite an appreciated distraction!

After work my sweet man met me at my house for a night out on the town! Which may be an exaggeration as I was exhausted at 10:30 - but we still had a great time! I turned 27 y'all...I'm too old for late nights.

We dined at Savor in Klyde Warren park, and had some of the best calamari we've ever had. As in we're still talking about it. If you've never been there - you must go! All of the walls in the restaurant are made of glass, so you can look out over Klyde Warren/downtown. Incredible atmosphere and delicious food!

After Savor, he took me to Remedy for my beloved dark chocolate ice cream! I have told y'all about this before. I got two scoops. Sure did. It is life-changing. Jeff got S'mores pie and moaned about how good it was between each bite. I think that's enough to say you need to give it a shot. 

And as I'm writing this, I look over and see this view to my right. Birthday girl got pretty roses. He's a keeper :)


And that was a peek at the [first half] of birthday week! But alas, the celebrating is not over....my girls are all coming in town this weekend :) 

Until next time,