Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals

Well, my red, white and blue goggles are on and I'm ready for July! Normally, I don't like wearing red, white and blue together unless it's for the fourth. I don't know why - I just like to be covered in the colors on the actual day, and keep them sacred for the other 364 days. I know, I'm strange. Maybe I'll add this to my next list of owning the crazy...

Okay, so before we discuss July details, let's recap June:


1. Celebrate Me! I definitely think I covered this. Thanks to my incredible friends and family. I posted about the first half of birthday week here, and the last half here. It was just such a good month, guys. So much love to all my people!

 2. Make Homemade Ice Cream: BOOM. Did it this weekend. I brought my new churn home, used my mama's recipe, and made some pretty deeeelicious ice cream! (Amy, next stop is your house!) I also am excited to get creative with flavors. ....maybe. We'll see. There's nothing better than vanilla with Hershey's syrup!

3. Finish 30 before 30 List: Done and Done. See the final masterpiece here!

4. Buy/Wear More Hats: I think I did a really good job here! Bought two more hats, borrowed one from my mom, so now I'm up to SIX! Haven't worn them all yet, but I've definitely gotten better!

5. Go to a Pool: Yup! Went a few times :) Still pretty pale though...

6. Get Car Serviced:  Eeeeekkks.. absolute fail. I just don't want toooooo. Anyone want to come with and keep me company? :)

7. Spend Less Money: Well, I did spend less....but let's just say this needs to be an ongoing goal :)

Some completed; some not - but overall a pretty awesome month!! Alright July...whatcha got? 


1. Fall Back in Love with Reading

Hah. Okay when I wrote this I was like, "dramatic much?" I guess a simple "read more" would have sufficed but that's not how I roll. It's so true though - I LOVE reading. I go through phases where I read book after book after book, then life happens, and I don't read for months. So I'm trying to get back into it. A beach vacation should help :)

2. Cook at home 3x a Week

Because I love cooking, it's healthier, and it'll help with that whole "spend less" initiative. But I am putting the disclaimer that if Kelsey or Jeff feel the urge to cook and I partake - I'm totally counting that. 

3. Living Quarter Clean Out

I love my cozy quarters, but they're a bit small. This month I will have lived in this house for a year, so it's time to clean out. It's amazing how when you live, you expand.... I took care of the chest and closet in April/May, but this is covering the bathroom cabinets, under the bed, junk drawers, all of that. Ick. This sounds awful. 

4. Go to the Gym 3x a Week

I'm always hesitant to put "weight loss" goals as a monthly goal, but I figured gym goals were easier to attain. So I'm trying to hit the gym 3x a hopes that I get that healthy addiction and go more than that. Yeah. We'll see. I was supposed to go this morning, and I'm still in bed drinking coffee. Off to a good start... 

5. Finish One Shutterfly Book

Last week in my What's up Wednesday post, I talked about all of the Shutterfly books I need to complete. So this month I'm making it a goal to just complete ONE.

6. Go to the Movies

Because every month needs a fun goal, and I'm really trying to convince my friend Emily to go see "Inside Out" with me. [Hint hint...]

 And that's what I'm looking forward to in July! I love reading everyone's monthly goals. We're so ambitious, y'all. :)

Happy hump day, everyone!

Until next time,


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