Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Wamp wamp. 

Hey there Monday. 

This past weekend was pretty special. Not only was I able to celebrate my sweet mama, but I also got to celebrate my big sister! My sister's birthday has always been around Mother's Day, but this year they actually shared the same day. I love celebrating the two greatest women in my life :)

Oh - and I ran a 5k. But that wasn't nearly as exciting. 

Friday night was a little Girls Night Out action. I met my mom and sister after work for dinner, and then we headed to see the new Mother's Day movie (with Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, etc.). It's a great movie to see with the women in your life. You laugh, you cry, and it's just a good, slightly cheesy, heart-warming movie!

Can I say - it's really cool when your mom/daughter relationship turns into a best friend relationship? I loved laughing with these two crazies all night :)  They're two of the best role models I could ever have, and I'm so dang lucky to call them mine. 

We love each other. Just a smidge. :) 
Don't know where I'd be without this one. I just can't even tell y'all what she means to me.

Oh hey - then on Saturday morning I woke up at the booty crack of dawn to run. 

Yes. Okay so I work out (sometimes), but running? Never. My body doesn't do that.
BUT it was a work team event and supported Young Texans Against Cancer, so I laced up my tennis shoes and put on my game face. Only after signing Jeff up to run with me.
#miserylovescompany #boyfriendblackmail

It was definitely one of the harder mental things I've ever done. I maybe can run one mile on a good day, so to push myself to run 3 miles in the sun? That was a challenge. And my body had zero idea what happened to it. And I could barely walk on Sunday. But other than that - I survived!

Post race victory smiles. 

Four of my team members and their significant others. Really this just turned into a take-a-date event.

But I will say... the view of downtown while running was pretty spectacular. 

After being comatose for a couple of hours in the afternoon, my mom came up to Dallas so I could cash in my Mother's Day gift to her -- tickets to Wicked! 

First things first, we went to The Porch for some dinner where mom got their famous grilled cheese and tomato soup. And she was highly impressed. With all three courses :)

Ain't my mama just the prettiest darn thing you've ever seen? I love this woman. 

Then it was showtime! We naturally had to ask random people to take our photo in front of the sign. I thought I'd be nice and tell these two women that I'd take theirs if they'd take ours. And let me tell you - I chose the wrong. people. I took over ten pictures of those people. And they took one of us. I can't even. They were a tad much. 

This show was INCREDIBLE. We were pretty spellbound. And talked/researched all things Wicked the rest of the weekend. We are seriously in love with this musical. 

Pssssst. Notice my earrings I shared with you Friday? They were perfect!

Intermission selfie!

Also - the chick in front of me had her hair teased up so high she basically blocked 90% of my view. And get this - home girl continually teased that sucker throughout the whole show! So see how close I'm sitting to my mom in this picture? That's basically how I watched the show. This ain't 1960 sweetie. Tracy Turnblad called - she wants her volume back.

Then it was Mother's Day!

This one's lack of opposable thumbs prevented a card, but he certainly didn't skimp on the snuggles :)

I love being a puppy mama :)

So we are a breakfast in bed family. Any event - birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. results in breakfast in bed. And since mom stayed with me after Wicked, this year was no different. 

I tried my hand at quiche (it was quite delicious!), and since I didn't have a TV tray, my dad suggested an old piece of wood. I think it turned out quite nicely :) 

Then I just let mom drink coffee and read her book in bed until NOON. We were all about the relaxation this year. 

There are many things I love about my mom (you can read them here), and there are many things I share with my mom (big ole smile, love of baking and party-throwing, the ability to talk to a wall, etc.). Well I was also reminded that we share an obsession with coffee. That woman drank FOUR cups of coffee yesterday! She put my two cups to shame! 

I was so proud. 

And that was our weekend! Quite busy and full, but oh so wonderful. 

Happy Monday everyone! 

Until next time,


  1. Congrats on finishing the 5K! I think it's so awesome that you have such special relationships with the women in your life. Looks like you guys had a great time together this weekend!