Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Boston 2015

I can't really put into words how much the past four days have meant to me. With my brother and sister being 9-10 years older than me, family vacations are a bit difficult. The last time we could carve a family vacation out of everyone's schedule was EIGHT years ago. Eight. I was a sophomore in college. Needless to say, the past four days were both overdue and cherished. 

The original five. If I talk about what these people mean to me I'd probably blubber my way through it, and there are just too many cute pictures to post for that. So just know this - my family means the absolute world to me. 

Now onto the vacation highlights... :)

Coming from three different cities, we all arrived at various times on Saturday. Once all the "kids" were in town (brother, sister, myself, and Jeffrey), we headed to Faneuil Hall marketplace, grabbed some drinks and appetizers, and just killed some time before mom and dad arrived.

We then just explored the marketplace - what would be our "home base" for the rest of the long weekend. Faneuil Hall is my happy place. Thanks to my eye situation, I have been to Boston 12 times in 5 years...and I go to Faneuil Hall every time! It's got shopping, it's got various restaurants, and it's got the waterfront. What more do you need?

Siblings :)
Me and my Hunny
Photo-bombing Allen's selfies

So Amy went to take mine and Jeff's picture in front of the pretty scenery, and if you look closely in the one on the left - you can see my brother playing his own version of "Where's Waldo?" Sigh. Dumb dumb. But it's okay cause we got a good one :)

Mom and Dad arrived, we grabbed dinner at Joe's, and just talked and laughed while chillin' on the water. Life was pretty good. OH - and did I mention it was in the 60s? Indeed. Life was good. 

The girls and the water

Sunday was GAME DAY! We grabbed some breakfast, loaded up, and headed over to Fenway Park. Holy happy. This crew was ready for some baseball! (Okay, mom wasn't too excited...but she eventually got on board!)

 But first, Jeff caught me and Amy primping and prepping for the game. We heard that you sing "Sweet Caroline" at Red Sox games and we wanted to be prepared. At the time I wanted to hurt him for (sneakily) capturing this....but I'm sure I'll get a kick out of it in a couple of years :)

Sisters Game Day Ready!
Once we got over to the park (us and herds of hundreds of our closest friends) we had to do a little Red Sox prep for the rest of the crew at the Fan Shops. Five hats and a couple of shirts later - we were all decked out and ready to go!

Fenway at its finest! (Including the green monster, of course)

Aren't my parents just the cutest? I just can't get over it. That Red Sox hat was made for Susie. 

Amy, me and Allen - three big-headed kids.
Jeff and I - this is our "aggressive selfie"

This picture of me and my pops is pretty special. But I can't tell you why. Let's just say it's a part of my '30 before 30' list - so you'll find out soon enough!

Now, I will say, why I thoroughly enjoyed the game, really love the Fenway stadium, and also love the passion of the Red Sox fans - I've had better hot dogs, y'all. I will have to choose my Texas Rangers hot dogs over the Red Sox ones. To each their own - but those are my thoughts. And y'all know I'm serious about my hot dogs. 

After the game (and a Red Sox win!), we went to the Boston Commons area to appease the history people. I will fully admit: I am not a history person. I was always a math and English girl. Not so much on the science and history. BUT, I let the family get their nerd on while I just enjoyed the pretty view and brickstone paths. I love that everything in Boston is brick. 

You know what else I love? Boston Commons. I'm a huge park person. When I lived in London for 5 weeks I went to Hyde Park almost every day. Big gorgeous parks are just my everything. While I'm not one to "sit" well - I will hands down absolutely sit in a park and do nothing. If you're heading to Boston any time soon - picnic in this park. You're welcome. 

We ate dinner at the original Cheers restaurant and then called it a day. I will tell you what - going from sitting at a desk all day to walking literally everywhere will really take it out of you! And make you feel old and out of shape. Wamp wamp. 

Monday we woke up early and headed to MGH for my eye appointment. While Jeff and I finished up my tests, the parents met Allen and Amy to walk the freedom trail. Then once my eyes were back to normal (and I got a good report!), J and I went shopping in Faneuil Hall. I so hated to miss out on more history for shopping :)

Our token Boston "selfie spot." And YES that is a new hat! (Yay June Goals!) 

Then we met the rest of the fam for lunch at Tia's before the girls did some more shopping while the boys did the Boston Tea Party museum. Have I mentioned I love Faneuil Hall??

And I also love these women :)

Mid-shop we looked over and saw this cute man reading on a bench under a tree! I just adore this man. So stinking much. Daddy's girl is an understatement.

Then we just all hung out by the waterfront before wrapping up the weekend with a big family dinner at McCormick and Schmicks. Love these goofs. And the fact that my dad candidly posed for the selfie :)

And that was that! Monday we just piddled before all of our flights took off. I will say - it is really nice to just sit in your bed and drink coffee while watching TV in the morning. That one "scene" right there is my true vacation :) 

Not sure when we'll all be able to do this again - but I certainly hope it's not another 8 years. ...especially because I'll be 34 and that absolutely terrifies me. But also because I just laughed so hard and made such great memories with these people that I just can't wait to do it again. Maybe I'll have to put this on my Christmas list this year. It totally trumps a new pair of shoes :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Until next time,


  1. Okay LOVE the pic of you and Jeff in the hats! That color is so good on him!!! And also I agree- fam trips for Christmas is the best!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm glad I was able to be a part of the family vacation and had a wonderful time. Good food, good fun, good family, good memories and good news!