Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Peek at the Week

Are you judging my title? You hush. I love things that rhyme. Ask any of my friends - I always want to write a poem for any opportunity that arises. My mom says I should work for Hallmark. I'd rather just write country songs. 

Moving on. So what is "peek at the week," you ask? It is 100% simply a catchy (or so I think) name for all the photos on my phone. I'm a huge fan of documenting with pictures. If you follow me on instagram, you probably think I over-gram. But you really have no idea how much self restraint I use. 

Peek at the Week is just simply my pictures.

Friday my firm had a community service day. We all traded in our 10-keys to do some good around the metroplex in honor of our firm celebrating its 100 years! My group got down in the dirt and planted herbs and veggies for the Nexus Women's Recovery Center. Though I admittedly was not too excited about the task at first, I quite enjoyed the gardening! Plus it's a really great organization with some really sweet people.

After I washed off the dirt, I met the girls at Remedy for Amy's birthday dinner! Quite entertaining listening to these girls' stories about marriage and parenting :)

OH - and I also got to partake in my (current) favorite dessert: dark chocolate ice cream. Y'all, I don't know what they put in this stuff, but my tastebuds are blown away each and every time. If you're having a down day, dark chocolate ice cream from Remedy will fix it. I PROMISE YOU.

Oh - and the red wine is also a nice pairing :)

Saturday afternoon a big group of us went to "Catch the Vision" for our church. This is basically their membership class where you learn about the history of the church, the government of the church, their goals, and the many ways you can get involved! 

I felt so....grown up. I joined a church. And I can't wait to get involved. Church was always a huge part of my life growing up, but ever since college I feel like I've just been....floating. But now I have a church, and I'm excited to make it my home.

Sunday....well, Sunday I should have been in a canoe. 

Lord have mercy it rained. And it rained. And then it rained some more.

But then it stopped and Char told me that on this Mother's Day he wanted to treat me to some TCBY. So we went on a little road trip. Isn't he the sweetest son?!

The boys of the household on Sunday evening. We shall call them Happy and Judgy.

A lot of you have been sweet to ask how my May goal of me being a 'morning person' is coming. Last week was okay, I was pretty tired by the end of the week, but I didn't have extreme hatred for the alarm. So that was nice. Now, what do I do with my mornings? They look a little like this....

 Coffee (man that picture makes me smile), Jesus, and blogging. On the non-blogging mornings I'd like to work out, and that was my plan this week.....

Until I got sick. I came home sick from work mid-afternoon Monday and have been in bed pretty much ever since. I hate being sick. I feel worthless, useless, and like I'm wasting away life. Plus this guy just doesn't understand why I'm in bed all the time and not outside playing with him...

So unfortunately my week hasn't held anymore pictures unless you want to see pictures of Scandal and Friday Light Nights. Cause that's pretty much all I've done. OH - and I indulged...

Since Blue Bell isn't an option, I reverted to my childhood and made me some chocolate chip muffins. Funny story - as a kid/teen I hated breakfast. Which is so odd because now I'm like give me breakfast 3x a day. But I used to hate it so my mom would make these on a weekly basis and I'd eat two every morning (heated up for 10 seconds in the microwave). Man I forgot how good these are. Worth every calorie.

SO that's my week - nothing overly exciting. Just an every day life update to make sure you're Keeping up with Katy :)

Until next time,


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