Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

We begin this post with our routine, run-of-the-mill, ask-it-every-month question: 

How the heck has another month already come and gone?

We are in the last few days of April....which in turn means we are next door to May. So we are basically in summer, and only two months from moving to Australia for nine weeks. Then it'll be all things fall and football when I return, and then hello there holidays and 2017. 

Did you just see 2016 fly by? Cause there it went. 

Nevertheless, it's the last Wednesday of the month, so I'm linking up for What's Up Wednesday. Which is basically a little bit of everything :)

What I'm Eating this Month

If you're a frequent visitor around here, you know we've been focusing on the trim down process over the past few weeks. Because at the end of March, me in a bathing suit made me want to ralph. SO - I started a "Trim Down Tuesday" series where I share weekly healthy recipes I've discovered. This is to 1) hold me accountable, and 2) give you some new options if you, too, are trimming down. 

This month we've been eating zoodles, overnight oats, and healthy chicken salad. To check out the Trim Down Tuesday series, click here.

What I'm Reminiscing About

The arrival of baseball season! I went to two games last week and they just make me so happy. I love the game, I love the food, I love the atmosphere - I just honest to goodness love baseball. Jeff and I went to dollar hot dog night at the Rangers stadium on Wednesday and then drove down to Houston last weekend and met my dad for the Red Sox vs. Astros game. Love these boys :)  

And if you're wondering why on earth I cheer for the Red Sox ....that city kind of saved my eye. So that city kind of has a soft spot in my heart :)

What I'm Dreading

So this is kind of humorous, but at the end of May, I will be making 7 flights in 8 days - to four different states. I had a couple of personal trips planned, and then two work trips got squeezed in directly in the middle of those personal trips. And by directly, I mean I land and within 12 hours I take off again. 

I'm not really dreading the travel, but more-so dreading the packing that will be involved. I'll just have to hope I don't need any repeat outfits because there certainly won't be time for laundry. It'll be more of a "dump suitcase, fill suitcase, sleep, and go" approach. 

Phoenix, California, Chicago, and Pennsylvania ....ready or not (and I'm not just yet) here I come!

What I'm Loving

Umm....Snapchat Face Swap. That's what I'm loving. It doesn't get old. Ever. Jeff and I will pull it up randomly and laugh so hard we cry. Whoever invented this was brilliant. So much entertainment. 

What I'm Working On

Oh Australia

So exciting, but kind of a lot of work! Between the mobility process through work and side travels with my visitors, I feel like I could qualify for needing a personal assistant. I mean there's just so much to do! I was putting prescription eye drops in the other day (like I do every day) and realized I'm going to have to get a three month supply of all my medications...which means calling the insurance people, calling the doctors - just so much! 

But the stress that comes with this trip equals approximately 0.00078% of my excitement. So I can't really complain. It's just something I'm most definitely working on! :)

What I'm Excited About

The month of May just has a lot of action - which for someone who always is on the go means it's exciting! March and April were pretty chill, so I'm looking forward to a little crazy.

What I'm Watching/Reading

I'm sad to say, I have finished my binge of Gilmore Girls. And I for sure sobbed my way through that finale. Again. This is not the first time I've seen this show. But I still cried. Granted, it was only about 15% of the tears I cried during the Parenthood finale. #bravermanorbust 

Maybe I should watch that show over again next...OR One Tree Hill. OR Brothers and Sisters considering it's on my {30} Before Thirty list. OR I could just wait until I'm on a plane for 359 hours headed across the world. That could work too. 

In all seriousness, the minute Gilmore Girls was over, I decided to hop back on the reading train. I love reading, but if I'm binge watching a television series, I can't get all into a book, too. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

And between rewatching 4 seasons of Hart of Dixie shortly followed by 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls...I haven't done much reading this year. So I'm back at it. Right now I'm reading "Ladies Night" by Mary Kay Andrews. 

And obviously it's been a while as Charlie is not entirely sure what to do while I read. I swear he loves a good TV series binge too. 

What I'm Doing this Weekend

This weekend is the last semi-free weekend for a while. I'm looking forward to time for some organization, travel-research, book-writing, and my old college choir is getting together for dinner Saturday. Plus another Rangers game on Sunday :) It's going to be a good weekend!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Let's see.... My sister's birthday, Mother's Day, a bachelorette party, oodles of traveling, baseball games, and a long holiday weekend. Just to name a few :)

and the seasonal question...
What is my Favorite Mother's Gift to Give?

As I've gotten older, I'm more about the "let's do something together" gift than the "here's a little sumpin sumpin" gift. It makes a memory, and since you shouldn't take the days you have for granted, make as many memories as possible! 

This year, I got my mom and I tickets to go see Wicked (the musical) in Dallas. Dinner + Wicked + post-show slumber party = a really exciting Mother's Day! Or at least in my opinion :)


Whew! So that is what's been up! 

Enjoy your last few days of April! And by the way, if April showers bring May flowers, we're going to be looking like a dad gum floral shop here soon. 

Happy Hump Day!

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trim Down Tuesday: Clean Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is my kryptonite. 

Especially when the weather heats up. 

My all-time favorite chicken salad comes from this tiny little restaurant in my hometown. My dad and I would go there at least twice a week when I worked for him during the summer, and even to this day, every time I come home for a visit, there's a to-go container in the fridge waiting for me :)

The bad news is - it has a cream cheese base. And while cream cheese is all that is goodness and's not going to assist in the trim down process. 

And just for the record, that is SO lame

Nevertheless, I decided to try my hand at a healthy chicken salad, and I must say, my first go-around was a success! It's extremely easy to throw together, and pretty cheap too.

You know when you're eating healthy and you don't really look forward to meals? #squashonsquashonsquash
Well this one I actually look forward to :) Serve it on a piece of wheat bread for a little extra sustenance and you're good to go!

Also....don't judge the picture. Chicken salad just isn't very.....pretty. 

What You'll Need

3-4 cooked chicken breasts
(or buy a cooked rotisserie chicken and call it a day)
1 single serving plain greek yogurt (I use Chobani)
2 tbsp lemon juice
Cluster of grapes, halved
Celery...or not
Salt and pepper to tast

What You'll Do

Shred the chicken (little tip: it's easier when it's warm!)
Stir in single serving of yogurt and lemon juice
Add in grapes, celery, and anything else you want in your salad
Mix and add salt and pepper to taste

And there you have it! Simple, delicious, and a lighter on the hips. Yes, yes, and yes.

To see other Trim Down Tuesday foods, click here.

We will conquer bathing suit season. We will!! (fist pump)

Until next time,
Thursday, April 21, 2016

Peek at the Week

I haven't done one of these posts in forever! Quite possibly because no one really wants a significant amount of pictures of me and my dog curled up in bed watching Gilmore Girls on a nightly basis. Which is what the past month of post busy season weekdays would have looked like... 

And honestly, these "peek" posts are probably your least favorite (like hello - why should you care what I do on a daily/weekly basis?), but I always love going back and reading old ones. It's like a social media deposit box for all of the instagram photos I would really love to post...but won't because I've already posted 3 in the past 24-hours. #overgrammer

Let's get peekin.... 

On Friday night, Jeff and I went on a double date with Ben and Caitlin to Brio Tuscan Grille - a restaurant in Southlake's town square. You know if they spell "grille" with an e at the end - it's going to be good. 

We were there for 3 hours and treated ourselves to a 4-course meal - all of which were incredibly delicious. This is one of my new favorite restaurants. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a treat! 


Saturday afternoon Jeff and I "parented." For six whole hours. 

....I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Babysitting Brooklyn is one thing. Babysitting Brooklyn AND Easton? That was a whole 'nother helping of an enchilada. Easton is technically still breakable at 4 months old. That's a lot of responsibility for an aunt. Thankfully he came with instructions. 

Took this right after mom, dad, grandmama and grandaddy left. My sentiments exactly, little man. 

Listen here - diapers need "front" and "back" labels. Pants have tags in the back - why don't diapers? We could not, for the life of us, figure out which was the front and back of the diaper. We put it on one way, decided that didn't look right, took it off and flipped it around, but that didn't look right either - rinse and repeat approximately seven times. Jeff, Brooklyn and I were cracking up, and Easton just rolled his eyes. #amateurs

Feeding time. Note the hand on the fingers. Melt my heart. These two became pretty good buds. 

Easton preferred entertainment to nap time, so we showed him what Aunt Katy and Uncle Jeff do best - ice cream sundaes! 

My sweet parents went by the store and grabbed us 4 pints of ice cream and all the fixins. So we had ourselves a little ice cream social!

This is why we get along. #fatandhappy

He and Brookie had a little bit of everything. Me? I had vanilla and chocolate syrup. Duh.

Easton started getting sleepy, so I started walking around singing Itsy Bitsy Spider (his favorite song, apparently), and trying not to laugh as he completely conked out with his hand in his mouth. I couldn't look down or I'd laugh. So I essentially had to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider to the ceiling. 

While Easton slept, Brooklyn fed me gummy bears. We basically let her eat an entire bag of gummy bears and container of Oreo minis by herself. Being an aunt rocks. 

And yes, Amy, I'm sitting on your counter. Cause she asked me to.

The rest of the babysitting gig was pretty quiet. Easton woke up just as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came on, and both kids were entranced. So we got in some good snuggle time. 

I think Jeff is pretty smitten with Easton :)

Then I went home and crawled in bed at 7p. No wonder parents keep saying they're exhausted. That ain't no joke.


Sunday morning I was supposed to head back down to Mansfield for Easton's baby dedication at church, but there was a giant storm hovering over the metroplex, and we decided it wasn't safe. SO, I put back on my jammies, brewed some more coffee, and curled back up in bed with this one. 

Rainy Sunday snuggles are my favorite. 

I lasted SEVEN years without letting Charlie on my bed. And now it's like my favorite thing ever. 


Monday night after work, Char and I headed over to Jeff's for dinner and Dancing with the Stars. And since my dog has FOMO and cries if we sit on the couch because he can't get close enough....we sit on the floor with him. :) 


Last night was my first Rangers game of the season!! 

I love baseball season. Oh so much. In fact, I love it so much I wrote an entire post last year on the reasons why I love it. Baseball is my favorite. 

We went on a double date with Toby and Chanel and had a grand ole time. It was such a great night for a game - clear skies and 70 degrees. 

Group Selfie for the win. 

Not to mention it was dollar hot dog night, Blue Bell was back (last summer was rough without it), AND my husband boyfriend favorite pitcher Cole Hamels was on the mound. He's just so beautiful. 

The more I drooled over Hamels, the more Jeff proceeded to share with me the similarities between him and Hamels. For the entire game :)

 I think it's safe to say I'd take this cutie of a pitcher over Hamels any day. But don't tell him that - I like to keep him on his toes :)

And that's a peek at the week! 

Almost Friday! Hang in there everyone!

Until next time,
Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trim Down Tuesday: Overnight Oats

I went out on a limb, tried something I never thought I'd like, and now it's my new favorite breakfast/snack. 

Like I crave it.

And there are not many healthy things that I crave. #rabbitfoodisboring

For this Trim Down Tuesday, I give you...

Overnight Oats

Celebrities swear by it, but as I don't have any red carpet appearances on my calendar, it wasn't even on my radar. Then Mercedes made me try some at work, and it wasn't half bad! Then I made my own batch on a whim, and by the end of the jar - I was hooked. 

They're so filling, so tasty, and such a great detox. And if that wasn't enough for you - you make them the night before, so they're easy and quick to just grab-n-go the next morning.

If you don't like oatmeal - don't write me off. Jeff hates oatmeal and he's hooked, too. 
If the thought of cold soaked oats grosses you out (and I understand how it would) - don't knock it til you try it. I never thought I would like this...and I love it. 

There are all kinds of concoctions out there to try (pinterest, anyone?), but this is my staple go-to recipe:

What You'll Need

1 cup old fashioned rolled oats
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tbsp chia (or flax) seeds
1 tbsp raw agave
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 small apple (chopped)

What You'll Do

Before you go to bed, mix the oats, milk, seeds and agave together in a container (with a lid).

Place in refrigerator. 

The next morning (or prior to eating), mix in cinnamon and diced apple. 


So simple. So healthy. So delicious. 
I'm obsessed. 

And there's your Trim Down Tuesday!

Until next time,

Monday, April 18, 2016

Rainy Monday Vibes

The rainy Monday. Oh the rainy Monday. 

Just as a Monday has no real rhyme or reason....neither does this blog post. This post of random reflection is brought to you solely by yours truly and her cup pot of coffee. 


Not quite sure where you're reading from....but it's monsooning here in Dallas. Oh, and it will be for the next four days. Last week I came home from work, thought I heard thunder (it was a car), checked the weather and saw there was a 3% chance of rain. 

That was good enough for me. 

I crawled in bed with Charlie around 7p and binge watched Gilmore Girls. Adios productivity. 

That was one night at a 3% chance. What am I supposed to do with FOUR nights of 80-100%?! I mean I can't even. Not to mention I'm only 5 episodes away from completing my Gilmore binge. And then what? I guess I could read again. Remember when I did book reviews? That was fun. Too bad I have nothing to review other than the list of books that Rory Gilmore reads. I totally should have saved this show for the plane. 

(Oh hey look - transition word)

I bought my flight to Australia on Friday! It's officially official. And I say that because it's non-refundable. And while I'm beyond excited, because now I can plan logistics, the only logistic I can think of is how on earth to pack for 9-weeks of international travel. That logistic freaks me out. 

I pack a 50-pound bag for a 5-day trip in the States. My shoes could fill up a 50-lb bag. Heck, my toiletries could fill up a 50-lb bag (#ilikehairoptions). Not to mention it'll be winter over there. Scarves and jackets don't fold to thin air, people. 

PLUS - when I'll be frantically packing my suitcase, I'll also be packing my house. My roommate is moving to another state the same month I'm moving to Australia, so I'm packing up whatever doesn't come with me and storing it until my return when I move into a new place. 

Did you get all that packing?

Not to mention I have something pretty much every weekend from now to when I leave.
Cue the high blood pressure.
Friends and family - this is your hint that I'll likely be soliciting you to help. Please don't screen my calls.

OH - let's talk about old age. There was no inherent transition there, but I just took a sip of my no-sweetener, almond-milk-only coffee and remembered I'm starting another 3-week health challenge today. 

Most of you are likely thinking, "wait - didn't you do that just a couple of weeks ago?" Why YES. You would be correct. But guess what. 
I. Got. Old. 

I used to could "diet" for like 4 days and be cute and fit and toned but noooooo. Not anymore. I apparently want to be BFF..F...F..F...F with my cellulite and belly button pooch. They've been great and all, kept me warm in the winter and provided extra cushion, but I'm ready to say my good-byes. 

And don't get me started on men's ability to diet and lose all kinds of inches in a hot minute. But nooooo, females not only take twice as long, but we're supposed to keep curves. But the curves only count if they're in certain places. Like we can control that. 

I found this on pinterest the other day and it made me chuckle.


But I'm really going to try not to cheat until dollar hot dog night on Wednesday. Because yes, the only way I can get through challenges is to plan and anticipate my cheat meals. Processed weenie and a bun for the win. 

Okay, while I could keep going on about random things that likely lack significant entertainment value, I think I'll just don my floaties and begin my swim to the office. 

Happy Monday, folks!

Until next time,
Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

I love weekends. I embrace them with a smile and open arms. They are my best friend. 

If you couldn't guess, I'm thrilled it's Friday. 

 Per usual, I'm linking up for a round of Friday Favorites. Little things in life that make me smile and make me happy. Little things that make the Monday through Thursday a little more bearable while awaiting another Friday. 

1 - YOU People

A couple of weeks ago I shared with y'all my upcoming 9-week jaunt to Australia! And people, y'all were SO overwhelming with excitement, support, and really great advice! I've been virtually introduced to several people/relatives over there and so many suggestions of where to go! Y'all pretty much quadrupled my level of excitement. I think I've pretty much nailed down my travel plans after I finish working and am beyond pumped (as are my visitors!). So y'all are definitely on my favorites this week. 

Much love to you all, mates. 

(See what I did there?! How am I doing? Am I a native yet?)


2 - Kendra Scott Eleanor Necklace

Back in March, I told you about how I was absolutely loving this new little Eleanor staple necklace. Sooo I ordered it. Because I went in the store and they told me it was sold out. And then I asked if they were getting any more in stock. And they said no. And I said but I want it. And let me tell you - when you want something and can't have it - you want it so much more! So they called the Atlanta store and shipped it to me. Thanks, Kendra. 

I literally wear this all the time. It went on my neck and only comes off when I switch it out for a statement necklace. Then it goes right back on. It even looks great with my jammies :) 


3 - Shrimp and Shroom Zoodles

As part of operation "not ralph when I see myself in a swimsuit," I've forced myself opted to start a new weekly series: Trim Down Tuesday. This week I shared my first zucchini noodle ("zoodle") recipe and it was quite delicious. Get the dish here.


4 - LuLu Lemon Wunder Crop

So this favorite has a funny story. I went to the gym directly after work one day, and mid-ensemble change, I realized I forgot work out pants. And I didn't quite think my pencil skirt would "give" in the right way to properly support yoga. BUT the class started like 15 minutes later and I knew there was no way I could go home and get back in time, and I also knew that once I got home and saw my pup's face, I wouldn't leave the house. 

SO, I redressed and marched my happy tail to the gym's in-store clothing store. Also to be noted, I don't do printed pants. I just began accepting printed tops, but have not yet embraced the printed pant. Yet of course I walk in the store and the only thing I see are printed pants. Soooo many printed pants. 

And since I was bound and determined to make it to this yoga class, I bought some. And I now refer to them as my dalmatian pants. And I wear them all the time. Because 1) they're insanely comfortable, 2) I get complimented on them every time I wear them, and 3) they're high-top and hold everything in. So they're magical. 

You can find your own magic here.

Also - note the necklace and see #2 :)


5 - Spotify Playlist - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Not gonna lie, this might be my favorite favorite of the week. Wednesday night we had a recruiting event down at Baylor, and we were amazed at the spot-on tunes happening in the background. Come to find out, it was just the "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" Spotify playlist. 

So naturally, that is what Mercedes and I listened to the whole ride back from Waco, and we.were.JAMMIN. This playlist will seriously just make you happy. Listen to it when in the car, getting ready in the morning, walking your dog, having people over - this playlist is the jam. 

You're welcome. 


And that's a wrap!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trim Down Tuesday: Shrimp and Shroom Zoodles

Last month I told you about how I've actually been making a conscious effort to "trim down." 

Because if invited to a pool party, I would suddenly come down with bird flu and respectfully decline. 

So in support of my own efforts, I've decided to start a new series -- Trim Down Tuesday. 
I'm constantly surfing pinterest and blogs for healthy meals and snacks, and on Tuesdays I will be sharing those successful and tasty recipes with you. Plus I know I'll probably go through this trim down process on an annual basis each spring, so it'll be nice to return to the recipes. :)

Hear this. This does not mean I will no longer be sharing baking recipes. We keep it real up in here and if I'm honest my week would probably be full of a Muffin Top Monday, Trim Down Tuesday, Thin Girl Thursday, and Saggy Butt Saturday.
 ...just sayin. 

So last night was Disney week on Dancing with the Stars. If you're new around here, DWTS is the only show Jeff and I watch together. We normally record and watch it on the weekends, but on Disney night - we watch live. 

This concoction came from several combinations of recipes. For our first Trim Down Tuesday, I give you...

Shrimp and Shroom Zoodles (with a Spinach Artichoke pesto)

What are zoodles, you ask? Zucchini noodles! I bought this spiralizer from Sur La Table and have been trying my hand at different veggie noodles. While my tries have been successful, this time I mixed a little whole wheat angel hair in with the zoodles and it was much more filling. After eating just zoodle dishes I was hungry shortly thereafter. A little whole wheat never hurt anyone :) 

Okay - enough talk. Let's get to the ingredients. 

What You'll Need
for the pasta
a spiralizer (or julienne peeler)
zucchini (2-3 depending on size)
whole wheat angel hair pasta

for the pesto
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup artichoke hearts
1 cloves garlic
4 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lemon juice 
salt (as desired)

What You'll Do

To make the pesto, throw all ingredients into a food processor (or blender) and mix thoroughly. Boom. 

Set the whole wheat angel hair to boil. 

Cut up the mushrooms (as many as you want!) and cook in a skillet drizzled with olive oil. Add in shrimp and cook thoroughly. Real life: I use pre-cooked frozen shrimp so all you have to do is thaw and heat over stove top. Boom. 

While the shrooms are cooking, spiralize your zucchini and blot with paper towel to remove excess water. Add into skillet and thoroughly heat (only 3-4 minutes). 

Drain angel hair, add in zoodle/mushroom/shrimp combination and mix. Stir in homemade pesto. 

ENJOY! How simple is that?! You can honestly mix in any meat/veggie, with as little (or no) whole wheat pasta. I don't know if this is paleo approved, 21-day-fix approved, or how many points it is on weight watchers.... but it's real food and a healthy option when craving pasta. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

KUWK: Down Under

Deep breath. 
Claps hands. 
Huge massive smile.
Jumps up and down. 

Today I'm excited to share news that I have been holding in for....ohhhh approximately 5 months now. But I just didn't want to share until it was officially official. And now it's time. 

I'M {temporarily} MOVING TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!

More clapping.
More smiling.
More twirling.

I received an opportunity through work to basically push pause on my current job, hop on over to Australia, work over there, travel for a bit, hop back on over to America and push play on real life again. 

No I didn't see this coming. Yes, I'm beyond excited. And yes again, I'm still a tad in shock.  

Listen, I don't win scratch-offs, I'm always sitting right next to the section that wins cool things at the sporting events, and my raffle number is never called at a charity event or company Christmas party. I never even pick the winning color for the dot races at the Rangers game. It's fine. I've grown to accept it. I don't even play the slot machines in Vegas.

So when my boss, out of the blue, asked me if I wanted to go work in Australia for a couple of months.... I said "I'm sorry, say what now?" 

While to most it seems like a no-brainer, I did take a couple of weeks and think through the logistics. There are some events I'll miss here in Texas (weddings, family reunion, etc.) and I just didn't want to make a rash decision. 

My brother, having gone to Australia just within the past couple of years, told me that if I didn't accept this offer he wouldn't talk to me for six months. 

So I looked at this once in a lifetime opportunity and said, YES PLEASE.

 Of the people that I've told, there have been a common theme of questions, so I figured I'd share the logistics in Q&A form: 

When do I leave ? 

I'm ironically (and appropriately) leaving right after we celebrate America's independence. There's no better way to say good-bye to America for a bit other than dressing from head to toe in red/white/blue, going to the lake, and watching fireworks while country music plays in the background. 

How long am I staying? 

I'll work over there for approximately two months, and then stay a few weeks (or until my money runs out) afterwards just traveling and getting myself cultured. 

Will I get to travel/see the sights while I'm working the first two months? 

If there's anything I've learned from talking to people, it's that Australia dominates the concept of work-life balance. So I'm thinking that should be a definite possibility :)

Is Charlie coming with me?

Sadly, no, but it just doesn't make sense for him to come. Plus my boss quickly followed up "do you want to go work in Australia?" with "and no your dog can't go." When I made my pro and con list (cause hello, me here) there were only a couple of things on the con side and missing Char Man was one of them. 
...missing Blue Bell was the other.

Am I nervous/scared? 

It's pretty accurate to say I'm equal parts excited and terrified. 

I mean I do know a few people over in Australia (and they've been so wonderful/helpful), but it is going to be weird to land on a continent that is brand new to me. But honestly, it's also pretty exhilarating. 

When I studied abroad one summer in college (Baylor Great Britain - 2008 edition), I felt like I was a completely different person. It was an amazing experience that I will absolutely never forget, and it really did force me to grow as a person. I think this adventure will just be another dosage of that.

Are people coming to visit? 

I don't think I'll get too lonely, we'll just say that :)

What season will it be over there?

It'll actually be Australia's winter. They have pretty mild winters (so my historical weather research tells me) - so we're looking at low 50s to high 60s during the time period I'm over there. The good news? I'll be so over the 100-degree weather in Texas I will likely embrace it with open arms. The bad news? Packing for 2.5 months of weather that falls within a 20-degree range? I can't even. 

THAT is what gives me anxiety. 

Will I be getting a rental car? 

They drive on the opposite side of the vehicle on the opposite side of the road.
Please re-read the above sentence and I think it will answer the question. :)

SO - how's that for some news?!

Again - super excited, but still slightly in shock. If you've been to Australia, PLEASE share your must dos. If you've ever packed in a suitcase for over two months, PLEASE share your tips and tricks. If you've never been to Australia and pack 50 pound bags for a week-long can just share in the excitement. :) 

Happy Tuesday folks!

Until next time,