Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ah, full weekends. 
Ah, December weekends. 
Ah, full December weekends. there any other kind? 

This weekend was jam-packed, quite busy, and I'm quite exhausted. Especially because the weekend ended with a 10-hour plane ride. #oy

So this picture wasn't really from the weekend, but I have to give a shout out because it was SUCH an amazing experience. 

On Thursday morning my team at work volunteered at the Salvation Army here in Dallas. I've adopted "angels" before, but have never seen (nor honestly really thought about) what happens next. 

Let me tell you - the people who run Salvation Army's "home base" are angels in themselves. And their process completely blew my mind. And I secretly wished my life was as organized as that warehouse. 

These precious workers send the gifts you buy through about 4 different quality checks before they get to the respective family. They care about each and every kid. Even if they serve over 50,000 kids in the Dallas area alone. And they need volunteers. Even if just for 3 hours. Everyone has three hours.

I promise you - it tugs at your heart strings and gets you in the Christmas spirit. 

....and I walked more steps in 3 hours than I normally do in a week. 

Which is why on Thursday night...

I had some down time. 

I'd been working late nights all week, it was sub-zero outside (okay, so like forty degrees), and I knew it was going to be a jam-packed weekend. SO I did what I really wanted, and needed, to do. I turned on all the Christmas lights, crawled in bed at 8, cuddled with Char (and Roger the raccoon), and watched a Christmas movie. 

There is something to be said for quiet Christmas nights :)

Friday night was Kristie and Jordan's 3rd Annual Christmas party! And something we look forward to every year. Because...

...hello. They know how to throw a party. And are the sweetest hosts ever. 

Plus I always love getting a chance to catch up with these lovelies!

And this year, Kristie's nephew joined us, and we bonded way hard. He is just the cutest little guy ever. And he chased me around the house so I was basically in negative calories by the end of the night. 

OH, and he loves him some snap chat. 
PS - what did babysitters do with kids before snap chat? Hours of entertainment right there.

Saturday morning I woke up early, baked monkey bread, figured out how to dye deviled eggs pink (no, really), and then headed to help shower our lovely Lauren and baby Hazel!

See those pink eggs on the left? Yeah my fingers were that color, too. Pinterest didn't tell me that. 

HCC - Miss Hazel Cate Campbell :)

We love this lil mama to be! 

Which speaking of, these are two of my besties and their matching (but two months apart) bumps....

I feel like this is also about 80% of the people in my life right now. And I'm all over here like, "yeah but but but look at my new china patterns I picked out!" (insert wide eyed emoji)

Saturday afternoon was supposed to be the annual Christmas card pictures, but I got my haircut on Friday and homegirl kind of butchered my bangs. Like they barely pass my hairline. So we're just going to do them next weekend and you can all have virtual e-cards this year or something :)

Saturday night I crossed another item off my {30} Before Thirty list! So I've always said that when/if I ever made manager at our firm, I would treat my parents to an over-the-top nice dinner. Well, this summer I was promoted, so this past weekend, I treated them to a fancy-pants dinner!

Plus it's just really fun hanging out with these two. I drove home that night and just couldn't be more proud to have these two as my role models. 

And we grubbed SO hard. Like, we had to decline dessert. And we just don't do that.

On Sunday, a little handsome certain someone turned ONE!!

And he was so happy about that :)

We took pictures (only after having to completely undress him and dry his clothes because he crawled into the dogs' water bowl right before.. #boys), and then came time for the revered smash cake. PS - why do these stop after the first birthday? I feel like watching an 80 year old smash cake all over their face could be fun, too. 

Here's the smashing progression...

I mean..... I've never seen a smash cake this successful. ALL. BOY. 

I took a picture of the aftermath while my sister and mom were hosing him down. Good thing that bib has a time stamp cause it will never be the same. 

So if you haven't yet gathered, this was a buffalo plaid birthday. Everything was red/black buffalo plaid. The tablecloths, napkins, cups, banners, aaaand...

...the women.

Because when we rep a theme, we rep it hard. 

And then there's also the instance where your future wife also forces you to match and your future sister-in-law puts you on video duty. WHAT a lucky guy this one is :)

  After the party I had to run home and pack, cause later that night it was wheels up to London town! Sometimes my job sends you on impromptu trips. And sometimes those trips are in London. And sometimes the plane has an entire section devoted to Christmas movies and it makes your

And that was the weekend! LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! And I have zero presents purchased. Bless. I am so off my game this year.

Until next time,


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