Tuesday, June 16, 2015

{30} Before Thirty


I turn 27 today. 

(deep breath) 

While that number - for whatever reason - gives me the willies, I love fresh starts, new beginnings, and today is representative of that. 

I'm ALSO excited because today I publish my 30 before 30 list. Thirty things I want to do before I turn 30....exactly three years from today. 

{Courtesies of my incredibly talented bestie, Lisa}
Let me tell ya, this list was tough. Some are pretty easy...some require time and a little more effort. It's hard to {realistically} make a list of things I want to accomplish over the next three years not knowing what those 36 months could hold. And yes, I realize that somewhere along the way life could throw me a curve ball and not all of these will get crossed off. But it's good to have goals, people. 

So here we go! My "30 before 30" List:

1. Write my book
2. Go to Nashville
3. Take a cake decorating class
4. Go dancing at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth 
5. Play one of my original songs on my guitar
6. Make homemade bread
7. Buy something David Yurman
8. See Carrie Underwood in concert....again.
9. Go to a blog conference
10. Cook a rack of lamb
11. Go to 10 baseball games in 10 different out of state stadiums with my dad
12. Go to CMA Fest in Nashville (different from #2)
13. Make chocolate croissants from scratch
14. Have a picnic in the Dallas arboretum
15. Go to movie theater and watch two films back to back
16. See another Broadway show in NYC
17. Visit Charleston, SC
18. Take a photography class
19. Go on a girls trip with mom and sister
20. Refurbish something for the home
21. Travel Overseas (more than once is okay!)
22. Cook an entire holiday meal (Thanksgiving or Christmas)
23. Learn how to do the Dirty Dancing jump
24. Treat my parents to an overly nice dinner
25. Force my immediate family to go on another vacation
26. Take a sabbatical from work
27. Treat myself to a spa day
28. Rewatch the entire 'Brothers & Sisters' Series 
29. Join a small group at church
30. Perform on stage... as much as possible

I'm proud of this list. I put a lot of time and thought into creating it and I'm so excited to execute it. But that will start tomorrow. Today? Well today I'm going to just be happy. And be loved on. And be celebrated. Because today? No one will give me a hard time for wanting to be the center of attention :)

Until next time,
the newly 27-year old,Katy


  1. I can help with #4!!! Love this list!

  2. Excellent {List} !!!
    I am, of course, game to help with most of these, but 4, 8, 14, and 18 are all stand out areas my assistance/participation/dance moves are gleefully submitted for use! :)