Monday, May 4, 2015

May Goals

Lookie here. This year is F.L.Y.I.N.G by. We are already in May. How is that even possible!? We're going to be singing Christmas carols before we know it. ....and I'm actually not too sad about that. Okay anyways. Back to May. 

Another month means more goals. Now, I was planning on posting this on the first of the month, but May 1st fell on a Friday. And one never starts something on a Friday...not a diet, not the gym - nothing productive. That's what [fresh start] Mondays are for!

I just started monthly goals last month, so let's first see how I did on those April goals...

1. Do my taxes: taxes were filed, the return was received, and it has already been spent on an upcoming vacation. So there's that. Check!

2. Clean out my purse: best. idea. ever. My shoulder and back thank me. I think I had probably 2 lbs of bobby pins in that thing....ridiculous. But check!

3. Bake two new recipes:  baked them both! Earlier this month, I baked a strawberry cookie bar for Easter weekend, and last week I baked Heath bars for my coworkers. Both were hits! I'm still trying to perfect the strawberry bar before I post (woes of a perfectionist), but Jeff's buddies sure ate them up! They're not picky :) Check check!

4. Run a 5K: Yeah so this didn't happen. But that's because I went home and surprised my sweet mama instead. So I'm a-okay with it!

5. Take more bubble baths: I did take more, but can you really ever take enough? I thought I was doing good until I had a chat with my friend Kristie. She worked really late this past month (we're talking wee hours of the morning) and she still would go home and take a bath. That is some wind-down dedication folks. I apparently need to up my game. But we'll still call that a check!

6. Clean out the closet: uhhhhh. This is a big task. So I've completed half. The other half shall roll over to May. So....half check?

7. Sign up for guitar lessons: Well, I definitely looked into it, but I haven't settled on an instructor yet. And I don't want to rush things just to mark it off the list before this is still a work in progress. No check yet. (wamp wamp)

All in all? I'm pretty proud of myself! 

So that was April. Now onto May! 

1. Work on my "morning person"

Now, this does not mean I need to work on being nicer to people in the morning. Though come to think of it I could probably work on that, too. But this is more of a "work on being a morning person." Y'all, I so badly want to be a morning person. Those few...rare...mornings that I do wake up before the world does are some of my favorites. I have SO many things I want to get done in the morning (quiet time, blogging, working out, etc.). But I can't get out of the blasted bed.  But it's not because I'm a night owl...because I'm not really that either. A while back I asked Jeff if he thought I was a morning person or a night owl and he just looked at me and said "neither." ....thanks, hun. 

But it's true. I just love the act of sleeping and lounging. 

Oh well. I need to be more productive. So I want to work on my morning person. 10 p.m. bedtime and 5-5:30 a.m. wake up call. That's my goal. We shall see...

2. Track/Budget Money

I just don't really know where my money goes. I could take some pretty good guesses, but I'm interested to see dollar for dollar where it goes. Like how much do I spend on coffee a month? ...okay maybe I don't want to know. No. Yes. Yes I do want to know. So I'm going to track my money in May.(bug gulp)

3. Watch an episode of Fixer Upper

I don't really watch much HGTV (though maybe I'm should since I'm working on my 'adult'), but I have heard so many wonderful things about this show! Plus the couple is from Waco. So I need to watch. It's the right thing to do. Sic'em.

4. Finish Cleaning out the Closet

This doesn't need much explanation. Just an April goal...part two. 

5. Clean out Chest

The majority of my summer clothes (shorts, tanks, etc.) are in my chest, and right now my drawers barely shut. That's a problem. So that's next on the list right after the closet! Plus J Crew Factory (where I get most of my shorts) had a 50% off sale last week and I mayyyy have a large package coming in this week. ....

6. Bake 2 More Recipes!

Because that was my favorite April goal :)

7. Channel my inner Blake Lively

Okay so this one is more of a 'funny' goal...but still a goal! So Kelsey and I went and saw Age of Adaline last night (super sweet movie by the way...tears were shed. And by Kelsey too! And she's the emotionally stable one!) and we found ourselves sitting there shoving popcorn and buncha crunch in our mouths and wondering what Blake Lively had that we didn't have (other than Ryan Reynolds). So as an underlying tone of our May goals, we are both channeling our inner Blake Lively. For example, when I was whining about having to start being a morning person, Kelsey said she bet Blake Lively was a morning person. So now my alarms look like this...

Channel your inner Blake Lively folks. Go see the movie, you'll understand what we're talking about.


So that's May! We'll see how it goes. Especially that whole morning person one....but considering it's 5:50 a.m. I think I'm off to a pretty good start!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Until next time,


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