Thursday, April 21, 2016

Peek at the Week

I haven't done one of these posts in forever! Quite possibly because no one really wants a significant amount of pictures of me and my dog curled up in bed watching Gilmore Girls on a nightly basis. Which is what the past month of post busy season weekdays would have looked like... 

And honestly, these "peek" posts are probably your least favorite (like hello - why should you care what I do on a daily/weekly basis?), but I always love going back and reading old ones. It's like a social media deposit box for all of the instagram photos I would really love to post...but won't because I've already posted 3 in the past 24-hours. #overgrammer

Let's get peekin.... 

On Friday night, Jeff and I went on a double date with Ben and Caitlin to Brio Tuscan Grille - a restaurant in Southlake's town square. You know if they spell "grille" with an e at the end - it's going to be good. 

We were there for 3 hours and treated ourselves to a 4-course meal - all of which were incredibly delicious. This is one of my new favorite restaurants. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a treat! 


Saturday afternoon Jeff and I "parented." For six whole hours. 

....I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Babysitting Brooklyn is one thing. Babysitting Brooklyn AND Easton? That was a whole 'nother helping of an enchilada. Easton is technically still breakable at 4 months old. That's a lot of responsibility for an aunt. Thankfully he came with instructions. 

Took this right after mom, dad, grandmama and grandaddy left. My sentiments exactly, little man. 

Listen here - diapers need "front" and "back" labels. Pants have tags in the back - why don't diapers? We could not, for the life of us, figure out which was the front and back of the diaper. We put it on one way, decided that didn't look right, took it off and flipped it around, but that didn't look right either - rinse and repeat approximately seven times. Jeff, Brooklyn and I were cracking up, and Easton just rolled his eyes. #amateurs

Feeding time. Note the hand on the fingers. Melt my heart. These two became pretty good buds. 

Easton preferred entertainment to nap time, so we showed him what Aunt Katy and Uncle Jeff do best - ice cream sundaes! 

My sweet parents went by the store and grabbed us 4 pints of ice cream and all the fixins. So we had ourselves a little ice cream social!

This is why we get along. #fatandhappy

He and Brookie had a little bit of everything. Me? I had vanilla and chocolate syrup. Duh.

Easton started getting sleepy, so I started walking around singing Itsy Bitsy Spider (his favorite song, apparently), and trying not to laugh as he completely conked out with his hand in his mouth. I couldn't look down or I'd laugh. So I essentially had to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider to the ceiling. 

While Easton slept, Brooklyn fed me gummy bears. We basically let her eat an entire bag of gummy bears and container of Oreo minis by herself. Being an aunt rocks. 

And yes, Amy, I'm sitting on your counter. Cause she asked me to.

The rest of the babysitting gig was pretty quiet. Easton woke up just as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came on, and both kids were entranced. So we got in some good snuggle time. 

I think Jeff is pretty smitten with Easton :)

Then I went home and crawled in bed at 7p. No wonder parents keep saying they're exhausted. That ain't no joke.


Sunday morning I was supposed to head back down to Mansfield for Easton's baby dedication at church, but there was a giant storm hovering over the metroplex, and we decided it wasn't safe. SO, I put back on my jammies, brewed some more coffee, and curled back up in bed with this one. 

Rainy Sunday snuggles are my favorite. 

I lasted SEVEN years without letting Charlie on my bed. And now it's like my favorite thing ever. 


Monday night after work, Char and I headed over to Jeff's for dinner and Dancing with the Stars. And since my dog has FOMO and cries if we sit on the couch because he can't get close enough....we sit on the floor with him. :) 


Last night was my first Rangers game of the season!! 

I love baseball season. Oh so much. In fact, I love it so much I wrote an entire post last year on the reasons why I love it. Baseball is my favorite. 

We went on a double date with Toby and Chanel and had a grand ole time. It was such a great night for a game - clear skies and 70 degrees. 

Group Selfie for the win. 

Not to mention it was dollar hot dog night, Blue Bell was back (last summer was rough without it), AND my husband boyfriend favorite pitcher Cole Hamels was on the mound. He's just so beautiful. 

The more I drooled over Hamels, the more Jeff proceeded to share with me the similarities between him and Hamels. For the entire game :)

 I think it's safe to say I'd take this cutie of a pitcher over Hamels any day. But don't tell him that - I like to keep him on his toes :)

And that's a peek at the week! 

Almost Friday! Hang in there everyone!

Until next time,


  1. You had such a great week! I'm sure you were a great baby sitter!