Thursday, June 18, 2015

Peek at BIRTHDAY Week!

Today we are taking a peek at birthday week! 

Friday night my sister's family treated me to a Rangers' game to kick off weekend. And it was Baylor night! Sic 'em. 

It was rather windy, you see...
At first Brooklyn was a little skeptical cause the announcer was a bit loud....

But after a few innings she was acting like a Rangers game veteran :) By the end of the game she was munchin on cotton candy and chasing it down with diet coke. Truly her mama's child!

And of course...a seventh inning selfie

Saturday snuggles. It's rough being a pup sometimes, y'all.

Sunday we got to celebrate sweet Nora! We're birthday buddies...just a few years apart :) She is one of the happiest babies I've ever met - but she was a bit perplexed by the smash cake. As you can see...

On Monday I walked to my car after work and found this little note tucked in my door handle. It made me all smiley and blushy and giddy and stuff :)

Monday night, sweet Kelsey made me a homemade birthday eve dinner and completely got me hooked on this season of the Bachelorette. Like I can't wait until next Monday. Guess I can add that to the list of summer TV shows.

Sweet boy was more interested in the people outside than the drama on the television...

And THEN she busted out my favorite ice cream cake in the world!! Baskin Robbins - mint chocolate chip with chocolate cake. Isn't she the best roommate ever? We ate 3/4 of it. Don't even worry about it. That's what is supposed to happen on birthday eve!

Then it was TuesBIRTHDAY! 

Y'all - I was so overwhelmed on Tuesday. Y'all are just the sweetest souls and certainly now how to make a girl feel special, loved, and celebrated! It's quite unfortunate I had to go to work on my birthday, but the sweet messages/flashback photos were quite an appreciated distraction!

After work my sweet man met me at my house for a night out on the town! Which may be an exaggeration as I was exhausted at 10:30 - but we still had a great time! I turned 27 y'all...I'm too old for late nights.

We dined at Savor in Klyde Warren park, and had some of the best calamari we've ever had. As in we're still talking about it. If you've never been there - you must go! All of the walls in the restaurant are made of glass, so you can look out over Klyde Warren/downtown. Incredible atmosphere and delicious food!

After Savor, he took me to Remedy for my beloved dark chocolate ice cream! I have told y'all about this before. I got two scoops. Sure did. It is life-changing. Jeff got S'mores pie and moaned about how good it was between each bite. I think that's enough to say you need to give it a shot. 

And as I'm writing this, I look over and see this view to my right. Birthday girl got pretty roses. He's a keeper :)


And that was a peek at the [first half] of birthday week! But alas, the celebrating is not girls are all coming in town this weekend :) 

Until next time,


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