Monday, May 11, 2015

Kendra Scott

Ahhhh Kendra Scott. A name my sweet boyfriend had never heard of a year ago and is very familiar with now. As all good men with women are :)

Buying my first pair of Kendra Scott earrings (back in 2011) was like trying to eat just one piece of the pie. I had just started working, was trying to be frugal, and would just spend hours on Kendra's website. Wanting and drooling. 

I decided to treat myself with the justification that I'd "just get one." One pair. Then I'd be good. Haha. Ahh yes, the extremely skewed mind of a female. 

My first pair, and the most commonly known pair, was the Danielle earring. I bought them in white, wore them to death, and now have them in about 4 other different colors. They're just a good earring, people. 

Some people complain about the weight of the earrings, but I guess I just have tough earlobes cause they never really bother me....and I wear them frequently. If you want the smaller version try the Elle. For me, bigger is better cause I got lotsa hair. My earrings have to be able to hold their own.

Recently I've been 'branching out' and buying some additional pieces. Are you proud? I was proud. So proud. Go me. 

First we'll start with the bracelet I shared on my Friday Favorites a few weeks ago.

The Andy Bracelet

I got the Goldstone (a pretty shimmery burnt orange color), but they have over twenty different color combos. Surely you'll find one (or seven) that are to your liking :)

Andy - Navy Cat's Eye
Andy - Rose Quartz
Andy - Gold and Black

 So that's my recent find in the bracelet world. Moving on to necklaces...

The Connely Necklace

I purchased the Kiri in white pearl last summer, and the Rayne necklace in turquoise towards the end of last year, but to celebrate our one year dating mark, sweet Jeff bought me this gorgeous statement necklace! (And word on the streets is he contacted the experts for approval - so thanks Kels!)

This is the Connely in gold/iridescent slate. Isn't it pretty? And it goes with pretty much anything and everything. Our one year was in January (aka still scarf season) so I'm super excited to completely overwear it this spring/summer. I wore it to our Newsies date the other night. Isn't it perfect?! Thanks, dear :)

Now onto earrings...

The Alexandra Earrings

When I was deciding what to wear to the ACMs, I knew I wanted a simple dress with some big fancy statement earrings. My friend Emily wore these Alexandra earrings to a Christmas party last year, and I'd been thinking about them ever since. So what better reason to treat yourself than a once in a lifetime experience like the ACMS?! ...I should have been a lawyer. I can justify anything. 

 And again - these puppies come in a bajillion different colors, as well as a smaller version (the Alex).

So there you have it! My three most recent Kendra finds. OH - and for Mama's day I got my precious mom a KS treat of her own :)

This is the Elton bracelet in turquoise. Doesn't it look awesome on her?! I knew the color would look great against her olive complexion (that I did NOT get and am pretty bitter about). And I just love it. It was definitely one of those purchases where you reach the cashier and second guess if you just want one :) But I was strong. I behaved!

...but I can't promise it won't be an item on my next Kendra finds :)

Happy Monday everyone. If it's a rough one, treat yoself. 

And in case it's a REALLY rough Monday (which some of them are doosies), here's a 2-minute video of golden puppies taking their first swim. You're welcome. Around the one-minute mark is my favorite :)

Until next time,


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