Monday, January 11, 2016

Brace yourself: It's busy season.

Happy Monday folks. 

Sadly, this isn't going to be an overly exciting blog today. This is more of a heads up, don't write me off, but don't expect a lot from me for the next two months, please still love me, I'll try I promise, forewarning of a blog. 

Did you get all that?

So for those of you who don't know, I'm a CPA who landed a career in public accounting - particularly the audit field. This is not where I elaborate, don't worry. But, what that does mean is I will be working a hefty amount of hours over the next seven weeks. We call it busy season. And while there are many many perks to our job, this isn't one of them.

I blogged a total of seven (7) times during busy season last year. I do indeed intend to blog more than that, but no promises. Quite frankly it's because my life will not be exciting. Not that it is overly thrilling or anything the other 10 months of the year, but at least I do stuff. I'm doing good just to keep up with my hygiene during busy season. And sadly I'm not exaggerating. 

What I likely will be blogging about? 

Well you'll probably see a lot of baking recipes because 1) baking is therapeutic to me and 2) my team likes me more when I feed them sweets. I'll also have some solid book reviews the next two months because when I'm not working, I just want to be in bed, and since the shows haven't started back yet, I'll be getting lost in a book. I'm hoping to do favorites on Friday because planning a list of favorites during the week really does make you appreciate the small things. OH - and I'll also share my online shopping purchases. Because that, too, is a form of therapy. Retail therapy.

So yeah. I told you it wasn't an overly exciting post. But I do have some more exciting ones planned for later this week. I basically just wanted to let all seven of my readers know what's up. I'm not abandoning this little blog of mine, but my focus has to be elsewhere for a bit. 

And for my fellow busy season buddies...


OH - and for my fellow FEMALE busy season buddies who are about to have an extreme amount of emotions all day every day for no real reason....


Have a great Monday everyone! 

Until next time,


  1. hi, i'm a busy season buddy! good luck!

  2. YOU GOT THIS!!! (And I promise to always have wine...or booze in general)

  3. As an ex-consultant, I understand the rush of crazy deadlines.. good luck!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish