Monday, September 12, 2016


So this title is really the only thing that makes sense for the Monday morning that follows the past two months of my life. 

Let's say it again: ummmm, woah. 

So I (obviously) haven't blogged in a month simply because I was doing some serious vacationing around New Zealand and Australia. Three weeks of it to be exact. Several of you have kindly mentioned that I owe you some Aussie travel posts, and I promise you will get them! I just really wanted to disengage from my norm for a while and get cultured. Oh, and now I have approximately 5,294 pictures to get through from said travels. But alas, Australian adventure recaps are coming soon. 

Then I get home on Wednesday (home being America), and immediately "move-in" to a new apartment. My sweet family and Jeff got everything actually into my apartment when I was still in Australia (bless their hearts), but I still had/have some serious unpacking and nesting to do. I'm very much over the brown box decor I currently have going on. 

OH - and then there's that small factor of which less than 48 hours ago JEFF AND I GOT ENGAGED

 Did you see that right there? Like we're getting married. Like he was on one knee with a ring. And said some really sweet things that I wish I remembered but was too shell-shocked to understand what the heck was happening. Like that kind of engaged. 

 Are you smiling? I am. I actually haven't stopped since Saturday. My cheeks are going to be SO toned.  

So let's recap: 
Worked in Australia for 6 weeks
Traveled around Australia/New Zealand for 3 weeks
Reunited with family and puppy and moved into new apartment
Got a first-hand experience to (what I consider) the world's greatest proposal


I kind of don't quite recognize my life right now, and I kind of feel like I haven't quite caught up to it. 

So yes, I owe you approximately 10 travel recaps and 1 engagement story (which will probably come later this week because you people wanna know and I wanna tell you!).

But right now I have to go to work (wamp wamp) and then later focus on re-teaching myself how to sleep. I haven't slept for longer than 4-hour increments since I left Australia. That was six days ago. I'm stinking tired. Jet lag is no joke.

And then now there's the fact that when I wake up I immediately start giddy school girl smiling and so rolling over and going back to sleep proves to be impossible. :)

My accessories this week will be 1 diamond ring, 2 giant bags under my eyes, and a smile that you can probably see from Mars. 

This verse has been on repeat in my head lately. God is blowing my socks off, y'all. 

I've missed y'all, I've missed writing, and while I do miss those kangaroos, I'm so glad to be back. We have a crazy ride ahead of us, folks! 

Happy Monday!

Until next time,


  1. Katy! I love keeping up with you through this blog! You are a gifted writer who keeps me laughing and intrigued! I CAN NOT wait to hear the engagement story!!! SO excited for you & Jeff! Also looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Thanks for bringing a little joy to my Monday morning through your post! :)