Thursday, July 30, 2015

Still Owning Crazy

This is my third post attributed to owning my crazy. 

Sometimes it's just good to make fun of yourself. Don't take yourself...or seriously. Be a complete nut job. You don't see boring people complaining of having too many friends :)

Word. No one tells it like it is better than a cat in a striped top hat. 

SO - I have ten more reasons supporting why I'm a bit off my rocker. Let's discuss. 

When I have to stop and put gas in my car - I become irate. There is really not much that annoys me more than having to stop for gas. And I know I need to get over it because - hello, 13 gallon tank - but I just haven't yet. It's beyond aggravating. I'm waiting for the future car that runs on solar power. Texas summers are all kinds of ready for that. 

About 5 years ago I legitimately thought I was going to marry Zac Efron. It was right after I kicked cancer in the hiney and I thought anything was possible. I fervently prayed to marry that boy. I dreamed about it. Y'all, we were SO cute together. But then it just didn't work out and I realize God knows a thing or two thousand more than me.

When I trip while walking, whether in front of a crowd or just in front of my dog, I yell something to the effect of "oh my gosh I just tripped!!!" really loudly. It's like I'm vocally supporting the fact that I just looked like a fool and want everyone (or lack thereof) to know that I am a-okay with it. So if you're walking in my neighborhood and hear someone notify you that they just tripped......hey. 

I HATE things that stick to me. Like in baby ballet I explicitly remember running past Miss Keely so I didn't have to have a sticker put on my hand after class. That category also includes.... oh sweet mercy I can't even say it. I'm shivering. I'll give you a hint. "I am stuck on ____-___ brands cause germs don't stick on me." EW. So gross. I can't stand those things. People just take them off and leave them places. As my dad would say, it makes me want to P&V...."puke and vomit." I mean if my kids scrape their knee I'm just going to wrap them up in paper towel and saran wrap because those things will NOT be in my household. (gagging)

My closet? Color coded. By attire type (dress, pants, tops, etc.) and within each attire type by category (tank top, short sleeve, blouses, sweaters, etc). If I find a blue tank in the red sweater section there's gonna be a throw down.

On that OCD note, I am obnoxiously organized when it comes to most things. My Erin Condren planner is like my third arm. BUT - can't believe I'm admitting this - I have 11 thousand unread emails in my gmail account. I KNOW. It's awful. I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE. But it's like one day the advertisements overwhelmed me and it's been a downhill slope ever since. Soooo if you need me....text me. 

Sometimes when I need a break at work, I just go sit on a toilet. Just sit there. And breathe. And not talk. And play on social media. People probably think I'm doing the poo but in reality, I'm just escaping. 

You know how I love to bake, right? Pies, cakes, brownies, etc - I love to bake it all. Well, my baking arch-nemesis is the slice and bake sugar cookie. I've tried SO many times to slice and bake and they end up burnt and brittle every time. The last time it put me over the edge and I literally went and had an ugly cry breakdown in Jeff's room. For 30 minutes. Over a sugar cookie. Poor sweet boy, he signed up for some crazy. 

When on a road trip, I'll sometimes drive Indian-style cross-legged (isn't that the PC way to say it now?). I know it's not really that safe but it's way more comfortable. 

And finally....

Last weekend I was talking to my dad, and somehow presidents came up and I legitimately asked my dad if we had ever had a black president. ((crickets)) Sometimes my mind seriously scares me. 

And those are my recent crazy realizations! See the other batches here and here

Peace, love, and Dr. Seuss. 

Until next time,


  1. I hate putting gas in my car, too! And those slice and bake cookies? Bleh! I prefer mine homemade!

  2. Totally with you on the organization except the email! I need to set aside a day and clear out some emails but it's a little overwhelming :)

  3. I'm the same way with gas...I actually have to get some today :/ eyeroll.

    I wish I could have my closet color coded, I try, but it's such a task for me, I need to get on it. And I love baking too!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. I hate putting gas in my car as well...I REALLY have to soon, like today, but I just keep putting it off!

  5. As far as presidents go, you were just trying to block him out. Completely understandable. Bless.

  6. I dread getting gas - I always try to "conveniently" need it when my husband is driving in my car, ha! Love that your closet is color coded - what beats organization?! Thanks for linking up today :)

  7. I hate getting gas too! Honestly, my husband does it for me a lot because the smell of gasoline makes me really sick. I also color code my closet-it makes life so much easier! :)

  8. I like to have my closet color coded too! It really helps when I need to find something.