Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites: Food Edition

It's Friday.
Therefore it's a Friday of favorites. 
But not just ANY favorites. 
Today is all food favorites. 

Because apparently I came back from vacation and became a vacuum. It hasn't been pretty. And every day I told myself it would be the last junk food-filled day. But alas, it's Friday, and I haven't stopped yet. So instead of pouting about it, I'm going to theme a blog around it. 

Are your tastebuds ready? I don't think they are...

1. Paleo Turkey Taco Meatballs

So this is probably the one healthy thing I ate this week. Mainly because I was picturing a healthy week when I went to the grocery store on Sunday. Friday Katy is now looking at Sunday Katy and saying "yeah, jokes on you." BUT - this was my one healthy victory!

Now, I really don't do the paleo thing, but if I'm skimming recipes and one has the word "paleo" as an adjective, I usually try it. If it's healthy enough for paleo people, then it's definitely healthy enough for me! These are SO simple....taco seasoning, ground turkey, onion, eggs, almond meal. Easy peasy. And SO yummy. I threw a few on top of some brown rice with a little avocado and it made for a pretty solid work lunch. 

Let's not judge the presentation or platter service. I am in a cubicle, after all. I'll throw the recipe up on the blog next week. You gotta make yourself some meatballs!

2. Noosa really that's a food. Promise. 

My friend Lauren got me hooked on Noosa when we lived together. If you like yogurt, you have to try the honey Noosa. It's seriously probably the best yogurt I've ever tasted. I normally do the Greek yogurt thing, but as I threw skinny foods out the window this week, I indulged in some Noosa! It's not even really bad for you - it is yogurt after all. And their label says their cows are happy. And I support happy cows.

OH - and you know what I just found out? They now have LEMON Noosa. Did you hear me? L.E.M.O.N. Which means I have to try it. And which also brings me to....

3. Lemon Glazed Muffins

 Did you stop by here on Tuesday? If you did, you saw the recipe for this goodness. If you didn' hurry on over to this post and make the muffins. You will not regret it. I have been eating on these ALL week. I finished them last night and instantly a dark cloud hovered in the kitchen. Okay, maybe that's pushing it. But it was sad. I'm making these again soon. Definitely a new summer favorite!

4. Iced Non-fat Vanilla Latte

Well I've definitely had my fair share of these this week. This is absolutely my summer Starbucks drink. It's slightly sweet, cold, ....and caffeinated.  I watched the barista make it yesterday and I really think I could make it. It's vanilla, espresso, milk, and ice. Not rocket science. We'll see if I get adventurous before the pumpkin flavor comes out. 

Oh man. Okay now I'm like really ready for the holidays.

5. Jamba Juice Berry Bowl

This little bowl is just goodness. I crave a lot of smoothie-types in the summer (thank you, heat) and when I found this I was sold. It's berry smoothie with granola (RAISINLESS granola), bananas, blueberries, strawberries, honey, and coconut on top. Aaaaaand my mouth just started watering. Next time you pass a know what to do. 

And that's all I got! My foodie Friday favorites!!

Actually that's a lie. That's not all I got. Because you know what is coming to Dallas next week???......

It's a J. Crew for poor people!

Okay, not really. But it is indeed a less expensive line of the J. Crew brand. They call it the "value driven label." Call it what you want. I can afford it and it's coming to Dallas! 

The first store opens next Wednesday (July 22nd) at the Shops at Park Lane. 

Are y'all smiling? I'm smiling. 

Okay now that's REALLY all I have. Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

Until next time,


  1. Those taco meatballs & that muffin look delicious!!

  2. Haha I love that you turned your fun food week into your blog post! :) I've never had Noosa but I've heard great things...and I think there's some kind of coconut flavor I have to discover?! And the Jamba Juice bowl <3