Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites

Okay - I'll be real with you. Some weeks are a stretch for Friday Favorites. Like I have to think and use my brain. But then other weeks, favorites just smack me in the face. And this week? This week my face was all kinds of smacked with favorites. 

So naturally I'm extremely excited to share them with you. 

Also. It's April. So there's that. 

OH and it's April fools!! Well there is no favorite foolery here, folks. That's for sure.

Let's begin.

1 - "Texas on my Mind" by Oliver & Otis

I'm in love with this shirt. I know I've mentioned other Oliver & Otis apparel in past favorites,  but this right here. This is my all time new favorite. O&O is actually a company run by a sweet girl I knew at Baylor and her sister. They're based in Abilene (so their stuff is delivered pretty quickly if you're in Texas!), and seriously have some of the cutest stuff. Plus they quit their jobs, chased their dream, and made a killer company. I love that. 

Also fun fact - their clothes feel like buttah. (You know, smooth like buttah...) Okay anyways, they're soft, people. For size reference I have on a medium here, and it's longer/larger to where I could wear with leggings (as pants) and not offend the little old ladies of the world.

Love me some Oliver & Otis. Check them out here!  


2 - Favorite Quote

 I hear Confucius is a smart dude. 

On Wednesday I told you that I'm in the middle of a 21-day challenge to fit in my pants again. I am all about the real life this Friday. Anyways, the first week was fun and pretty easy and now I'm all like "hey I don't have abs yet." 

Silly me. Rome wasn't built in a day. And neither were Ryan Gosling's abs. 

So alas, we have to keep the faith, be persistent, and just don't stop. 


3 - Kendra Scott Amethyst Earrings

These make me smile. 

So we know I love purple. I love Jesus, I love coffee, I love Blue Bell, and I love purple. So when Kendra came out with a special line of amethyst stoned pieces, I had to treat myself! Plus don't these just say HELLO spring and summer? Can you hear them? I'm sure you can. 

You need something amethyst in your life. And you need it soon. Because once the stone goes out- it's out! Limited supply, my fellow purple people!


4 - "Hint of Lime" Tostitos

PEOPLE. Do not see that I'm blogging about chips and read over this! 

The other day at work, I noticed Mercedes brought a whole bag of tostitos with her to work. So naturally I poked fun at her. And then she looked at me, handed me the bag, and said "try one." Y'all. These chips are the most delicious ever. Next time you have a gathering and need chips, GRAB THESE. 

Plus, if you want to stop eating chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants, get hooked on these. Because restaurant chips will never have the same appeal. 


5 - Vine + Branches

 A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how you, my sweet friends, are doing just fine. In the post I included this sign that I got from the Dallas Flea Market, and several of you have asked me more about the whereabouts. One of my other sweet Baylor friends' sister owns the Vine and Branches shop on etsy. She's currently restocking, but says another opening is just around the corner. In the meantime, you can follow her on instagram and check out all of her awesome signs for your home (and be notified of her next restock)!

Check her out @vineandbranchestx


YAY!! Weren't those fun!? :) 

Happy Friday friends. Hope this weekend is everything you hoped for and more!

Until next time,


  1. Umm. I need those earrings. Stat. They better still be there in May when I get my birthday earrings! I need to check out that amethyst line...

  2. those earrings are fabulous! happy friday my friend xo

  3. The t-shirt is SUPER cute! Love the last quote. Very inspiration. I think we're all really hard on ourselves about not doing as much as we "should."