Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites

Woop woop! FRI. DAY. 

Let's kick off this long weekend with some favorites!

You know what I love about Fridays? You wake up smiling. Every time. No matter what the work day holds, you just have to survive 8(ish) hours and then you're home free. Fridays are victorious people. You survived Monday - Thursday. And regardless of what happens on Friday, that is something to smile about!

[steps off soapboax] Okay, back to the favorites :)

1. Lemon Pie 

On Tuesday I shared the pie that should be a frequent visitor of your summers. It's cold, is tangy, it's's EASY. Four ingredients, people. And it's so dang good. I grew up on this stuff. If you know what's good for you, this will weasel its way into your Memorial Day menu!

2. On to Something Good - Ashley Monroe

Y'all. This is my jam right now. I'm definitely in the stage of my life right now where I'm fervently praying for the "what's next?" I am a firm believer that the Lord has a plan and will for my life, and I also firmly believe that I am in the waiting stage at the moment. And the waiting stage can test the patience of the 'go-getter' type, like myself. I'm constantly just asking "what do you want to do with me?!?" But I know that with each prayer and each response of "just wait,"  there's something worth waiting for on the other side. I'm on to something good :) 

You can check out the music video here! The song'll make you smile :) 

3. Char Man

I get to come home to this smile every single day. This favorite doesn't really need much more of an explanation!! 

4. Trader Joe's Avocado Salsa

Holy goodness. This stuff is incredible. Kelsey found this brilliance of a dip and Trader Joe's and it has been a frequent visitor of our fridge ever since. If you like guacamole and salsa - well then you're welcome. It has the creaminess of avocado mixed with a kick of salsa. Your chips will thank you. Your taste buds will thank you. I'm not kidding people. Put yo chip in this dip. 


Thanks to my Like to Know It binge, I bought this sweatshirt yesterday and I am SO stinkin' excited. It is so not really me at all which kind of makes me more excited. The little Katy on my shoulder is like, "you go girl, you branch out of your comfort zone!" Oh - and while the sweatshirt is awesome, it's also a long weekend. And that, my friends, is the ultimate Friday Favorite. 

Have a fantastic, safe, (and likely rainy) long Memorial Day weekend!

Until next time,


  1. What a cute pup! That avocado salsa sounds amazing!

  2. Sweatshirt: SO cute. SO not your normal. SO congratulations. :)