Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Soooo here's the deal. 

This past weekend was the first time I ever experienced the Nordstrom annivesary sale. How? Why? I am so frustrated with my past self! Past Katy missed out on so many good sales! 

I walked straight to eBar, got an iced coffee, and headed directly to the shoe section. Shoes and iced coffee....I was in my happy place. And boy am I glad I had an iced coffee, cause the Nordy's Anniversary sale is NOT for the weary! By the end of the afternoon, my stomach was growling, my toes were cramping, and I literally still had bag bruises three hours after we stopped shopping. 

See? Bag bruises. Spelled d-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n. 

Are you over the logistics? You wanna know the purchases? Okay okay okay....let's begin. 

I actually only had 3 things on my list: earrings, leopard heels, faux fur vest. Well, check check check....and then a few more checks. 

Kate Spade Earrings

Aren't they adorable!? I originally set out for the gold sparkly pair on the right. Aren't they just perfect for Baylor games? (side note: I'm actually looking forward to football season. Probably just because of the earrings) Love these studs. They're large enough to make a statement, even through long layered locks, but not heavy or too dressy. 

And they come in all different sparkle colors!

So then I was headed to check out and saw the blue ones. And they were Texas Ranger blue. So I naturally had to get them. 

Pssst. The blue ones weren't on sale.
Pssst. I also already have these studs in red.
(whispers) I think it's safe to say I really support these ear bobs!

Topshop Faux Fur Vest

I have always wanted a faux fur vest for the winter. It's like a socially acceptable fuzzy robe. And considering I'm wearing my fuzzy robe in July while I type this....I think it's justifiable that I need one for the wintertime. And why not buy one on sale?!

Don't you absolutely want to hug me right now? So cozy. And so cute. You can find the link to it here. Oh and getting dressed for this picture made me want to throw the tank tops in a drawer and pull out all scarves, vests, and boots. Bring on the fall. 
Sam Edelman Leopard Slingbacks 
 I think I became best friends with a shoe on Saturday. Don't we look good together? I've always been a shoe fanatic, because no matter how much Blue Bell you eat....your shoes will always fit. Plus they're just fun. Shoes make me happy. Find this sexy little slingback here.
So...confession. I originally went in for these, because they were actually part of the anniversary sale:
...buuuut then I saw the slingbacks and they won. They were only $15 more and it was worth it to me. Plus I don't have any slingbacks! Like my justification? I thought so. 

Cynthia Steffe Shift Dress
Funny story. After getting the three items on my list, I told Melissa and Kelsey I was done shopping. Then Melissa goes to a rack, picks up this dress, and told me it would look good on me. I replied with, "it's orange." She said "and it would look really good with those leopard slingbacks you're holding." 
So, sure 'nuff, tried on the dress...with the shoes...and fell in love. Like I told you on Monday, shopping with Melissa is both a blessing and a curse. :) 

You can find the dress here
for your viewing pleasure...

Melissa was right. They do look pretty schnazzy together.
And finally...

(I know I said I was done but these caught me on the way to the parking garage. I really was leaving!)

Zella Yoga Pants 
I have always wanted some Zella work out gear, but I can't ever bring myself to pay the price. Y'all. These pants were $35 on the anny sale. Three five. That's SUCH a good deal for quality work out pants! And they're PURPLE. So I really had no choice in the matter.  Link to the pants here.
And those are my purchases! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale continues through August 3rd - don't miss out! There are a ton of great sales, and it's online too! Save yourself some bag bruises, shop in your jammies, and get those deals shipped to your doorstep (for free!)
Have a terrific Thursday! 
Until next time,


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