Friday, December 16, 2016

My Little North Pole


And welcome to my little North Pole :)

I call it this because anyone who has lived with me, or has had the awesome opportunity to move me, knows that I have enough Christmas decorations for a 3-bedroom house. BUT - since this year I crammed all of those decorations into an 800 sq ft apartment, it highly resembles what I imagine the North Pole to look like. Or at least what it looks like on all those Christmas movies we watch. 

And I absolutely love it. I walk into my apartment every day and smile. Christmas decorations just make me happy. 

My little "stoop." And can I say that I never realized my door was green until I realized it completely went with my Christmas decor? Apartment complex win. Also, no apartment near me has anything different outside. They probably all make fun of me. But I don't quite care. 

My welcome sign I've told you about approximately 4 billion times now, and Rudy. Last year, Jeff made me go to Lowe's with him, and then I saw Rudy and carried him around like a 5 year old, so he bought him for me at check out. This is why I'm marrying him. He understands that stuffed animals still make me happy at almost-thirty :)

The view to the right when you first walk in! And see Char under/behind the tree on the far left? He loves to army crawl up under the tree and just hang out. My lil Christmas pup :)

My tree! My mom picked it out when I was in my first apartment five years ago, and so we had to go for the 7 ft. skinny version. But I love it just the same :) I have a baby blue couch, so my tree and living room are in blues/silvers, and then my kitchen is in the reds and greens. I love both color schemes. Don't make me choose.

I actually love the gold look too. I've already told Jeff I want at least 3 full sized "themed" trees when I "grow up." His response was: "is that what your mom does?" 

Why yes, yes it is. Smart boy, that one. :)

See? Well - bad lighting, but a light blue couch. And a silver/grey Noel pillow I got from the Hob Lob this year. Just an extra little twinkle for my couch. 

My North Pole Christmas Village. And I'm not just calling it the North Pole to support the theme of my blog - it's legitimately the Department 56 North Pole Series. Like all the villages are elf, reindeer, and Santa related. I'm sharing the special-ness (it's a word) behind this village next week, so I'll just leave it there for now!

Because I am one of those people that completely takes down all the "every day" decorations and replace them with Christmas decorations instead. 

The top of my bookcase! Jeff gave me the sign on the right last year in support of my 25 Days of Christmas I did last December. And his mom actually gave me the little guy on the left, so the top of my bookcase is sponsored by the Smith family. 

These little guys may look friendly, but don't be fooled. They are the keeper of the Hallmark channel. Their job is to ensure that the TV never changes to anything but channel 123 :)

The view to the left when you walk in. I don't have a fireplace, so my countertop is my make-shift mantle. And yes that's a large stuffed gingerbread girl. (I told you I love stuffed "animals" still). And yes, I realize that I need to get Jeff a stocking. I guess since it's official I can do that whole "order monogrammed ones off Etsy" thing. Next year, next year.

My friend Melissa gave me this little red cup Starbucks ornament :) I just love it. And it's blurry because it spins. Took me about 7 shots to actually get this one.

More counter mantle pics..

My kitchen table is usually covered with all of my Christmas Dishes (last year I told you about that special little tradition here), but since I haven't had a party yet, I just put out these dishes I got at the Dollar Store in college. They may not be fine china - but they still make my festive heart happy!

Around the corner and the first look into my kitchen. Helloooo Christmas apron! I got this apron in Canton a couple of years ago. It's monogrammed with what will be my maiden name initials, but if you just read the letters from right to left, they'll work for my married name too :)

White Christmas lyrics on top of the fridge. My dad and I watch White Christmas every single year, so these lyrics (and the Bing Crosby version of this song) just warm my heart. A sweet friend from Baylor painted this one for me :)

Stove top decorations, and as you can see in the oven reflection, Charlie was following me around wondering why I was taking pictures of every aspect of our home. I was also dangerously close to the treats (that are in the penguin cookie jar on the left). So that's his hopeful face. And knowing me, he got one. #suchapushover

Ahhhh! My new last name sign!! Remember when my sister and I went to Canton and got it? I was so excited to put it out! And personally, I think it looks quite fabulous. Also, since I decorated/took pictures for this post, my sister gave me another precious plate that says Merry Christmas from the Smiths, and it made me so excited!! I love our new little name. I mean, it's the most common last name in the world, but I still love it :)

I always fill the guy on the left with dark chocolate red and green M&Ms :)

My little Christmas coffee station! Now coffee in a Christmas mug? That's Katy in a nutshell. Or I guess it should be a chestnut shell...

And yes, those are three Christmas mugs (on the left) that are solely used for decor purposes. Why's that, you ask? ....

...because I'm pretty set in the Christmas mug area. We all know I have a mug obsession, and I basically have a Christmas mug for each regular mug. But quite frankly I don't intend to stop buying them. Just sayin. 

Christmas wine carriers make really cute door hangers :)

Okay, so moving into my bathroom...

I normally use this tree in my living room (since it's silver), but since there wasn't really room, I put it in my bathroom. My color scheme is purple/grey, so it worked out quite nicely. And now I have a little festivity while primping in the morning!

My sister actually got this tree (and the two red ones at the coffee station) for me 5 years ago. I was in my first apartment, was hosting my first Christmas party, and was working really late hours. So she went to the Hob Lob for me and bought me some decorations! Big sister for the win :)

Next up: MY SHOE TREE!!

I have been collecting shoe ornaments for...goodness, I don't even know how long. I'm guessing since college. I didn't have room (or time) for a large tree in college, so I had a small one that was decorated with shoe ornaments. And I've been adding shoes here and there ever since. This tree is also Katy in a chestnut shell. 

We have everything from ugg boots and rain boots... zebra print "Louboutins" and a Texas Ranger heel! Amy also gave me that one :)

My shoe tree sits in my bedroom, so when I'm lying in bed at night, I have my shoe tree on my right and my living room tree right in front of me. It's like my own little winter wonderland :)

And finally, we wrap up with my desk area. A little woodsy theme, if you will...

And the perfect little greeting to end on for your Friday morning! 

Happy {almost} weekend everyone! If you need me, I'll be frantically shopping for Christmas gifts. Oh, and trying on wedding dresses. Cause ya know, all smart people try on dresses between Thanksgiving and Christmas - and in between bites of holiday treats. #yikes

Until next time,


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