Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Peek at the Week

A little glimpse into my everyday life :)

Thursday night Jeff and I went to our first Rangers game of the season! We bought new Rangers gear during our tornado-watch shopping spree on Memorial Day weekend and needed a reason to sport them!

7th-inning Selfie :)

 This guy just doing some indoor sunbathing...


Get this, y'all. I got home from work Friday afternoon and this sweatshirt was waiting on my doorstep. I mean how perfect?! It's like the post office planned it! AND thanks to the thunderstorms/drop in temperatures I got to wear it all weekend :)

Over the weekend, J and I went to his parents' lake house. We did experience quite a few thunderstorms, but the girls found a window of opportunity to do some damage at the Canton Trade Days :)

Our traditional coffee break photo :)

So the girls shopped and the boys did this...

Pre-dinner lake picture with my man

Aaaaand then they were back at it after dinner. (I named this fish Humphrey. We were good friends).

Sunday afternoon Char and I did some exploring and found ourselves a new "spot." I plan to have a picnic here soon. I'm obsessed. I love having a spot to walk to every now and then. Walking just to walk gets boring :)

My new BIRTHDAY MONTH welcome sign from Canton!

You know what no rain means? I can take walks to the Starbucks around the corner. Yes, please.

I call this my "sunny Sundie Starby selfie." Betcha can't say that 5 times fast. couldn't could you? :)

So I traveled for work yesterday (hence the no blog) and totally watched Frozen on the flight there. You would have thought I was 5 years old. I was laughing, humming, and sitting in a middle seat by two people who probably judged me. Who cares. I love a good Disney musical.

....which led me to watching Mulan on the way back. MAN I forgot how good Disney musicals were. Forget the chick flicks, my next wine night might incorporate the Little Mermaid.

OH - and here's a little travel tip for you. The Phoenix airport has FROYO. Yeah. This was my dinner before the fight back. Not ashamed. All airports need to get on board.

And that's my week! Happy Hump Day everyone!

Until next time,


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