Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer TV

If you have been around here a while, you know that I love me some TV, and that I'm struggling with the "in-between" stage of my spring shows ending and my summer shows beginning. But alas, we have made it, and in honor of my summer shows starting up this week, I thought I would share them! And if you have any other summer series I need to get hooked on, please do share :)

Rizzoli and Isles
Starts Tuesday June 16th on TNT
(Happy Birthday to me!)

This show literally makes laugh out loud. I love me some cop shows, and this show is about a detective (Rizzoli) and her best friend who happens to be the Chief Medical Examiner (Dr. Isles). It has action and suspense, and their friendship is just hilarious and totally relatable.

Rookie Blue
Starts Thursday June 25th on ABC

 This is hands down, absolutely, 100% my favorite summer TV show. Y'all I have dreams about this show. And I have bought all the previous seasons on DVD after they're over. I'm obsessed with this show. Critics call it "Grey's Anatomy with guns." (I told you - I have a thing for cop shows). It's another funny, action-packed show, but this one has an underlying love story too. And I have a girl crush on Missy Perygrym (the lead actress).

You just really need to watch this show. And if you'd like to borrow any seasons, just let me know :)

Melissa and Joey
Now Playing on ABC Family

Yes, I'm serious. No I'm not kidding. I watch this show. Me and likely a whole bunch of middle schoolers. But I don't care! It's good wholesome entertainment :) Granted, if I need to leave the room when Rookie Blue is on, the DVR absolutely gets paused. If I need to start the laundry while Melissa and Joey is on....I'll let it keep playing. It's a good background show. If I need to clean my room, Melissa and Joey keep me company.

So You Think You Can Dance
Now playing on FOX

I don't think it's surprising why I love this show. This show is made for former/current dancers. My high school bestie, Annie, and I would watch this together religiously every summer after college. We had favorites, we voted, and we had a party for the finale. We love this show. (And a lot of my favorites on SYTYCD are now professionals on DWTS!) I'm not a huge fan of the city auditions, but when we get to the top 20 live show, I'm all over it. 

Starts June 18th on ABC

Okay, so this show can get a little weird (and scary) at times, but alas, Kelsey and I eat it up. Plus there's an Australian named Harry that is beautiful and a sweetheart and every time he speaks Kels melts a little. I hear Alyssa Milano isn't coming back this season and the show is taking a huge time jump, so we'll have to see how we feel about that. Stay tuned.

And those are my summer shows! I'm also a huge DCC Making the Team fan on CMT, but the season 10 premiere date hasn't been set yet. (It usually doesn't premiere until August). It airs on Friday nights, so I love waking up on Saturday mornings, pouring me a big ole cup of coffee, and turning it on. And yes I have been known to memorize the dances and do them in the living room. Guilty.

And those are my summer shows! Now help a sister out...

What else should I be watching?


Until next time,


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