Sunday, January 11, 2015

Roommate Night: Paleo Pizza and Parenthood

I live with one of my best friends. It is quite the convenient living situation. This is the third time we've lived together in the past five years. When it works, it works.

Me and the Rooms (you can call her Kelsey)
The only problem: we're both busy little bees. I've often referred to our house as "the revolving door." That being said, we have to schedule roommate nights. And Friday night was roommate night!

Here's the thing. We're TV show obsessed. Our senior year of college, we had a Sunday night ritual of Chinese take out and "Brothers & Sisters" on DVD. Only after moving the couch as close to the TV as possible. We love our TV shows. And the characters in those shows have a part in our daily conversation. We're not ashamed. 

So while most of our shows don't return until the end of January, our beloved Parenthood came back on Thursday. And it's the last season. And it's such a fantastic show. And we got new wine glasses for Christmas. And it's really cold outside these days. So it most definitely called for a roommate night in. 

We love the Braverman clan
Due to our New Years resolution of eating better, we made paleo pizza! Now, I am not a 100% paleo eater. I love my carbs and apparently if you do paleo you don't do Blue Bell and well, that just doesn't work for me. BUT, I think paleo has a lot of good principles and if I can eat a paleo version of pizza and not feel like there's a brick in my stomach afterwards - I'm all for it.

The finished product  
Isn't it colorful and yummy looking? And this pizza is LOADED with goods. I mean you don't even miss the cheese. Yes you read that correctly - you don't get cheese. The crust is an almond meal base, but other than those two things, it essentially is just a "supreme" pizza. 

Here's what you need (or this is what was on mine). It's your pizza. Do what you want.

-Almond Meal (I use Trader Joes brand)
-2 eggs
-Coconut Oil
-Italian Seasonings (oregano, basil, etc.)

-Tomato Paste
-Marinara Sauce
-Baby Spinach
-Italian Sausage
-Bell Peppers

There are a ton of recipes out there for various "healthy" crusts, but I just combined two cups of the almond meal with the 2 eggs, seasonings, and enough coconut oil to make it 'sticky' - like dough.  

Combine the dough into a ball, and use a rolling pin to flatten into a circle. Hence begins the image of the pizza. (Tip: Cover the dough with wax paper so your pin doesn't stick)

Couldn't find my round pan - but trust me, round is easier
Bake the dough at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until the edges start to brown. The length of how long you cook it depends on how thin you make your crust.

While it's cooking, brown your sausage and onions and cut up the veggies. Once you pull the crust out of the oven it's really just an art project from there. I loaded the thing in the order listed above, but again - your pizza. Be bold. Be adventurous.

My dad once told me the more colorful your food is, the better it is for you!

So we grubbed and hung out (and I cried) with the Bravermans, and then the Dunphees (Modern Family), and the Johnsons (blackish). And don't even worry. We drank out of our new Olivia Pope wine glasses the whole time. Just call us "gladiators-in-training."

Crate and Barrel - in case you Scandal fans are wondering :)
OH - and we're already planning our January 29th roommate night. You know, when Greys and Scandal return. Oh glorious day. 

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