Thursday, June 4, 2015

KUWK - Coffee Mug Obsession

Today I'm introducing my "KUWK" series. It's basically just the things that make me, me. I find it fitting because while it is simply the acronym for "Keeping Up with Katy," it looks like it would be pronounced "kook." And ladies and gents, I indeed am kooky. 

Which leads me to....

My Coffee Mug Obsession, I love this. Coffee is absolutely a hug in a mug. I promise you that first sip does wonders for my brain. ....and attitude. 

But alas, this post is not about my obsession with coffee (though that is also true) - it's about my obsession with coffee mugs

Here's the thing....I'm weird about SHAPES of mugs. Like, real weird. The mug below? Not a fan. It's so...square. Yes, I realize this is the most common type of mug. Trust me, I'm aware. My parents may have 1 or 2 mugs that aren't  shaped like this, so I just hand wash and reuse the one I like the whole time I'm home.

My mugs just have to have a lil "sumpin sumpin." They either have to be massive, or curved, or angled. As my mom would say, they just have to have "personality." Like this...this is a good mug.

You probably don't see much of a difference, do you? Ohhhh but there is. The size, the curves, the way it just cups in your hand. Cups are meant to be cupped - not held. Hence the term, "cup." 

I have a ridiculous amount of mugs. If you have ever lived with me, you are very aware of this. I seriously just love them so much. And if they're seasonal? Well just sign me up.

You know who has good mugs? Anthropologie. They're champs in the mug department. 

Here's the thing - I should be obsessed with coffee mugs. I only drink three liquids: coffee, water, and wine. (Also obsessed with wine glasses but that's for another day). When I owned my crazy I told you I only drink water out of bottles - so coffee mugs are my excitement. 

OH - and I keep a mug at work because coffee tastes SO much better in a mug than a paper cup. I don't know how it can be proven but I promise it's a no-brainer.

So there you have it. Katy is obsessed with coffee mugs.

I also saw this on pinterest and literally laughed out loud. Maybe because my big brother is in IT. And maybe because if I told him this every morning I know for a fact he'd frog punch me in the leg :)

Ah, man. That's good stuff right there. 

Here's to hoping your Thursday coffee is in the right kind of mug :)

Until next time,


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