Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friday Favorites

Good MORNING, people!! I am in quite a fantastic mood this morning. This week flew by (perk of traveling for work), and we have made it to another Friday. Now, I'm all for living in the moment and not wasting time wishing for the weekends...but this Friday morning was just welcomed with open arms. 

Today I'm linking up with a few lovelies for some favorites. Let's do it. 

1. Rebecca Minkoff Purse and Tote

Yes, please. Aren't they adorable? Jeffrey gave me these for my birthday. Not only are they nautical - but the sweet boy knows sometimes I like a little purse, and sometimes I need a bag that will fit a small child. (Not because I normally put small children in my bags...more just for size reference). Anyways - I'm obsessed. Thanks, dear!

2. Texas = Home Sign 

I may have a love affair with this sign. The best big sister in the world gave this to my for my birthday. I saw it on her mantle, had a minor freak out about how I needed one, and then poof! I have one :) Isn't it just perfect? So southern. So simple. Such a statement. 

3. Loft Black Romper Jumpsuit

I've always loved a good romper. Not the most restroom-break conducive outfit, but nevertheless, they're a favorite of mine. I found this one at Loft last weekend aaaaand I can't wait to wear it. It's comfy, it's flattering, and it's one of those pieces where you walk out of the dressing room and everyone asks what part of the store it's in. I tend to buy things that make me feel like a model :) You can find the jumpsuit here.

4. Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Shampoo

 Yeeeeah buddy. This stuff right here. Kelsey ranted and raved about it a month or so ago, but this week I ran out of conditioner and had to borrow some, and let me tell you what. Those aromas. Stress relief is no false advertisement. I want all of the eucalyptus on my head all the time. Bath and Body Works.....go now. 

5. Necklace Holder

 So this isn't really new, but it definitely is a favorite. I found this on pinterest a couple of years ago, my dad made it for me, and it has been a lifesaver. No more tangled necklaces. Easy to accessorize in the mornings and once you take it off, it goes right back on the wall. All it takes is some old wood (I didn't paint it - I liked the character of the blank wood), and doorknobs. Go have the time of your life in Lowes. Please note that this is probably the only thing I will ever successfully recreate from pinterest. 

And those are my five Friday favorites!! I love a good alliteration. And now I'll start my Friday morning ritual I'm really starting to look forward to: chug coffee, go to yoga, and then take about 2 hours to get ready because I can barely move. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Until next time,


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