Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Well hello there! 
It's been a while. 

(and for some reason blogger is messed up this morning the font down at the bottom is weird. If you read it on a phone you're fine...the computer you might need to enlarge)

But I forewarned you - busy season is upon us. 

This past weekend we took a mini-break and came up for air. And man oh man was it needed. Not to mention it was absolutely beautiful outside thanks to our crazy Texas weather! 

Friday night after work I headed over to Arlington to meet Amy, Brooklyn, and my mom for a little girls night out dinner! Always entertaining with these three :)

 Then I went to bed early because, well, one I'm a grandma, and two, I had a pretty big Saturday morning planned...

Saturday Jeff and I finally went to the Fort Worth Zoo! And we decided to take our very favorite three year old with us :)

Jeff and I chuckled to ourselves as we were walking in. I was holding a child, he was pushing a stroller....not our normal wheelhouse :) And I'll be honest - I had a tad anxiety about this day. I'd taken B to the park before, but at the zoo you had to like ensure she didn't get eaten by a hippo. That's a lot of responsibility. 

But alas, we persevered. And had a great time! But we were exhausted. Cause let me tell you, ladies and gents, we Five whole hours at the zoo. 

 Here's B watching the white tiger. Most kids were screaming. Brooklyn was just watching like it was your average Disney Jr. show. 

Me and my little nugget with the mama elephant and her little nugget :)

Also, by this point in the day my arm was breaking. It's still sore. I don't know how you moms do it.

So in order to save my arm, I taught B that she could look under the railing on some stops. Which somehow was interpreted that she needed to lie down on the ground... #whateverworks 

Checking out some kangaroos....

And some lions...

And some creepy birds that I hate. I've seen the Hitchcock movie. Don't play.

She was a fan of this one. They became good friends. #nothankyou

 She was MOST excited about the penguins. Couldn't get enough of the dang penguins. Kept asking about the penguins. And then we saw the penguins.

Pure joy. So naturally we left the penguin exhibit and I went and bought her a stuffed penguin that she carried around with her the rest of the day. Amy said she knew she would come home with a stuffed animal.

 Nuh uh. She don't know me.
Okay fine she does.

Then we rode the carousel...

And the train....

And then saw the creepiest alligator. I tell you - this child has no fear. 

Oh and then she wanted to go to the amphibian/reptile exhibit. But we have no pictures. Because I had heart palpitations. The second I saw the komodo dragon I told Jeff and Brooklyn I'd meet them in the lobby. The lobby where I started fervently praying that I have all female children who dislike the outdoors because the second someone brings me a lizard in the kitchen I'm nailing all the doors and windows shut. Try me. 

Then on the way home, we heard wait, they weren't soft....we heard some pretty solid snores coming from the back seat. I think it's safe to say she had a good day :)

And then Sunday there was Grease Live. 

Kristie and I went to dinner the other other night (a 4-hour dinner, mind you, that's how we do things), and realized we were both extremely obsessed/excited with the new Grease! Live attraction coming out. And since Kelsey and I cancelled cable, I told Kristie we needed to come over and watch it. 

And by "cancelling cable" I mean we cancelled everything but basic cable and didn't have FOX in HD. #firstworldproblems

SO - Jeff and I invited ourselves over to Kristie and Jordan's and lo and behold - they had the ultimate Grease viewing party.

This is why I love Kristie. Kristie does parties (parties = any slight inkling of a gathering) up right. She told me what she was up to, I squealed for 10 minutes, and then joined in the party.

Here was the menu:

- Frenchy Onion Dip (French Onion Dip)
-Tell Me 'bout it, Spud (Potato Skins)
-T-Bird Tenders (Chicken Tenders)
-The Pink Lady (Pink Champagne Cake)

AND - Blue Moon for the boys and The One That I Want for the girls. 

Okay fine. I found a wine called "The One" - bought a silver sharpie, and added "that I want" to it. What do you want from me? I thought it was pretty clever. 

OH - and the boys wore their letterman jackets. This is why we love them. The females are so overly excited to have a grease themed party, and not only do our boys participate, but they dress up. #theygetus 

Then there were three hours of Grease! Live. 

We had many many thoughts, and while I wanted to make an entire blog post about it, I also wanted to enjoy it. Grease is one of my absolute favorite movies, and I really just wanted to watch it. SO, I watched, laughed, and jotted down the highlights. Here you go:

-- I appreciated the beginning. They didn't try to hide it was live. They didn't try to hide it was a "re-make." It was a tongue in cheek beginning that said 'hey - we're going out on a limb here, go with us, be nice, be forgiving, just enjoy it" and honestly - it worked. My musical judgmental bar went down a little. Simply from pure appreciation. 

--Biggest let down: the voice inflection for the realization of Sandy. And if you can't hear "SAN-dee" when I write this then don't even worry about it. But it was a let down on our part.

-- WHY on earth did Quilted Northern sponsor this scene? Literally all we could talk about was why on earth Sandy was wearing both a quilted top and a quilted skirt down to the floor. She was 1) not Alice in Wonderland and 2) not a nun. So that a was a concern. 

 -- Those Magic Changes. Why YES, I'll take your magic changes and the fact you can sing like a dreamy heartthrob angel. And even though I looked you up and you were found by Disney and your character name is "Doody" (a whole new other issue), I will love you for the fact that you.can.sing. And you're yummy. But you look like the old Grease's Sonny (not a "Doody") and someone should have caught that. 

-- Beauty School Drop Out. OH hello Boyz II Men. Replacing Frankie Avalon?! Are we serious right now? I can't even. It's not that I'm opposed to B2M but in Grease? Really? I just can't even. Bless.

-- T. Rex Blanch. We love T. Rex Blanch. She never moved her arms below her waist and we laughed hysterically. Not sure entirely who you are but you were a beloved on Grease live and we love you.

--  Half of the movie was in the gym. Which we thought was a live show movie budget thing which we supported, UNTIL we saw the ending that had the carnival. If you have the carnival.....use the carnival. We are over the gymatorium. Or the audinasium.

--Dance scenes: You air on FOX (aka - you have the entire SYTYCD team at your disposal), and you have a DWTS pro as your star. Those acronyms being said - totally underwhelmed by the dance scenes. Not poorly executed, but could have been so much bigger, and so much better. #hireme #iworkforfree

-- Speaking of star.. Is it just me? Or did anyone else feel like Sandy was NOT the star of this show? Which is fine - because Blanch was hysterical and Vanessa (Rizzo) killed it - but I just expected to see more Sandy. 

All in all, I missed John and Olivia. I know "the movie will never be as good as the book," or in this case, the remake will never be as good as the movie....but still. I honest to goodness wondered what the original cast was thinking tonight. And oh-so-wished they would have been on our couch. They would have been a huge fan of the T-Bird tenders. And - in my small minded little brain, I imagine their current day selves  doing this in Kristie's living room. 

And THAT I can get on board with. 

SO, that was my weekend. And now we're back to busy season. Not really sure how we got here again so quickly, but alas - time to go! Good luck everyone! It's a Monday out there. 

Until next time,


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