Thursday, May 5, 2016

Peek at the Week

Happy Cinco! May your day be filled with chips & queso, sombreros, fajitas, sopapillas, and adult beverages on the rocks. With salt. 

Round here we're doing what we normally do on Thursdays and taking a little peek at the week!

Thursday night kicked off the weekend (yes, I've always thought of Thursday as the kick-off, even if I have to work on Fridays) with a little mini-reunion. Alise, Lisa and I were all in choir together at Baylor. And while we've all lived in the Dallas-ish area over the past few years, we're really bad at seeing each other. 

So we had a little date night at HG Sply Co., where after dinner, Lisa and I ordered dessert and Alise ordered.....another plate of ribs. And this is why we love her. 

Friday morning we had a recruiting event down at Baylor, so Mercedes and I drove down early, had breakfast at the Olive Branch (#holycroissant), recruited our hearts out, and treated ourselves to some liquid gold before our drive back north. 

This picture actually puts a legitimate smile on my face. This drink has my heart. 

Between our 2 p.m. arrival back in Dallas and my 7 p.m. dinner date with my college girls...there were all kinds of crazy tornado warnings. That's Texas for ya. 

So I did what any normal girl would do - I crawled in bed, caught up on TGIT, and held this 85 pound dog who was clearly NOT to be disturbed by alarming weather. 

Saturday evening was such a happy night. We threw the first annual BRH in DFW reunion at the Rustic and it was SO much fun! Normally I only get to see all these faces in the same place at Baylor Homecoming - so this was quite the treat

Not all the faces I love were there - but for the first (of many) reunions...we had a nice turn out! PS if you didn't show we're shaming you.

I also took this goofball along to meet the crew. 

Because a picture in front of the "Welcome Home" sign was absolutely a must.

These were taken for two reasons. 1) I love them. 2) The Rustic just has a really sweet picture set up. 

Sunday afternoon my company had a firm-wide day at the ballpark. We all suited up in Rangers gear and watched the boys take on the Anaheim Angels. Jeff and I got there early (on accident), so I got to take a seat and watch this beauty warm up :)

       #1 Fan.

Y'all - when Jeff took me down there, I started freaking out. Like what if Hamels looked at me?! I kind of didn't realize how big my crush was on this fella until I was within range to hop the fence and give him a huge hug :)

Not the greatest picture - but as you can see I'm literally holding my shorts I'm so stoked. 
The kid on the first row is obviously not as impressed with Sir Hamels.

Then this one got jealous taking all my giddy pictures with another guy (so high maintenance!) so I took a selfie with him to make him feel better :)

Tuesday was SUCH  a pretty day. I worked from home that day so on my lunch break, I took the pup to the upstairs patio, opened my book, and he caught himself a cat nap

This dog loves a good sunbathe. 
And I love the ability to work in my pajamas with no make up and greasy hair (not pictured). 


So this next picture is a shout out to boyfriend of the year. 

On Wednesday I got an email that Kendra Scott was having a free earring giveaway. And I wanted the free earring. I wanted it badly. So I somehow begged pleaded flirted my way into getting him to run by the store for me. 

Y'all. Jeffrey Daniel STOOD IN LINE with a bunch of WOMEN outside of a Kendra Scott store. Gold star.  Medal of honor. Brownie points. All of it.

Okay - and I have to share this part. (Kristie are you laughing yet?) We didn't know this, but the free earrings were "build your own" at the color bar. With spring and summer coming, you would think he'd go for one of the 47 bright happy color options, right? Oh no. Jeff, bless his sweet heart, put together the darkest most neutral pair of earrings I think I've ever seen. And when I teased him about it, he told me he was going for "versatility." 

I can't even. That boy is my favorite. And too precious for words. 
...But I'm for sure going to try to exchange those earrings.
Last night was Parents Night at Brooklyn's dance studio, so I went down and watched that little girl do her thing. And she's adorable. And I was so proud of her. And she can seriously point those toes. She was best in class - fa sho. 

   They're going to be bunnies in their dance recital this summer (stuffed carrots included), and I'm pretty sure she's going to give Peter Cottontail a run for his money. 
And there's a little peek at the week! 

I'll see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! I've been stocking up on some pretty fantastic favorites. So get excited. :)

Until next time,


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