Monday, April 18, 2016

Rainy Monday Vibes

The rainy Monday. Oh the rainy Monday. 

Just as a Monday has no real rhyme or reason....neither does this blog post. This post of random reflection is brought to you solely by yours truly and her cup pot of coffee. 


Not quite sure where you're reading from....but it's monsooning here in Dallas. Oh, and it will be for the next four days. Last week I came home from work, thought I heard thunder (it was a car), checked the weather and saw there was a 3% chance of rain. 

That was good enough for me. 

I crawled in bed with Charlie around 7p and binge watched Gilmore Girls. Adios productivity. 

That was one night at a 3% chance. What am I supposed to do with FOUR nights of 80-100%?! I mean I can't even. Not to mention I'm only 5 episodes away from completing my Gilmore binge. And then what? I guess I could read again. Remember when I did book reviews? That was fun. Too bad I have nothing to review other than the list of books that Rory Gilmore reads. I totally should have saved this show for the plane. 

(Oh hey look - transition word)

I bought my flight to Australia on Friday! It's officially official. And I say that because it's non-refundable. And while I'm beyond excited, because now I can plan logistics, the only logistic I can think of is how on earth to pack for 9-weeks of international travel. That logistic freaks me out. 

I pack a 50-pound bag for a 5-day trip in the States. My shoes could fill up a 50-lb bag. Heck, my toiletries could fill up a 50-lb bag (#ilikehairoptions). Not to mention it'll be winter over there. Scarves and jackets don't fold to thin air, people. 

PLUS - when I'll be frantically packing my suitcase, I'll also be packing my house. My roommate is moving to another state the same month I'm moving to Australia, so I'm packing up whatever doesn't come with me and storing it until my return when I move into a new place. 

Did you get all that packing?

Not to mention I have something pretty much every weekend from now to when I leave.
Cue the high blood pressure.
Friends and family - this is your hint that I'll likely be soliciting you to help. Please don't screen my calls.

OH - let's talk about old age. There was no inherent transition there, but I just took a sip of my no-sweetener, almond-milk-only coffee and remembered I'm starting another 3-week health challenge today. 

Most of you are likely thinking, "wait - didn't you do that just a couple of weeks ago?" Why YES. You would be correct. But guess what. 
I. Got. Old. 

I used to could "diet" for like 4 days and be cute and fit and toned but noooooo. Not anymore. I apparently want to be BFF..F...F..F...F with my cellulite and belly button pooch. They've been great and all, kept me warm in the winter and provided extra cushion, but I'm ready to say my good-byes. 

And don't get me started on men's ability to diet and lose all kinds of inches in a hot minute. But nooooo, females not only take twice as long, but we're supposed to keep curves. But the curves only count if they're in certain places. Like we can control that. 

I found this on pinterest the other day and it made me chuckle.


But I'm really going to try not to cheat until dollar hot dog night on Wednesday. Because yes, the only way I can get through challenges is to plan and anticipate my cheat meals. Processed weenie and a bun for the win. 

Okay, while I could keep going on about random things that likely lack significant entertainment value, I think I'll just don my floaties and begin my swim to the office. 

Happy Monday, folks!

Until next time,


  1. 9 weeks!!! I'm so jealous! I wish I could just travel for 9 weeks straight! You are going to have such an amazing time and I'm really excited for you.