Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday! And that means Favorites!

This one featuring a very special someone in my life :)


Now, she definitely could be a standing favorite every Friday, but today is super special and super favorite because today is her BIRTHDAY!!! (You. Right there. Yeah you. Go wish her a Happy Birthday.) 

Being 9 years apart, I think it's surprising to a lot of people how close we are. When she went off to college I was around 9 years old (worst day ever), but we became "pen-pals" of sorts. Cell phones weren't big, email wasn't either, and so Amy and I would write letters to each other. I was always so excited to come home from school and check the mail! Once she even wrote me a letter on the back of a puzzle :)

Through the years, Amy has always been part-mom, part-sister. We've got the best friend aspect down, but she also was always willing to fight my battles, give me advice, and never missed one of my dance recitals! (Even when her best friend got married the same day). She's selfless, funny, caring, strong, and ...well right now I'm a little weepy :) 

When we're together - we laugh. Nonstop. And hard, y'all. We laugh hard. 

I could go on and on about how wonderful she is and how blessed I am, but you just wouldn't get it. She gets it, though. So Happy Birthday, Lubbs! Know that I couldn't do this world without you and I love you to smithereens!!Can't wait to celebrate tonight!

2.  Skinny Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Okay I promise this is really good, it just feels really anti-climactic after talking about how much I love my sister :) But I digress. We'll give lemonade it's fair shot. 

I don't really like normal lemonade, but Jeff and I had strawberry lemonade slushies from Sonic the other day and I've been hooked ever since. So I decided to make my own! I got the Crystal Light lemonade mix (with Truvia - not sugar), cut up fresh strawberries, added a little ice, and BAM! My new favorite summer drink!!


Are you tired of me talking about Newsies, yet? Sorry. Too bad. 

Last Saturday, Amy, Lisa and I went to the show, and last night I took Jeffrey to his very first musical. And I kept telling people that. I felt like I should have made him a baby book or something. #myfirstmusical 

Anyways - it's an INCREDIBLE show and people. If you have time this weekend, you need to go. It shows here in Dallas through Sunday. Do yourself a favor - heed my advice and buy your tickets!!

Okay...I had a few more "favorites" on my list for today. But I think they're just going to have to wait until next week. When you kick off your favorites with your big sister and then throw in Newsies - everything else seems silly. So next Friday, be prepared for numerous 'silly' favorites :)


Until next time,


  1. Oops...guess my pics will have to wait until next Friday 😂😜😘