Thursday, June 11, 2015

CMT Music Awards

You know what I love about birthday month? ....other than the obvious? 

The CMT Music Awards. First week in June. Every year. Without fail.
Happy birthday month to me.

When we first moved to Dallas (and lived down the street from each other), Lisa and I watched this together every summer. Then she moved to Canada Addison. Things became more difficult. BUT nevertheless we fought the good fight (traffic) and got together on a "school night" to indulge in our beloved country music. 

And, like I hoped (and knew) she would - she brought TJ's Just Mango. We don't do much without Just Mango. 

Just hanging with our girl Carrie. We make a great trio :)

So here are our thoughts as we watched last night's show, fast forwarded through both commercials and the rough performances, and went to bed waaaay past our bedtime.

Erin Andrews: noooooooo. I'm not an Erin fan. She made me grunt while watching DWTS, and she made me grunt last night. Do I have any real reasoning? No. Just not a fan. 
Brittany Snow: love her. She's adorable. No idea why either of them are hosting, but that's neither here nor there. 

Collaborative Video
Carrie and Miranda. This I'm okay with. Although it kinda hurt a little bit that Tim and Faith didn't win. It's okay McGraws, y'all are still the hottest couple in country music. Always will be. 

Quick question: where IS Miranda? 

Mmmmmm. Deacon Claybourne. If I weren't about to turn 27 next week, his poster would be above my bed. I miss Nashville already.

Reba PerformanceLisa claims this lil red head never ages. And she talked about how cute she was practically the whole time she performed. The tassles, the go-go boots - she commented on it all. And when it came to these earrings, Lisa had "hoop envy." 

My favorite fan moment -- when the camera zooms in on fans that are passionately rockin' out and do NOT know the words. Fools.

Breakthrough Video of the Year SAM HUNT. There were three loud cheers from this household when he won. We. Love. Sam. Hunt. But not sure why he was wearing a tunic to the award show... Sweet shirt dress, Sam.

Duo of the YearFlorida Georgia Line.... who was surprised? Anyone? Anyone?

Luke Bryan Performance tight. Don't care. At all. :) But Kelsey swears his pants are from Forever XXI. Oh well. I love them hips. And those teeth! But "Kick the Dust Up" - not my  favorite. 

Okay but really....where is Miranda? 

Female Video of the YearCarrie girl. I mean I love my Carrie girl, but I would have pegged "Something in the Water" for video of the year, and Miranda's "Little Red Wagon" for this category. Maybe she didn't win because no one could find her.

Jake crowd surfing in a bed. a) He's pretty. b) This was probably the most entertaining song of the night. It had props, Jake's smile, as well as his attempt to dance. Good entertainment all around.

Male Video of the Year Luke Bryan. In hindsight, we should have seen this coming, but we initially chose Dierks "Drunk of a Plane." It's just such a fun video! Oh well. Luke's hips reign strong.

Miranda? Still no?

Kenny Chesney Performance In the words of Lisa, "this guy is classic." He sounds good live every time he performs. Whether you're chillin on a lawn watching him in concert, or chillin on the couch watching him on TV - he sounds like Kenny. And "American Kids" makes me bounce. Try and listen to it without bouncing. I dare you.

Carrie Underwood Performance Man I've missed her. Granted, she sang riiiiiiiight under the note the whole time, but it's okay. She's a new mama. She's probably sleepy. And she looked smokin hot, so we'll give her a pass :) Oh, and when they caught hubby Mike singing along during her performance we melted a little.

Also....are even sure she HAD a baby? This is three months post-baby. I don't look like that now and I'm a lot of months pre-baby. Things that make me whine.

Another fun fact: We've decided Arnold Schwarzenagger in a cowboy hat looks like a really really really old George Strait....mixed with Woody from the Toy Story. Tell us we're wrong...

Video of the Year
CARRIIIIEEEEEE!!!! We were right! Not to mention this song is about our good Lord. She got a lot of push back for this song so I'm pumped this little number won.You go God.

Maybe Miranda overslept... or got the dates mixed up. Are she and Blake on vacay?

All in all - NOT the best CMT Award show I've ever seen (hello - I went to the ACMs) - but it was a good dabble of entertainment for an otherwise mundane Wednesday night. Plus I got to laugh until I cried with my girl, Lis. So it was a win for us :)

And just for the record - I so so so so so so wish I was in Nashville for the rest of CMA Fest. One day, people. One day I will be there.  

Until next time,


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