Monday, November 10, 2014

The Original Initial Blog Post

Here's the thing: I really don't like the first blog post. I mean, there is quite a bit of pressure on this puppy. Do you give your life story? Talk about your dreams? Share where you are currently in life? Where you came from? Where you want to go? I mean REALLY.

I'll keep this initial post short and sweet so I can get to the good stuff. Instead of telling you any of the above, I'm just going to tell you some of the idiosyncrasies of Katy Reeves...

  • I kicked cancer in the patootie. To read all about that journey, grab a few hours, several snacks, and click here.
  • I'm obsessed with coffee. Why is this an idiosyncrasy, you ask? Because my favorite part about coffee is that first sip.....before you brush your teeth. Y'all, that cool minty freshness of toothpaste ruins everything. I will make coffee for my commute and sneak in a couple sips before I brush the tombstones just for the 'first sip experience.' More or less, I'd have to agree with Folgers - it is the best part of waking up.
  • My closet is color-coded. By sections.
  • I found my dog on the streets, yet raised him to be quite the high-maintenance little fella.
  • I've never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • If I'm really stressed out and working late, I will wake up an hour early just to watch an episode of TV and drink coffee in bed.
  • People call me "dramatic"...but I prefer "passionate."
  • If I were a color, I would be purple.
  • My life dream is to be a country singer but I break out in hives when I have to sing in front of people. It's a problem. I'm aware.
  • I sleep with a heating pad year round: summer, winter, spring, and fall. I am NOT the "find the cold spot in the sheets" person. I never want to find the cold spot.
I'm sure there are more - and I'm sure I'll divulge them to you later - but that's good for now. Congratulations, people. We have survived the first blog post.

Until next time,


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