Friday, April 24, 2015

ACM Awards 2015

I attended the Academy of Country Music Awards.

I'll be honest, that's not something I ever thought I'd say. For some reason, attending award shows (or any live show aired on TV) just seemed too difficult, too involved - just unattainable. But now that I've been to one with me and tens of thousands of my closest minion friends, I've realized it's really not a big deal. It's just an absolutely amazing time! :)

First off, I'm not sure why I ever was even the slightest bit concerned about what to wear. I could have worn a leopard snuggie (with cowboy boots) and been absolutely fine. We saw everything, people...from New Years Eve dresses (solid sequins), to beachy maxi dresses, to Easter Sunday clothes, to formal prom gowns. And I'm pretty sure some ladies actually did try to fit into their old prom gowns...

Jeff wore nice jeans and a button down and I work a cute (but comfy) little black dress. And we both wore our boots, of course...

We got there when the red carpet was happening but decided to head inside, grab food (hotdogs!!), find our seats, and watch the red carpet on the jumbo tron. That picture above was my first picture of the stadium. Ain't it pretty? I never realized they had two stages, but when I think about it now, I'm like of COURSE they have two stages.

Being part of a live recorded show was a pretty cool experience. Before each commercial break ended the "voice" over the stadium would say "and we're back in 5, 4, 3, 2...APPLAUSE PEOPLE!" And we eagerly obliged :)

Another fun fact about live-recorded shows, you commonly saw this on the jumbo tron:

 If your section was in a certain camera angle, you got spiffy light up wrist bands that changed colors with the songs. We didn't get this privilege (the section next to us did), and while bummed at first, I realized no wristband meant I could get up whenever. Those that had wristbands could only move during commercial breaks :)

Speaking of live TV, as I'm sure the majority of you watched this, I won't give you my play-by-play of the show. So I'll give you my top 5.

1) The Milestone Awards

I love a good flashback montage, and these were all over the place this year thanks to these awards. And right out of the gate the first one went to King George. Amen brother. I actually just got chills when I thought about it. Entertainer of the year 4 DECADES apart. Insane. When the entire stadium rocked out to "All my Exes live in Texas," I knew it was going to be a good night :)

2) Miranda Lambert

This girl is on FIRE. I was texting my friend Kristie all throughout the show and she mentioned how she was ready for Blake and Miranda to have a baby...buuuut I don't think that's happening any time soon. She's too busy dominating. 

Okay, so I honestly really didn't like "Little Red Wagon" before this performance. But hearing it live and watching her have a dadgum blast on that stage just made it all better for me. Miranda may not have a vocal range like Carrie, Martina, or Faith - but the girl writes from her heart and works her tail off. And I'm really glad it's paying off. You go girl.

3) The Patriotism

Between Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Taya Kyle, there were a lot of special moments in that stadium Sunday night. So much love for our country. The crowd participation during Garth's performance was a highlight for me. Not sure what it looked like on TV, but this was my view...

4) The Reba Medley

Along with a good montage, I love a good medley. Most artists sang two songs, but Reba threw in about 4 and I was literally bouncing in my chair. It was a great medley from a timeless artist... and caused me to listen to Reba all day at work on Monday.

5) Jeff's Pick: Rascal Flatts + Christina Aguilera

I asked my hot date what his favorite part was, and next to the patriotic performances, he chose the performance of "Riot" by Christina and Rascal Flatts. Now, I will say, this performance was really good in person, but my friends at home claimed it was painful to hear on TV. Whatever the case, it was a really great live performance. Plus I'm a sucker for any Rascal Flatts love song. It's what a girl wants. (See what I did there??)

The one thing I really missed at this show was my girl Carrie. I know she just had a baby and all, but I just wished she could have gotten a nanny for the night or something. I was telling Jeff this at the show, and right after I said it they did a promo for the 2016 awards (back in Vegas) and it showed her headlining. I looked at Jeff and said "of course," and he looked at me and said "let's go." 

I've created a country-music loving monster, ladies and gents. (fist pump)

Still can't believe I got to go. This night was one for the books, y'all.

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