Thursday, May 19, 2016

Peek at the Week

So begins the hustle and bustle :) 

Last month I told you about how I'm making 7 flights in 8 days to four different states. Well - all that begins today. 

...I already miss my bed. 

Here's a little peek at the week leading up to it:

My dog doesn't quite understand this whole blogging thing. He has attention issues. If I blog in front of him he cries and pouts and makes his 85 pound presence quite known. Exhibit A. 

This past weekend I headed down to Austin to celebrate a certain little bachelorette! We didn't take too many pictures (and we signed a confidentiality agreement!), but here's one of us on the boat. 
Unfortunately the bachelorette herself was in the water!

These girls make me laugh :)

After a weekend of a good time and an extremely long drive back to Dallas, I assumed this position beginning at 3:53 p.m. And I didn't get up until the next day. 

By the way - I hate that my pup is getting older, but I love the lazy factor. He used to need countless hours of non-stop play, and now he's good with a quick winkie outside and non-stop cuddles. That I can provide, sweet boy. That I can provide. 

OH - and I watched Eat, Pray, Love on Sunday night. I was getting anxious about the whole "travel in another country" thing so I decided to let Julia Roberts show me how it's done. 

This is my favorite scene :)

Who wants pasta now? 
Who wants to go to Italy now?

I took a picture of this much needed reminder on Monday morning. I bought this a few months ago, but as I knew I was moving, I didn't really think about hanging it. Then, considering I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I decided I needed it.

I feel like I should treat it like my Friday Night Lights symbol and hit it on my way out to life everyday :)
On Monday night, my mom asked to do dinner at none other than Sissy's Southern Kitchen! So I met her after work and we got our fried chicken on! #andfriedokra #andmashedpotatoes #anddessert

This place has my favorite banana a dad gum mason jar. 

All restaurants should serve their banana pudding in a mason jar. 

Mom got buttermilk pie. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?! I love my little sweet toothed mama!

Then after dinner, we walked to Trader Joes because 1) I needed a few groceries, and 2) why not walk to a grocery store when it's only three minutes from you?!

I laugh at this picture. She just makes me smile :)

Tuesday at work, my phone went off and this is what I was greeted with. HOW ADORABLE is this baby boy?! I just want to steal squeeze him. And he's so grown up! How is he sitting up already?! He was seriously just born...ish.

Easton Blake - Aunt Katy loves you.

Tuesday night was a huge dose of Australia planning! 

My friend Kristie is going to come travel with me for a couple of weeks after I finish working, so we needed to plan some logistics. I went over to her house after work and this was waiting when I arrived. 

This girl has some serious hostess skills. Even on casual sweatpants nights. Remember the Grease! Live Watch Party? Yep - that was her, too. 

We snacked, chatted, engulfed pizza, and settled in for some research. 

Our planning stations - computers, planners, vino, and Miss Bailey :)

My view getting ready Wednesday morning. Ah, the life of a dog. 

Last night was errands and prep work for all the travel, but I snapped my dad this picture. We are hitting up two more baseball games in California this weekend (as part of my {30} Before Thirty bucket list), and my hats are in and ready to play ball!

You can check back on Monday for the Weekend Wrap-Up :)

And there's a little peek at my week!

Until next time,


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