Tuesday, April 5, 2016

KUWK: Down Under

Deep breath. 
Claps hands. 
Huge massive smile.
Jumps up and down. 

Today I'm excited to share news that I have been holding in for....ohhhh approximately 5 months now. But I just didn't want to share until it was officially official. And now it's time. 

I'M {temporarily} MOVING TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!

More clapping.
More smiling.
More twirling.

I received an opportunity through work to basically push pause on my current job, hop on over to Australia, work over there, travel for a bit, hop back on over to America and push play on real life again. 

No I didn't see this coming. Yes, I'm beyond excited. And yes again, I'm still a tad in shock.  

Listen, I don't win scratch-offs, I'm always sitting right next to the section that wins cool things at the sporting events, and my raffle number is never called at a charity event or company Christmas party. I never even pick the winning color for the dot races at the Rangers game. It's fine. I've grown to accept it. I don't even play the slot machines in Vegas.

So when my boss, out of the blue, asked me if I wanted to go work in Australia for a couple of months.... I said "I'm sorry, say what now?" 

While to most it seems like a no-brainer, I did take a couple of weeks and think through the logistics. There are some events I'll miss here in Texas (weddings, family reunion, etc.) and I just didn't want to make a rash decision. 

My brother, having gone to Australia just within the past couple of years, told me that if I didn't accept this offer he wouldn't talk to me for six months. 

So I looked at this once in a lifetime opportunity and said, YES PLEASE.

 Of the people that I've told, there have been a common theme of questions, so I figured I'd share the logistics in Q&A form: 

When do I leave ? 

I'm ironically (and appropriately) leaving right after we celebrate America's independence. There's no better way to say good-bye to America for a bit other than dressing from head to toe in red/white/blue, going to the lake, and watching fireworks while country music plays in the background. 

How long am I staying? 

I'll work over there for approximately two months, and then stay a few weeks (or until my money runs out) afterwards just traveling and getting myself cultured. 

Will I get to travel/see the sights while I'm working the first two months? 

If there's anything I've learned from talking to people, it's that Australia dominates the concept of work-life balance. So I'm thinking that should be a definite possibility :)

Is Charlie coming with me?

Sadly, no, but it just doesn't make sense for him to come. Plus my boss quickly followed up "do you want to go work in Australia?" with "and no your dog can't go." When I made my pro and con list (cause hello, me here) there were only a couple of things on the con side and missing Char Man was one of them. 
...missing Blue Bell was the other.

Am I nervous/scared? 

It's pretty accurate to say I'm equal parts excited and terrified. 

I mean I do know a few people over in Australia (and they've been so wonderful/helpful), but it is going to be weird to land on a continent that is brand new to me. But honestly, it's also pretty exhilarating. 

When I studied abroad one summer in college (Baylor Great Britain - 2008 edition), I felt like I was a completely different person. It was an amazing experience that I will absolutely never forget, and it really did force me to grow as a person. I think this adventure will just be another dosage of that.

Are people coming to visit? 

I don't think I'll get too lonely, we'll just say that :)

What season will it be over there?

It'll actually be Australia's winter. They have pretty mild winters (so my historical weather research tells me) - so we're looking at low 50s to high 60s during the time period I'm over there. The good news? I'll be so over the 100-degree weather in Texas I will likely embrace it with open arms. The bad news? Packing for 2.5 months of weather that falls within a 20-degree range? I can't even. 

THAT is what gives me anxiety. 

Will I be getting a rental car? 

They drive on the opposite side of the vehicle on the opposite side of the road.
Please re-read the above sentence and I think it will answer the question. :)

SO - how's that for some news?!

Again - super excited, but still slightly in shock. If you've been to Australia, PLEASE share your must dos. If you've ever packed in a suitcase for over two months, PLEASE share your tips and tricks. If you've never been to Australia and pack 50 pound bags for a week-long trip....well...you can just share in the excitement. :) 

Happy Tuesday folks!

Until next time,


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