Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals

We are now in June. "Things I don't understand' for 400, Alex."

I mean seriously? At the end of this month, 2015 will be half over.  That is unreal to me. 

But alas - we ARE  in June. And with June comes another month of goals!

I love when the first day of the month falls on a Monday. It's like all points of productivity align and I can really give it my best shot. 

But before we dive into June goals, let's see how we did on our May goals... 


1. Work on my "Morning Person" - I'm pretty proud of this one. I've done a really good job at this. Granted, the first week of May was awful and I was so tired, but I actually got pretty used to it. I actually enjoy the quiet and dark of the morning. Plus, the earlier you wake up, the more cups of coffee you can cram into your system before lunch :)

2. Track/Budget Money - Well this was an eye opener. Thanks (or no thanks) to all of your recommendations, I realized I have problems. Granted, I DID pre-pay for a vacation (or two) and I DID have to participate in Memorial Day sales - but we have to cool it in June, people.

3. Watch Fixer Upper - This is a funny show! Ironically, the first show I watched was "fixing up" the house of the owners of Common Grounds (my favorite coffee shop in the world). I adore Chip - that man is hilarious. And I hear I need to watch Joanna's biography. All in all - loved it!

4. Finish cleaning out closet - check! Took a whole bag of clothes to my personal goodwill (aka my mother).

5. Clean out Chest - check! I am not hurting in the J. Crew shorts department...I've cut myself off.

6. Bake 2 More Recipes - check check! Baked Veggie Gratin and Lemon Pie. One healthy; one not so much :)

Dang it. I really want lemon pie right now. 

Now onto...


1. Celebrate ME!

This one might be tough :) Why are we celebrating me? Because it's BIRTHDAY MONTH! And I am pretty persistent about celebrating my sweet little self the whole entire month! :)
 (If you're not implementing this method, you should)

2. Make Homemade Ice Cream

If you read my Memorial Day wrap-up, you know that homemade ice cream is a staple/summer tradition in my family. Well, at the end of last summer I bought my own homemade ice cream churn and I have yet to use it! (Oh the horror!! ...I know) So I definitely want to break that thing in this month!

3. Finish my "30 before Thirty" List

If you're a frequent visitor, you know I'm working on my "30 before Thirty" bucket list. I'm making a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn thirty. I'm publishing the list on my birthday this month, which will give me 3 whole years to accomplish it! Eeks! I'm excited :)
4. Buy/Wear More Hats

I love hats. According to my mom, I have "good hat hair." (I think it's just because mine is long and straight and hers is short and curly). Anywho - I need to wear hats more often. I have about 20 baseball hats, but I also want to wear other hats (fedoras, beach hats, etc). Plus - I need some for my upcoming beach vacation, so if you have any good ones - please share!

5. Go to a pool

Unfortunately, it is June and I have yet to visit a pool. While this is a sad statement, it really isn't TOO shocking considering we've been swimming in rain here the whole month of May. Fortunately, I think the sun will stick around for a while - so I need to get my tail to a pool!

6. Get Car Serviced

According to my car, I am almost 500 miles past an oil change. Whoops! Dad would not be happy. I just don't want tooooooo (said in a really whiny voice). But I guess I should get my adult on and take care of my vehicle. SIGH. I'll get Starbucks before hand. Okay...this is already sounding better...

7. Spend Less

Because again, I have to cool it in June. I'm appalled at myself. Granted, this might be tough considering goal #1 - but we'll at least give it a try :)


And those are my June goals! I'll admit, they're some pretty enjoyable/easy goals - but again - it's birthday month. I can't work TOO hard this month :) 

Happy June (and Monday!) everyone!

Until next time,


  1. Enjoy your birthday month, lady! Making homemade ice cream sounds like so much fun - I bet it's delicious!

  2. I JUST had to go do the big girl thing in #6! Bring Starbucks, a book, a snack, some activities, a circus performer...whatever you have to! I was DANG proud of myself when I left there. Also not a fan of all the adulting.