Thursday, July 16, 2015

KUWK: on being an aunt

I honestly thought I'd be okay not having kids.

Kids don't get my sarcasm, rarely want to just sit and snuggle, and most of the time they have something or other running out of their noses. I never had a desire to babysit when I was younger, and the thought of sitting at a playground all afternoon sounded like a soft form of torture. I really honest-to-goodness thought I'd be okay with just being a career woman. I thought I just didn't have the mom gene. 

And then I became an aunt. 

The day Brooklyn Kate came home from the hospital
 This sweet little bundle completely changed my outlook. Granted, the first few weeks when she screamed and Amy didn't sleep I thought my kid-less plan was genius. But then she began to grow and I just couldn't get enough. 

I mean how could you ever actually get enough of this?! 

I'm the baby of the family, so I was never able to watch someone grow up until Brooklyn came into the world. I got to watch her discover her tongue (that was a good stage), learn how to wave, crawl, walk, talk - all of it. She hasn't even turned three yet and I'm completely amazed. I'm amazed at God's miraculous gift of life and growth. I'm amazed at how (freakishly) smart my niece is. I'm just amazed. 

When Brooklyn learned how to say "Aunt Katy" (an-kay-ee), I'm pretty sure my heart turned into a pile of puddle. I still remember when Amy came to my work to drop off something, and B was in the back so I opened the door to say hey, and when I had to go, she cried. That sweet little girl who was a little over a year old didn't want me to leave. So I proceeded to cry right along with her as I walked back into the building. 

 I live about 45 minutes from Brooklyn, but it's still close enough to where I get to see her a good amount of time. We'll meet for lunch, I'll go over there for Sunday night dinners, and most importantly - we'll go to Rangers games together. Which I think is quickly turning into a favorite for both of us :)

I've seen a common saying that aunts "give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend." I'm excited to be all of that for Brooklyn. To be another mother figure when she needs it, to be the listening ear on some of those things you just "can't tell mom," and I'm excited to be a friend. To take her out on girly dates, meet her for lunch at school, go to her dance recitals, and just be a constant in her life. I want there to be no doubt in her little mind that she can always count on Aunt Katy. 

Just like I could always count on Amy.

And now? Well, hold onto your hats, but now I can't wait to be a mom. (I mean, I can WAIT, but can actually picture it now). I know it's not all fun and games, and I know being an aunt and mom are different (aunts come in shifts, moms are full-time), but my perspective of my future has changed. I no longer just see conference rooms and pencil skirts. I see toys, play-doh, and endless endless nursery rhymes.

 There's really not a better view than seeing your niece running to you - arms wide open, pigtails flappin. I think about it all the time and it just makes me smile. I love being an aunt. It honestly is one of the best job titles in the world. And in December - I get to be an aunt AGAIN. Can't wait to see how two play into the mix...

I guess that's why God gave us two hands for holding :) 

And that is my take on being an aunt!

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