Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Today's post is a pretty special one. 

Today I'm joining in with Chobani Flip (yes, Uncle Jesse's yogurt) on their #breakyoumake project. Because I know someone who needs a break. 

#breakyoumake challenges us to honor someone in our life who needs a break. A break from life. A break from responsibility. A break from...just everything. 

So today I'm honoring this little lady. 

I call her mom, but you can call her Susan. 

She is basically Wonder Woman. ...in a little more clothing.  

Let me tell you why...

My mom is a music teacher. And while I might be biased, I think it's safe to say she's one of the best music teachers in this grand state of Texas. And Texas is a big place. She pours her absolute heart and soul into every single note she teaches those children. 

My mom is a pianist. She's the one that accompanies (or covers up) your high notes in that church pew on Sunday mornings. 

My mom is a party planner. If you're retiring, graduating, having a birthday, or just need a reason to be celebrated.....my mom will host your party. And it'll likely be at our house. And there will be a theme, way too much food, and it will be one of the best parties you've ever had. 

Not impressed? Think you're just as busy? Well here's the thing....my mom also does something else...

My mom is a full-time caregiver. To her mom. 

Three years ago, my grandmama, commonly known as Gee, needed more hands-on care. And as the only daughter, my mom moved her the thousand miles from South Carolina to Texas to live with her and my dad. Unfortunately, over the years, old-age crept in and Gee's condition worsened. My mom's career turned into a daytime teacher and a nighttime nurse.

When Gee got her days and nights mixed up, my mom would get two or so hours of sleep a night. She taught precious little rugrats all day, and stayed up with Gee all night. 

My mom needs a break. 

"Sitters" are expensive. So instead of spending money, my mom gave up her social life. She and my dad don't even go to dinner together anymore. They can't. Someone needs to stay with Gee. 

My mom needs a break. 

Dementia has set in and a lot of time Gee doesn't even know who my mom is. She exhausts herself caring for her mother, and her mother often doesn't even call her by the right name. 

My mom needs a break. 

Think about how tired you are when you come home from work. Think about how wonderful you feel after a solid 7-8 hours of sleep. My mom doesn't get that. 

Think about how much fun you have doing dinner with your friends, going shopping, to the movies, or just for a walk around the neighborhood. My mom doesn't get that. 

I've never been a mother, but I've been a privileged enough daughter to know that mothers give up their lives for their children. And when the tables turned, my mom did the same. I'd venture to say it's the hardest thing my mom has ever done, but she does it selflessly and lovingly. Because that's how Gee took care of her all these years. 

My mom would tell you she was fine, but I'm here to tell you...

My sweet mama needs a #break.