Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

We have made it to yet another Friday!


So I've been wanting to do a Friday Favorites for a while now, but that has proved to be a bit difficult during busy season when one has no life but drive, work, drive, sleep, repeat. I mean sleep is most definitely the favorite right now but I don't quite care to post sleeping selfies. 

SO - over the past week or two I've accumulated these favorites, and I do hope you enjoy! 

1 - Erin Condren Planner

My 2016 planner {finally} came in! 

I seriously have an obsession with this little paper planner. I'm pretty sure this is my 4th one. And they've all been shades of purple. #gofigure

If you are looking to be more organized this year - THIS IS YOUR PLANNER.
If you love making lists and are tired of using napkins/post its - THIS IS YOUR PLANNER.
If you love colors because they just plum make you happy - THIS IS YOUR PLANNER. 

Last year I did a whole post on this puppy, including pictures of the insides. To see it click here. To see Erin's site including all of her other colorful organizational items, click here


2 - The Roku

And no that's not a sushi roll. 

So remember on Monday when I told you Kelsey and I cancelled all but basic cable? Well, my sweet friends and family, you all kind of freaked out on me. And wondered if I was of stable mind. Well - let me tell you my 1) theory, and 2) saving grace. 

Kels and I were paying astronomical amounts of money for cable. I mean just ridiculous. Most of our shows are on abc, and those that aren't are on networks which have "watch online" capabilities. Funny thing though, while you used to be able to watch online whether you had cable or not, now you have to enter in your cable provider information. 

So we kept cable. And while that solves the current day TV show problems, what about those other shows you just turn on during the day for background noise? What about movies? What about sports!? Just kidding. Totally do not miss nor care about the sports. 

So my friend Jack at work told me about the Roku. #unagi

Basically, it turns your regular ole run of the mill TV into a smart TV. You have apps for Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu - all of it. I mean I don't miss a thing, people. I do have one more remote to deal with but that's neither here nor there. For those of you that have heard of an apple TV, it is very similar to that. And I am quite a fan, people. Quite a fan. 


3 - So Many Reunions!!

 So thanks to this Roku, and Netflix, I am now watching Gilmore Girls from the very beginning. I innocently turned it on when I was getting ready for work one day and totally got sucked back in. Love me some Lorelai. So then, I'm scrolling through FB one day, and lo and behold - THEY are having a reunion too! First Full House, then Friends, and now Gilmore Girls!? I can't even. My young self is freaking out. Actually my old self is too because I absolutely still watch all of the reruns of those shows. 

...I should read more. 


4 - Chris Young + Cassadee Pope = Think of You

Sooooo, yes please. I heard this song come through my headphones when I was working the other day and I just completely stopped. In fact, someone came in my cube and I kindly asked them to come back later because I needed to hear this song. It has been my bestie on my commute this week. The harmonies. Oh the harmonies. It is my new country recommendation to you - ENJOY!


5 - Nine West "Thebest Pump"

And no I'm not trying to be cute, that's actually what it's called. 

So these shoes are quite popular at my workplace right now. Shelby had them, then Katy and Ashley had to have them and ordered them. Then Katy and Ashley both wore them on twin day (see picture below). Then Mercedes saw them and had to order them. I mean, this shoe love is spreading faster than a sinus infection. 

And they're extremely comfortable. And they come in black and grey. And they're only $60. Seriously - if you are in the market for a new good work shoe, here you go.  

And just for fun, here is me and Ash on twin day at work. Sadly, we didn't even have to try.


And those are today's favorites!! 

But you know my real favorite? Busy season is half way over. 

Praise be to the Lord hallelujah. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Until next time,


  1. Have you heard Eric Pasley's song "High Class?" Umm, yes please! #myjam