Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Memorial Day

Can I just say that I love that this weekend wrap-up falls on a Tuesday? I mean, tomorrow is the mid-week mark. We're almost there! 

I hope you all had a glorious long weekend with the ones you love and took some time to remember the ones we've lost. My brother shared this yesterday and I thought it was pretty appropriate: 

Those men and women gave the largest price they could, they gave everything they had, all for the freedom of their friends, family, and beloved country. That's pretty special, y'all.

Okay, enough of the weepy. Back to the weekend. This wrap-up consists of lots of family time. Friday morning, Brooklyn and I set off to Beaumont for the weekend!
This is in the middle of good ole fashioned peek-a-boo
Saturday morning we woke up early and headed off to the Farmer's Market. Let me tell you what, I am a huge fan of farmer's markets. I don't know why I don't go to the one(s) in Dallas more often. Or at all. I love cooking with fresh veggies (must be my Mississippi roots). So if you're a farmer's market veteran in the Dallas area - please show me your ways. K thanks.

Brookie was a bit overwhelmed at first (lots of people) but then she warmed up to it! Oh and there was a playground next door. So that helped.

After we returned home and indulged in a pancake breakfast, we saw a beautiful thing...
We saw the SUN

So I introduced my pasty white skin to the sunshine (and got my HGTV on)....

 While these two hooligans shot each other with squirt guns.

Then after we decided the sun might actually be out to stay for a while, we dubbed it an afternoon for the pool!

Love this little beach babe :)

I kid you not, I had to take frequent breaks from the sun. After living in Seattle rainy Dallas for two months, my eyes were overwhelmed. So every hour or so I'd go inside and do a little browsing...which resulted in a lot of this:

Whoops. At least it was all on sale....

After an afternoon of sun we came inside to partake in the Reeves' summer tradition: homemade ice cream. Man, it was a good day when you'd walk in the back door and hear that blessed churn. The longest 45 minutes is that of waiting for homemade ice cream to stop churning.

My summertime bestie
The second the churn slowed down, my dad went and found his "bowl" - which is the biggest bowl we have in the house. I'm telling you - we Reeves take our ice cream seriously.

Post-pool goodness :)
Sunday morning it stormed and poured, so after church my dad and I cooked a healthy lunch in. Funny thing I realized this weekend: I cook with both of my parents. With my mom I bake - desserts, breads, cookies, cakes, pies  - those sorts. With my dad I cook healthy meals. It's really the best of both worlds if you ask me. So dad and I whipped up a little veggie gratin with our farmer's market goodies!

Oh and then we sent Brooklyn flying down the stairs in a box.

I flew back to Dallas Sunday night, and J picked me up and took me to a really nice dinner. We sat on the second-floor patio and just wined, dined, and talked. It just doesn't get much better than date night with that boy! 

And then there was yesterday. Not sure what you were doing during those tornado warnings, but we were the two dumb dumbs running around in the freezing cold wind and rain at the outlet mall. 

But we couldn't miss the Memorial Day sales! Want to know something interesting? Jeffrey Daniel spends more money on shopping sprees than I do. I mean that boy gets on a mission and there's not much that can stop him. In one store he leaned down (to pick up all his other bags) and this was my view. 

Pretty sure he bought close to ten shirts in this store. I kind of like this though, his shopping habits support my spending habits. This I could get used to :)

And that's a wrap! Now to finish this coffee and tackle this Tuesday. We can do this kids. 

Until next time,


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